But it’s so hard to be the one, to touch and tease and to do it all for fun. But it’s too much for a young heart to take, cause hearts are the easiest things you could break. And I talk to the filth, and I walk to the door. I’m knee deep in myself. But I want to get more of that stuff.

Fuck Chicago concert promoters. I’m serious. As I’ve mentioned, with the exception of Reggie’s, they’ve ignored hard rock music, especially bands who were big during the 80’s MTV era. I’ve seen LA GUNS just about a dozen times over the last 3 years. I saw Tracii Guns solo at the Looney Bin in Bradley IL, have seen LA GUNS multi times in St Charles IL, Joliet IL, Rockford IL and Valparaiso IN. Not once in the city which I live. From the turnout they obviously have a draw so why is it the Forge in shithole Joliet and The Arcada in St Charles that book these acts? I’m fucking SICK OF IT.

With that said I was more than happy to spend time with my old sidekick Bob (Newbomb Turk) Hoeksema. We’ve been sharing shows together for 20 years now and we have some tales that I dare never share on a public forum. I got downtown early Saturday morning with enough time to throw a burger down my throat at Five Guys. There’s a location just north of me on  way to work that recently closed so I had to jump on it while I had the chance. And I did. With not enough time to finish my massive order of small fries I packed them into my bag and got on the Metra for a long ride to the end of the line at Aurora. 

It was a lot colder in Aurora than it was in Chicago. Bob was about a 5 minute wait and we were on the way to Tubby’s Drive In (his house) where I got to meet his new dog Otis. We hung out for a few hours listening to LA GUNS songs and made our way to a sold out show in St Charles with LA GUNS and Tom Keifer of Cinderella fame. Cassie wasn’t able to attend even though she had expressed interest in going previously so I had her passes put in Eden Lakes name who drove at last minute 72 miles from Gary IN to shoot the show. Bob would shoot LA GUNS and luckily Eden shot Tom since it was much to crowded for BH to get any clear shots of Keifer’s band.

The audience was a lot like my first visit to the Arcada when Turk and I went to interview Angels Frank DiMino. They were fucked up beyond belief. All of them double fisting over priced 10 oz draught beers. One guy actually carried 3 cups past me. This is the ONLY venue I’ve ever been to where people fall over drunk and do not get tossed out. The security are very level headed and patient. In Chicago they get off on tossing you out into the street for the most simple reason. There are several bouncers and security people who are well known for roughing up attendees. My first visit a guy fell backwards down the stairs and they sat him on a chair. On this night while Tom Keifer was experiencing some technical difficulties I walked into the lobby to stretch my legs which were hurting from the tight standing area and two women fell backwards and spilled their drinks on me and another guy. Security helped them up and they bought a couple of more beers.

As far as drink prices at the venue I remain very unimpressed. I didn’t plan on drinking so I only took $30 in cash with me and opted against buying an LA GUNS hoodie. Like I really need another hoodie. I’m not a hood rat. So I ordered my first drink a shot of Jack on the rocks and the bartender asks me if I want to make it a double and I thought why not. $18. WHF? Okay so I nursed that for about an hour and between sets I went for another and this time a shot of Jim Beam on the rocks. He asks if I want another double and I say no. $12 WHAT THE MOTHERFUCK? I can buy a fifth of Jim Beam at the grocery for $12. I’m never buying drinks there ever again.

One thing I feel I must do is give high praise to the promoter Ron Onesti. He is a very very cool, and down to earth guy. before the show started he was in the lobby greeting and talking with patrons and gave a little girl (Nina Crowns) who was dressed in rock n roll gear some time. He later would get into his dress clothes and when introducing the evenings show bring her onstage to introduce LA GUNS. The little girl later ended up on their bus. Lucky kid

The show was rockin. I love seeing LA GUNS w/ Bob. The only downside was and it was a HUGE downside was the place was much too crowded and there is no handicapped seating so it really sucked for BH. I was pissed because people would keep coming nad going from my row to which I had to step into the aisle so they could get more and more and more beer. another WTF How can you even see the show?
During the show Cassie texted me and let me know she had a flat tire and wouldn’t be able to make it to film the show the next day. This really sucked because she had to bail the last time we had Scott Davidson on. It soured my mood a bit. 

Between sets and after the show I had a few minutes to talk with Ace Von Johnson (lead guitarist in Faster Pussycat, rhythm guitarist for L.A. Guns and previous member of metal bands such as Cheap Sex, Madcap, the U.S. Bombs, the Generators, Unwritten Law and Murphy’s Law.) He actually follows me on Instagram. He’s a super nice guy and he ended up having drinks with Eden. I also got to see Lainie Levinson and was surprised that we didn’t see Johnny Monaco. Turk and I got out of there before the crowd and I was so hungry I had him stop at what I would discover would be the shittiest 7-11 I have ever had the displeasure of entering. We got back to his place and had the ceremonial frozen pizza and I slept like a fucking rock. I always sleep well there and was even able to sleep on my back. I think it’s the leather sofa to tell you the truth.

We woke up and had coffee and breakfast and I had a 1020 train back to the city and this what was amazing. The train got into the station 25 min early, I waited only one minute on my bus to the Red Line and waited on my train only 3 minutes. I was home by 1215PM!!! I had planned to take Cassie to lunch and even though she cancelled I still went to Tac Quick because I had psyched myself up for some good health Thai cuisine and I had been craving Tom Yum since the temp dropped weeks earlier. 
We had a late PodCast scheduled since Scott and Leanne both had band rehearsals and were slated to sit down between 4 and 5 and then they had to leave and see the Killing Joke/Tool concert and United Center and Pentagram later at Live Wire. I got nervous when Ty notified me that her car broke down, She flagged down a cop and got some hep and made it to Casa Diablo just in time to meet Scott and Leanne. The show went fast and it lasted just over an hour and the night was young. Ty hung for a little bit and I slept well and had a busy week of work mapped out.

So that was that and all in all a very good weekend. Thanks to Newbomb, To Carol for LA GUNS and Amanda for Tom Keifer and Ron Onasti for putting together a hell of a rock show,

Talking to my brother a few weeks ago I spoke of when I worked at Bob Evans in teh early/mid 80’s and how I loved making sausage steak sandwiches. Sausage Steak has since been taken off their menu. So I made my own at home on Tuesday night. It’s Thursday and my haus still smells like sausage grease. 

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