“Every man worth a name knows the value of being unreachable.” – Al Swearengen

I’m still kicking myself in the ass for blowing an incredible opportunity before her career took off. I had no idea how freaking hysterical she is. Dale took the picture below for me in 2011 when we were pretty much the only 2 on the floor other than exhibitors. She was very cool as was the guy at the Evil Angel booth who gave me shirts and pens. But ol dummy Alex was more  concerned with hanging out w/ Gracie Glam who was also alone for the moment. Asa did sign a nice naughty message for me though. 

It’s hard to believe that this was ten years ago and it’ll be part of this weeks MKULTRASOUND PodCast.

I’m happy to follow up on my announcement last weekend on the MKULTRASOUND PodCast that the Alley has re-opened on Belmont in the former Taboo Tabou store front. Sadly they don’t sell band shirts any longer, just Alley brand shirts and the jewelry is back but only one Iron Cross ring. When I asked the face-tatted millennial (super nice friendly beta guy) told me they are are not selling any more due to their “association”. I asked, like the Union Soldiers wearing them during the civil war? To which he replied “current association” and as I walked out nicely responded “like the circle game.”

Looking forward to going back for a leather vest and some “other” biker type rings.

That was Saturday early afternoon.

I went into the mid week not having much ammo for tomorrow other than the John Wayne Orange County Airport and Stephen Foster statue controversies which in essence is old news. Then came the Black Mirror episode with Miley Cyrus covering the first NIN single. Mark clued me in that the fans were going ape shit and that was all I needed. Thursday I spent mostly running errands and doing laundry but all day Friday was writing material and securing a guest for the show. I spent  a hours doing research for material and as I do every Saturday refined it and printed it up for tomorrow.

Now comes the hurry up and wait game.

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