There’s a concert hall in Vienna . Where your mouth had a thousand reviews . There’s a bar where the boys have stopped talking . They’ve been sentenced to death by the blues . Ah, but who is it climbs to your picture . With a garland of freshly cut tears? Take this waltz, take this waltz. Take this waltz it’s been dying for years .

God fucking gawd I got soooo sick during the show last Sunday. I couldn’t have carried it hadn’t Cassie and Ty stepped up. More on that later.

Cory MacRae in Memphis writes:

Totally love the YouTube you need to make that a regular thing. And I also love what Mark is doing with music spotlight. Keep it up brother this is awesome.

AZ: I was sick but the YouTube will be up tonight. Cassie has to do her editing magick.

CM: Yeah video always takes longer. I dig it though man. Right format right people just all of it is spot on.

Joe in Missoula MT wrote:

Weakest show yet.

Alex replied : I was sick.

Josef continues: Get a few Mark shows in the can and you’ve got a sick day backup plan. Get enough Ultrasounds in the can and you can fall back on a “best of” compilation.

Ed Kowalski in Ohio: Listened to the latest episode, I thought it was actually your best yet! Hope you’re feeling better! – Fizz Ed


Alex Zander: Thanks brother. Josef in Montana called it the weakest. Said I shouldn’t have done it. Guests are also important and a big part of the show.

Ed Kowalski: Alex Zander I don’t think a guest every week is as important as some think…I really enjoyed the banter between you and your co-hosts, stories and anecdotes are always entertaining


Glenn Stefano of DSN Music in Sedona AZ on our YouTube Channel/PodCast


GS: Great editing…that’s your pad?


AZ: Used to be my dining room, yes. Going to rearrange some things to center the background better. Thanks


GS: clutter look is cool, laid back, and real
Like the rock stuff around the house as well…


AZ: The whole haus is like that. A rock n roll museum

GS: I dig it!
A touch of the southwest as well I see…lol
Don’t forget to set up your Monetization feature on YouTube account!


AZ: THANKS I sent that to Cassie. Gonna bury the wires and I HATE CLUTTER. Will switch out the album covers every week. Keeps me on my toes.

GS: PS… you are WAY more mellow, than you sounded on mic 20 years ago…your like a AOR jock now…lol


AZ: Cool. 20 yrs and hip replacement will do that


GS: Yikes!
Good convo though! I like the fact that your talking about PC crap! It’s gotta b discussed


AZ: Its the first segment every week. I made the format months ago. Nobody is really doing that and the rest of us NEED a voice


GS: YES! PS, looks great on our LG smart TV


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