The Sun’s coming up and I’m still drinking. And no one left to pay my tab. And I know I’m good for one thing. Even though you said I’m good for none. You remember how we felt tonight. And I know that we will be alright.

It’s snowing on Halloween and I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen this happen.

NBC 5 reports:

Halloween Forecast: What to Expect for Trick-or-Treating in Chicago Area as Record-Breaking Snowfall Possible

Costumed candy-seekers will likely have to brave record-breaking snowfall, windy and unseasonably cold conditions for the holiday

I’m in till 2PM and then off to see Dr. Tong for my flu shot.

I have Sundays show pretty much prepped for Scott Davidson (Rebel Radio) and Leanne Murray (drummer PIGFACE/BEER NUTS) with 2 new songs and videos from Nadjia Marks project that Martin Atkins played drums on.

Saturday is LA GUNS and Tom Kieffer (CINDERELLA) with NeIf all goes well I’ll be eating at Five Guys downtown before my train leaves and am looking forward to this concert more than any other concert of the year. 

Cassie is picking me up at Union Station Sunday and I got a message from Amanda that she might tag along. As I said in my reply “what a nice surprise.”

Eden Lake told me she’ll be at the show and has a present for me. Hell the present of just seeing her is good enough.I haven’t seen her since my birthday last year. 

It’s looking like I’m going to make Thanksgiving this year. Not sure who will be here being that’s the PIGFACE show weAkend. Could be anyone. I already have the turkey.

So hard to believe 4 days ago it was 60 degrees and I was sitting outside on the deck with friends, 

If you heard the last PodCast you know Larry Goone (Born A Babe) called me Saturday to tell me that ChiCannaFest is booked for Easter weAkend 2020 and I’m hoping to have Mystery Actions, Electric Revolution and Ania Tarnowska’s I Ya Toyah on the 3-day bill. He’s letting us PodCast live there all weAkend.
2020 is looking to be an exiting year already as my old friend from Norway MORTIIS is coming back to the states to play. That’s just to kick the new year into gear…

I suspect it’s gonna feel more like this:


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