You put me through the ringer and hung me out to dry. You licked me off your fingers just like a piece of pie. You break my heart in pieces. But I’ve got the glue to glue it. Girl lovin’ you’s a dirty job and I’m the man to do it



It’s going to be a great Saturday afternoon 7/20/19 at my favorite live rock n roll watering hole, performing at the afternoon matinee event before, between and after the MKUKTRASOUND PodCasts: Lisa Lightning, Rich Experience, Torianna Nichole Bodie and Damon Christopher and an acoustic tribute to garbage Stupid Girl Samantha Marie

Wednesday June 26:

It was the warmest day of the year and for the first time I was able to bike to work two days in a row. When I got home the blue skies and sunshine did not last long. It did make for another good night of sleep. 

Thursday June 27:

I attempted to get some sun. There are 3 videos on the MK Instagram and 3 on my personal Facebook page. The beach at Montrose was completely flooded. There was a gigantic stagnant pool of bacterial/e-coli filled pool/pond of still water. It seriously smelled like a sewer.  There were approx a hundred younger children before me and following me as I tried to scout out a spot to catch some rays for an hour or so. The stench was overwhelming as I attempted to brave it. Then a millennial couple decided to park next to me and loudly play dance club music, hip hop and bad pop the likes of Green Day and post punk radio friendly Red Hot Chili Peppers. After nearly an hour I had all I could take and bailed. I never play music at the beach mainly because I don’t want to draw attention to myself and my friends. (we like to drink there) The flooded beach made for lack of privacy. Tomorrow I’m going back very early. 

I was hoping that the heat through the weekend would dry this mess up some but tonight as the sun set we experienced another huge thunderstorm. I was thinking as I was walk to and from the laundromat in the 90 degree heat (2 miles round trip) and I also walked to Target which should have added about another mile, the city could take a bulldozer down there and clear it out in no time. I suppose it’d have to go 2 days without raining which doesn’t look likely before my guests get here next week. Dawn and Brad from Indianapolis are staying for 5-days. They arrive Wednesday evening and we’re gonna do a lot of BBQing and beaching. 

First though is this weAkends MKULTRASOUND PrideCast, and Boy Howdy have things ever changed from a year ago, even though I don’t think I’ll be enjoying the same kinda sexy company. 3 days to go so one never knows. I’ve been working really hard on material and this one should be hysterical. I sent Mark ideas for him to work up in his studio in Baton Rouge. Nonetheless it’ll be a pretty gay episode. 

Friday June 28

Woke up at 530AM and started scripting this next show.It should go very well as log as everyone is on time. Cassie is coming in tomorrow afternoon to help set up and she’s staying because there will be no parking at all since so many streets will be blocked off.

Rich, Drew and I have a lot of history so we should have a killer and very personal show. 

Rained again around noon. So sick of it. At least I have a lot to do inside and I really want to squeeze in the Runaways movie in a bit.

Cassie put up the new YouTube episode the one where I was sick and obviously very bloated from all the buffet eating with Dale in Iowa. Funny I didn’t drink much at all that weekend and still looked it. Trying to do the best I can but know will fall short when Brad and Dawn are here next week. The company will be nice though. 

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