I was Kicked Out of a Cab with Izrah Indica

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Today marks 2 years since I got the horrible new in my hotel suite the Sunday morning of EXXXOTICA 2017 and I miss her more and more especially when it comes to my rock n roll alter ego lifestyle. The card above I see every time I get into my refrigerator. Her mother posted the message below as part of a tribute to her daughter. Thanks Beverly. 


I finally met Alex Maggie. Such a great guy. We spent Memorial Day with him but I’m sure you knew that in that moment. He really adored you and it showed…he was a good friend and we don’t have many of those in this lifetime. I have to try to be productive now and grocery shop for our Birthday Barbecue ( which was a last minute decision) I know it was the right one. 

I’ll see you soon enough and when I do we’ll have the biggest bash the Heavens have ever seen. I love you to the moon and back. 
Happy Birthday Beautiful- Mom ❤

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