So you can stick your little pins in that voodoo doll. I’m very sorry, baby, doesn’t look like me at all. I’m standing by the window where the light is strong. Ah, they don’t let a woman kill you, not in the Tower of Song.

After my interview I was walking to the train and I saw this and my heart skipped a beat.

Tac Quick for a quick snack on my way home. Spring rolls and grilled squid. 

Essential Hypertension; Insomnia; Macrocytic Anemia; Thrombocytopenic Disorder; Venereal Disease Screening Robin C Tong, DO

Venereal disease screening
• CT RNA, qual, PCR, unspecified specimen
• NG RNA, qual, PCR, unspecified specimen
• HIV (1+2) antibodies, EIA, serum, reflex HIV-1 western blot (WB)
• RPR (rapid plasma reagin), serum

“I’m not as promiscuous today as I was yesterday” – Alex quote in 1992

Honestly I can say that now meaning more than 20 years ago. Those days truly ended when I started MK in the mid 90′s. Not to say that I haven’t purposely created the impression to the contrary. Yesterday rather than getting my regular check up, blood test and HIV screening I oped for the full monty and why not. It saved me a trip to Howard Brown and sitting in the waiting room. Dr. Tong helped me create an online profile for access to all of my heath records there.

In my whole life I’ve never had any type of VD. Not even crabs and that’s quite a miracle looking back on my pre rock n roll 1980′s early 90′s lifestyle. It would truly suck if I had now considering my lack of intimacy as of the last few years. 

After that I took the Red Line downtown to River Walk (Chad City) for a very in depth interview for “something” I’ve been slowly pursuing. I will talk about that on the PodCast Sunday as well as a bit of introduction to a Mrs. Springer teaser which I’ll get more into when Angela Denk comes on and even more when I do a special with my brother Erik, yes I have another brother and we’re reuniting in a few weeks. 

I’ve encountered some truly fucked up women in my life but its been a very long time since I’ve ever come into contact with the likes of the married Mrs. Springer. 

1991 Family reunion and a tattooless AZ

Thank you Dave Ganz! I truly love this Amazon series. 

Summers at Casa Diablo

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