Step back and watch the sweet thing. Breaking everything she sees. She can take my darkest feeling. Tear it up till I’m on me knees. Plug into her electric cool. Where things bend and break. And shake to the rule.

I’ve got the songs and stingers loaded for Sundays MKULTRASOUND PodCast with JOY THIEVES which may also feature some music by ACID CASUALTY.

Stay Tuned. Good things are happening in MK WORLD.

Show is ready to go, laundry is finished, so I have an entire day tomorrow to hit the beach!

The rip currents are insane and Montrose Beach has become gentrified. Lost all of it’s coolness and appeal.

6AM Sunday mourning 8/25/2019 from the back porch of Casa Diablo.  A great episode is planned out and then some biking if all goes well. Rain and storms forecast for tomorrow so I hope to get some miles in. 

So I’ve had 4 weeks in a row where I’ve actually been able to enjoy a little slice of life outside of being consumed by the PodCast when I’m outside of my actual job. Even somethings as simple as a few hours at the beach or hanging out with a friend makes the biggest difference. 

On that topic a really good friend is coming to town in 10 days for work and for work on the PodCast. It’s an exciting time for both of us as well as the project. A true brother from another mother in every sense of the word. I’m looking forward to a week from Wednesday and coming home from work and finding him hopefully sitting out back. In an hour. 

Cassie’s Tripod broke so she improvised. Those books, all in the family.

Matthew Clark, Dan Milligan, AZ and Max Bravo

As of Monday evening here are the worldwide listens to yesterdays show

I want to get those numbers back up like they were after Emily’s appearance. 


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