I’m a winner, I’m a sinner. Do you want my autograph? I’m a loser, what a joker. I’m playing my jokes upon you. While there’s nothing better to do.

The night before the PodCast Emily sent me this image at 1:03A of her and Samantha

Look who I met … lead singer of a Garbage tribute band. She’s sassy af. You’ll love her.

Its a lot of fucking hours to get a single show prepared and for last weeks show it took even more work. On my end its a lot more than just showing up and talking into a mic.  So I went into Friday morning not knowing who we’d have on and then once that was decided and confirmed, I spent many hours working up material and passing notes to Ty via Messenger. The result would be hands down the best one since the last best one, and the one with Rich was pretty close to what I am aiming to establish. All in all we had 100 plays of the episode by Monday evening and another 100 plays by Tuesday and that put us over the 1000 plays mark. 

Emily Sifrit is with Deb Ty Coon and Cassandra D Balazic at HVAC

What. A. Day. I was offered a chance to guest host my friend Alex ‘s podcast radio show.. a show that is aimed to embrace free expression and diversity in our culture. I already respected my friend’s work but I’m in awe at what it takes to truly be someone who is accountable for delivering both sides of main issues. Random coincidence (no really) .. it also happens to be the final night of a short run of shows for Alex Grossi of Quiet Riot and Dizzy Reed of Guns & Roses .. which Nick Huffman booked.. this one happens to be around the corner from the recording of the earlier mentioned podcast.. so yeah. Ending the night alright I’d say.

Ha!! P.S. – we’re at HVAC pub for the show .. across the street from Wrigley Field and the Cubs just won.

Yours truly, Ty Coon, Danny Lee Hill, Cassie Balazic, and Emily Sifrit. 

Below Nick Huffman and Ty Coon. 

Cassie would arrive early to get set up and Danny helped me move some things around for filming. This would go on to be the perfect day and the exact kind of day I strive to put together. Sometimes it takes more than me. All I can do is put the pieces together. Its up to the pieces to play. This was a classic example. 

I didn’t tell anyone Nick was tagging along and in fact he told Emily that he didn’t want to interfere with the show He’s not the kind of guy who needs to grab attention. But I knew he’d have no problem stepping into the spotlight when the time was right So nobody knew he was coming.

Danny Lee Hill stayed the night because I needed him to share part of a trtoy to help transition my distaste of “wiggers” into my distaste for “hipsters” the lowest form  of all “sters” in my opinion. They silently annoy me. 

When Ty arrived last she sat outside and we all made introductions but it took a few minutes for her to realize that Nick was indeed Nick Huffman someone she had been dying to meet. It was so great when she finally realized that it was him 

In a similar vein Emily was in awe that she was sitting with 2 time Grammy nominee and former Ministry member as well as Al J’s ex and they connected on the show and after. When the show was over and done everyone hung out for awhile sharing drinks and trading stories before heading to HVAS for the final show of 4 regional dates for the Hookers & Blow show Nick put together.

“Hookers & Blow”: 

The now legendary project formed by long time Guns N’ Roses keyboardist Dizzy Reed and Quiet Riot guitarist Alex Grossi. Dizzy and Alex will be giving a special “Storytellers Session” telling tales from the rails from years on the road with Guns N’ Roses & Quiet Riot.

The Northside Porch Monkeys: AZ, Emily, Nick and Ty.

The Northside Porch Monkeys: Danny Lee Hill, Emily, Nick and Ty.

Cassie Pony and Emily

Cassie never lets me down when it comes to fashion and style. Even the doggie poop bags matched her attire. 

The Northside Porch Monkeys

DLH arrives

The freshly graduated Miranda Wattles sporting my graduation gift to her. 

Boy Howdy! life could not possibly be any different today than it was a year ago. My full time status as a CAEL employee was about to come to a halt but not before the worst EXXXOTICA of my life due to it being so abbreviated. Other than missing Adrian I’m loving life right now.The PodCast is quickly starting to signs of pending success and it’s a lot of work. Basically when I’m not in office I’m working on projects related to the MKULTRASOUND PodCast and this MK ULTRA Magazine website. I’m also drinking a lot less. Funny what you can accomplish when you’re not bored. At least in my case. Tying one on was just my way of filling in these great spaces of empty time. Once again I’m surrounded by creative people that actually do something to contribute to society no matter what it is It’s a lot like the conversation I had with Cassie pre show last week and the one I had on the show with Emily. Those around me seem to be of the artistic creative type. I really cannot relate to people much outside of that simply due to the simple fact that they can’t relate to me and my life. They accept what the mass mainstream media subscribes them to. The media’s programming is full of misinformation 

Off to Iowa tomorrow morning and seeing Cheap trick with Dale and his family for what has become an annual summer tradition and then it’s full steam ahead into July with a visit from Dawn and Brad and then getting the first PodCasts launched remotely from The Looney Bin.

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