take my hand, you’ll never find another quite like mine. if you look you’ll see that i’m a lonely one. I lost my soul deep inside and it’s so black and cold deep inside.


Celebrate Chicago’s love of the hot dog. Now in its seventh year, this outdoor festival features live music, games, and hotdogs prepared in various regional and ethnic styles. Purchase tickets in advance to save up to 20%! Unsure of how much to get? Treat tickets as you would normal currency, $20 USD = 20 tickets. Each vendor will have their own unique menu and costs. Hot dogs range in price from $4 – $8. There will be plenty of currency exchange locations at the fest, but discounted tickets will only be available before the fest begins. Relish these savings and stock up on your tickets today!


Cost: There is a $5 suggested donation at the entrance. Food and drink are available for purchase using tickets.



Dog Pup Deal (Recommended for Individual): Spend US $25 = Get $30 Tickets

Dog Team Deal (Recommended for a Couple): Spend US $50 = Get $60 Tickets

Dog Pack Deal (Recommended for Family/Small Group): Spend US $100 = Get $120 Tickets

Individual tickets: $1 US = $1 Ticket

*Tickets can be used during all three days of the fest. All sales are final. No refunds.

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