Deep on the scene she is waiting for me, Like a sin scraping skin she is screaming for me. Hope in hope in the sky she is talking to me, She’s keeping time keeping time with the image of me.

Singing onstage with Danny Lee Hill and Pete Berwick at Wrigleyville North a couple of years ago.

After a very busy couple of days off Danny Lee Hill came to visit late in the afternoon Saturday as it was already dark outside when I walked to Walgreen’s for beverages and met him on his way to Byron’s to grab us some gyros. We went back up to Casa Diablo to hang out. Curse Mackey had called the night before to inquire if he and Rona Rougeheart could stay from Sunday till Thursday for PIGFACE Tour rehearsal. I set it up and and would be prepared for a full house as Dale would be arriving the day after on Friday the 15th for an early birthday celebration. That means on Friday morning I have to haul all of the guest room bedding to the laundromat.  

Curse and Rona with Bauhaus/Love and Rockets legend David J

Sept 2016 with Curse, Rona and Verena May

Danny and I were both feeling the effects of the early nightfall and were already very tired. I showed him Dave Chapelle’s “Sticks and Stones” special and followed it with Tarantino’s epic “The Hateful 8”. But not before he ran back over to Walgreens for a candy run. It was 1030 by the time they were both over and he crashed in the living room and I had a solid night of sleep in my room. According to Danny I had zero night terrors.

Woke up and made breakfast and drank coffee as I prepared for that afternoons PodCast with Paul Kelvington a Psychotherapist who I met through Danny. We already had concerns about Ty’s tardiness and she was already a 1/2 hour late so we started without her. She finally arrived about 1/4 way into the show. It was a very good show and everyone left (Ty had Matthew Clark in tow) and I had the rest of the evening to myself and finished season 2 of the Mars series. 

Curse and Rona arrived around 10PM and I went to bed as the news called for a vast drop in temps and heavy snow overnight. I got an early start and my commute was unpleasant but trouble free. The day went fast as I was very busy and the next day the temps didn’t get above 17 and like Monday it went very quickly. That night after Chicago Fire and Chicago PD I stayed up chatting with Curse and Rona and as I had hoped was able to sleep till almost 8A. Thursday we’d get up to 32 Tuesday night I was in bed by 9P and actually slept till 605A which is great for me. 

Lamb of God’s Randall “Randy” Blythe and Curse Mackey

As I write this it’s 135P and they are gathering their belongings for another night of rehearsal. The PIGFACE Tour kicks off tomorrow in Cleveland and Dale arrives here in teh afternoon and we got to ZHO B ART CENTER tomorrow night.

Preparing for my 4th birthday in a row at the Looney Bin

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