“Death makes Angels of us all and gives us wings where we had shoulders smooth as Ravens claws” ― Jim Morrison, An American Prayer

Yesterday while I work I got a message from Nick Huffman. I only then saw that I missed his call. If Nick is going to call me while at work I know it’s important He had news for me that he didn’t want me to read on social media (which I cannot access at work) and I could hear in in voice he was upset. “Sam is dead” and I questioned “Who?” I replied and he said “Samantha”. I was in shock but not as in shock as he being that so many people in the ‘Bins’ inner circle have passed in 2019. We spoke about 2 minutes and I told him to “hang in there” and after calling Cassie went back to work. 

7/20/2019 MKULTRASOUND Live PodCast from the Looney Bin

Headline from the Kankakee Daily Journal 10/25/2019 Woman killed in car-semi crash

A crash between a car and semi-trailer truck on Thursday night resulted in the death of a Gardner woman.

A report by Grundy County Coroner John Callahan said Samantha M. Serena, 35, of Gardner, was pronounced dead at the scene at 7:35 p.m. Thursday.

Serena’s vehicle was westbound on Goodfarm Road when she went through the intersection of Campus Blacktop without stopping and struck the southbound tractor-trailer loaded with beans.

The crash caused the trailer to open, spilling a large amount of beans onto the highway. It took several hours for clean-up and getting the proper equipment to the scene before extrication could take place by the Gardner Fire Department.

The crash remains under investigation by Callahan’s office and the Grundy Sheriff’s department.

We lost a wonderful member of the family last night so we have a very special MKULTRASOUND PodCast coming this Sunday and the YouTube episode will feature a very special performance she did for us last July 20th at the Looney Bin where we did a live podcast with her as a guest.

Ty and Samantha 

She was a big supporter of the show and not only listened but shared links to it regularly. She was in a garbage tribute band  STUPID GIRL and I actually met her through Emily. 

June 10, 2019 Emily sent me this image at 1:03A of her and Samantha

Look who I met … lead singer of a Garbage tribute band. She’s sassy af. You’ll love her

And then a month ago she started selling my son Nicholas’s KILLER BEARDS product at her salon.

My last communication with her was last weekend when I told her Id be back at the Looney Bin to celebrate my birthday in December. We made plans to meet up and possibly finally have her give my hair the SKOLNIK treatment. 

It goes without saying that she’ll be missed by all of us in the MKULTRASOUND family. 

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