I should have seen it coming. It was right behind your eyes. You were young and it was summer and I just had to take a dive. Winning you was easy, But darkness was the prize

Ginkgo Organic Gardens

Ginkgo Organic Gardens was founded in 1994 by Sarah Steedman and Jill Swan as a way to provide organic food to food banks in Uptown. With the help of the City of Chicago, Jill and Sarah converted an empty double lot into a garden with fencing, raised beds, a tool shed, and fruit trees.

In 1998, Ginkgo joined the NeighborSpace network of Chicago community gardens.

Ginkgo initially donated the produce from its garden to a variety of service organizations, but eventually established a relationship with the Northside location of Vital Bridges, a multi-service center that helps people with HIV/AIDS in metropolitan Chicago.

The first Argyle Night Market of the 2019 season!  Which runs 5pm to 9pm every Thursday until the end of August.   

I love summer in my neighborhood

The second Thai Food Festival, to be held on Irving Park Road on Saturday, August 17th (11am – 10pm) and Sunday, August 18th (11am – 9pm).  

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