Oh my legs start to shiver when I hear you call my name. Well, my knees keep a knockin’ and my bow tie’s bustin’ out. When my feet start to fly, an’ my jeans slung way down low. You know I’m back on my heels and it’s making me feel like the king of rock n’ roll!

Foodie/Food Eater
El Mariachi Chicago
Peking Buffet Iowa City
Riverside Casino Buffet Riverside IA
El Hacienda Anamos IA

Future Birthplace of James T. Kirk 51 W First St, Riverside, Iowa

James T. Kirk, captain of the Starship Enterprise, will be born in Riverside, Iowa, on March 22, 2228.

Riverside is the official Future Birthplace of James T. Kirk, captain of the Starship Enterprise — a native son born in the 23rd century.

Star Trek Voyage Home Museum Riverside, Iowa

Perhaps the absolute WORST margarita I’ve ever had and the bartender at Riverside Casino knew it.

Some of the best dessert I’ve ever had

Palisades-Kepler State Park with Michael X. Christian and Dale Patrick Bennett

..Cabins rent for $50 per night for $300 for a week

La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant

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