Lay my hands on Heaven and the sun and the moon and the stars, while the devil wants to fuck me in the back of his car. Nothing quite like the feel of something new.

My boss brought his dog into work on Wednesday and here she is sniffing around my desk. She reminded me of Satan’s (Adam Sandler) pet Beefy, the foul-mouthed English bulldog who could emerge as the true star of the Little Nicky movie.

Leaving work on my way home to do a PodCast with the legendary owner of the Chicago Trax recording studio Reid Hyams, I stopped to take pix of kids playing in the water at Fountain Square in Evanston. 

Reid sent us some killer pix to run on the MKULTRASOUND PodCast YouTube channel 

Reid with Al Jourgensen

R. Kelly and Reid Hyams at Chicago Trax

Chicago Trax

On MINISTRY’s Tour Bus: Liz Walton, Chris Connolly, Reid Hyams, Al Jourgensen and his daughter Adrianne. 

Rough format from the last PodCast

This is called a master tape


Ty, AZ and Reid after a stellar PodCast

Today Sat. 8/9/2019 I saw this crazy Mook on his motorized wheel chair in traffic as I was biking to the store.

I’ll be filling in the blanks here later. 

So the Asian lady I met last week has been spending a lot of “quality” phone time with me. The hours almost border on embarrassing. She said “yes” to Hot Dog Fest and as it turns out this may turn into a 2 – day thing. So I’ll be seeing her again for the first time since last Thursday this afternoon. I’ll be giving her the Casa Diablo tour and having some light snacks.and then she’s taking me to the Fine Arts Building for a performance. I’m truly bummed my Tweety Bird Pez dispenser at the office.

Tomorrow is Hot Dog Fest of course and I’m greatly looking forward to taking her along. More on that later and the rest of the weekends sketchy details. 

Notes to sew together at another time:

Picked her up at the train. Made lunch dinner for “whats her name?” had snacks watch my appearance on family business showed her stuff in my home that normally freaks people out. Did she peek in my medicine cabinet? Good thing not in my bedside stand. Enjoyed the sites sounds and smells of the CTA Red Line. Saw  a Jazz performance a violin cello rehearsal walked long vacant marble walled halls rode in old elevators peeked in at artists saw a funny puppet show had a birthday shoot off of my head at the climax of the performance took a moment to shake the hand of Blair Thomas the Artistic Director of Chicago Puppet Studio/Chicago International Puppet Theater Festival. I was surprised to learn he had never heard of Charles Band’s Puppetmaster series nor Craig Ferguson’s late night puppet which were many. Maybe I’m even too weird for puppet types. I had a really good time anyway but was really hoping to connect.Got home before dark.

Some of the PodCasts I have lined up for September are:

Jared Louche

My good ol’ friend Jared Louche, an American musician best recognized as the front-man industrial rock outfit Chemlab. He also founded the band H3llb3nt and has collaborated with Pigface and Vampire Rodents. He released a solo album, tiled Covergirl in 1999.

He also created another side project called Prude. Prude is a vicious agglomeration of disparate talents working together, fronted by legendary loud mouth and conceptual terrorist Jared Louche from the seminal Machine Rock band CHEMLAB. Industrial agitator Matt Fanale from the sarcastic CAUSTIC brings blistering noise, white light guitar star Marc Olivier from London’s PLASTIC HEROES is the essence of rock’n’roll, electronics guru Phil DiSiena (Infocollapse/Cyanotic) provides sleazy grooves, and producer supreme Howie Beno (13mg/Ministry/Blondie/DM) weaves it all into a merciless Molotov.

Prude’s debut album ‘the dark age of consent’ is a wild, acid-tripped puree of 1970’s New York punk and glam retrofitted with a harsh, damaged electronic edge. It’s a late night, post-rock, electro-experimental punk record of distorted proportions. It’s Iggy and The Stooges, Nine Inch Nails, The New York Dolls, T-Rex, 1000 Homo DJs, Roxy Music, George Bataille, Salvador Dali, and Robert Mapplethorpe all filtered through Louche’s blast furnace writing.

The album was recorded and produced over three years and three continents and mastered at London’s legendary Abbey Road Studios by Sean Magee. It’ll blow your skull in two and have you begging for more. Go ride the radiation rocket buzz.

Mary Byker

Bill our engineer and consultant is helping to put me in touch with Mary Byker of Gaye Bykers on Acid for a show. Gaye Bykers on Acid (GBOA) were an English psychedelic rock band from Leicester, and one of the founder members of the grebo music scene. They later released both thrash punk and dance music albums under various aliases.

Rona Rougheheart, Curse Mackey, AZ and Verena May out in the alley behind my home

This morning I reached out to my good friends Curse Mackey (Evil Mothers, Pigface, Thrill Kill Kult, Grim Fairies) and his girlfriend Rona Rougeheart Electronic/alternative rock band, SINE (pronounced like ‘sign’), is the brainchild of drummer/multi-instrumentalist, Rona Rougeheart of SINE and Dead Love Club.

Rona was born in New York, the youngest daughter of a Taiwanese mother and Irish father. She grew up as a military child, living all over the U.S. and in Okinawa, Japan. Her father was a musician who taught her how to play keys and guitar. It wasn’t until later, she decided to take up drums on her own. Early in her musical career, she played drums for multiple bands, catching the eye of Gretsch Drums who, in 2012, gave her first endorsement. Gibraltar hardware also added her to their roster.




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