I’m almost human, baby please don’t run away Cause wherever you run I’ll be a scream away I’m very hungry and you’re what I’m thinkin’ of Ooh baby, baby, baby, so hungry for your love

It’s been a very weird couple of weeks. Updates tomorrow night.

This is where two weeks kicked off with my old friend Deep Eddy. The first bottle the day of the eve of the Pride Parade was with Cassie. Then we took it to Tac Quick where it was quickly decided I’d be buying KK (Surussawadee Sailop  แค่ไหนแค่นั้น – เบสท์ ทิฏฐินันท์ which translate to “gift” or “present”) a new rock n roll t shirt. At first Cassie and I searched for a vintage KISS t but then I decided on the same t I bought for Brad and Dawns daughter Miranda for her graduation, a very sexy Motely Crue shirt. Anyway, Cassie went to see Snoop Dog, returned late that night and we woke up early to get ready for the PrideCast with I LOVE RICH.

The following Wednesday as I awaited Dawn and Brads arrival I had another bottle of Deep Eddy. 

Cassie with no make up and a margarita at Tac Quick


With Brad at Tac Quick and margaritas

Black Metal at Walgreens

KK’s new t shirt

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