Now you`re just a memory, don`t mean nothing more to me. A photo among others of my old friends and my lovers. And the winter is gone, a new summer`s coming on. A new summer´s coming on for you as well somewhere Rosalita.

3 days after the last show was posted we’ve had listens outside of the USA in Edinburgh United Kingdom, Mexico City Mexico, Saint Catharines Canada, 
London United Kingdom, Thiescourt France, Saint Leonards United Kingdom, and Hamburg Germany. Sundays show was by far just about the funniest show we’ve ever done. You could even hear Cassie giggling in the background as she was filming.

Too Dark Mark will arrive at Casa Diablo this afternoon and we’re doing a sow tomorrow night which will feature one of his new songs that he recorded in his Baton Rouge studio last weekend with none other than the world renowned drummer and old friend of ours Martin Atkins. 

So much more to come on this post. Right now I have a little time I need to go to the post from last week and add text. 

AZ Martin and Too Dark Mark one summer day after a day at the beach out in front of my haus. 

Mark had the VooDoo dolls of us made prior to his arrival. 

And so it began exactly one week ago when Too Dark Mark arrived out in front of my home and I walked him up inside. He unpacked in the guest room and brought a new microphone and headset for the PodCast gear. We caught up as if we don’t already pretty much communicate in some form n a daily basis especially now that we’re officially working together for the first time of our friendship of 2 years. 

Around 630 we took an Uber to Lincoln Square so he could record shop. We were there for about an hour and then went for dinner at El Palmar. Mark ordered 4 tacos and my burrito was HUGE. I had to get up for work the next morning and finished it for breakfast and then biked to and from the office. It was nice to bike that beast out of my system. 

As my day was winding down I got a message from Ty reminding me that in addition to this evenings recording that Lucy Dekay was coming by for another show that Sunday, just two days later. Ironically I was just looking at Lucy’s pictures online when I got Ty’s message. Oh man I know that sounds so fucking weird. 

By the time I got home Mark and Cassie were already here setting up for the evenings podcast. It would be a late show and an even later night. Ty arrived with beverages in tow. It was going to be one of those nights. Being I was up since 5AM I was already feeling tired but alcohol actually gives me a boost of energy. I was ready to knock out a show that would feature all four of us for the first time.

Some records we saw at Laurie’s Planet of Sound 4639 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago, IL

My big ass fucking burrito at El Palmar

Our show board for Friday Sept 6, 2019

So we knocked out an hour and six minute podcast that went all over the map with new music recorded by Mark and Martin Atkins the weekend before and old stories from mark and I and Cassie talking about her Maxim cover girl contest. It was great and then the booze and other things began to flow The next afternoon would be Hansa Clipper for a bit during the German American Oktoberfest. Since Mark doesn’t drink it would be a short lived affair. However Friday night we were all up till 3 AM. Cassie was staying in the living room, Mark in the guest room and me in the room that talks to itself at night.

AZ at 230isAM


Cassie and Mark taking Pony for a walk on the way to take the CTA to Lincoln Square. 




Polly, Lucy, Ty and AZ

Lucy Dekay and Ty Coon

I didn’t know what to expect. I had heard there music only briefly occasionally looked t Lucy’s pix since Ty and Danny have spoken so highly of her. I got a message from Lucy that she was on her way and would be picking up Mary aka Polly Pocket. Mark had left around 1130 AM and poor Cassie was exhausted from a night out with Mark prior and Pony wasn’t feeling himself and Cassie was really worrying. Ty arrived and we walked to Walgreen’s to pick up beverages and Cassie let the ladies in who arrived when I was outside. I came back to find some very friendly and fun and full of energy rock n roll women. We knocked out a killer and fucking funny show. We played 2 songs and all 3 women were on their game and I was outnumbered. 



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