Somewhere from another time. Asiatic death. Yellow fever bodies writhe. Sugar on my breath. Is this the final curtain. I don’t believe what’s happening. She hides behind a veil of tears. Plays upon my darkest fears.

Yesterday at work I got some news as far as expanding my duties at work and it’s really good. My role and duties are merging with another role and it’s only for the better. I’m excited to begin training next week. 

I don’t do much “just for me” as far as allowing myself to have “me time”.  When I’m not at the office I’m working on PodCast material, booking guests, updating 5 social media pages as well as My weekdays are paint by numbers and I try to get an hour of TV time before bed. Mostly its watching my favorite podcasts on YouTube. Lately I’ve given myself a little more time. August 1 I met a lady downtown for a drink and sandwich and two days later on Saturday August 3 gave myself an afternoon at the beach where I got burned. The following Friday evening I went back downtown with the aforementioned lady and the next day met her for an afternoon at Hot Dog Fest. 

Last week from Wednesday till late Saturday afternoon I had house guests and we did a podcast and spent sometime up on Argyle and when they left I enjoyed the peaceful solitude of home. My only plan was to go to the Evanston Art & Big Fork Festival which I had invited the lady to but as things remain she is unavailable. The fest itself was boring and the crowd wasn’t anything like the inner city crowds who attend such events.  Luckily Max Bravo was with me and turned that mood around when he insisted I join him at one of his hangouts the Bulldog Ale House on Loyola Campus at 6606 N. Sheridan Chicago. We got there just after 3 and mingled with the staff, a great staff I should add and I left for home around 9PM and was of anything but sound mind. 6 hours of double Jameson on the rocks I owe Max big time. It was a few hours before I felt it kick in but when it did it hit me HARD. I woke with one of those WTF happened feelings and got myself together for work. It was a much younger crowd than I’ve been around in a coons age but I felt at home in a strange way. That’s the Max factor. 

It’s Thursday morning and I slept till 8AM since I’m off. I could have slept longer if my cat Annie hadn’t been perched on my foot board screaming at me. I do have things to do but there is no hurry. Perhaps I’ll indulge in some more “me time”.

We have 2 great shows lined up over the next two weekends. I’m excited and September should be smooth sailing I hope. 

This Sunday’s show will feature Dan and Matt of JOY THIEVES

Plans have been set in motion for the post PodCast Labor Day WeAkend

Rock n Roll BBQ


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