You told me, people like to suffer. You told me that’s the way it is. You said that things were getting better. You said I should accept all this. You think it’s funny. But what I say is true. The reason that I live like this. Is all because of you.

Originally my plan was to go out to the burbs and spend the afternoon and night with the Ganz clan but there was pre planned family things so I opted for MaiFest in Lincoln Square and if you listen to the podcast already know the story. Here’s a link to the podcasts if you don’t already know it:

I woke Friday morning and before I got ready for my bike ride to work paid some bills and got an early start. I needed to eat and go to the bank before heading into the office. I walked into Burger King but the King Asshole was working the register so I walked out. See, you get rude to a customer you lose business. But in his world I’m just another “white motherfucker” he got to give a hard time so my $4 ain’t worth his $12 an hour. I walked to the bank did my thing there and made the monumental mistake of going to Einstein Bagels. What I ordered was this:

Chorizo Sunrise

Say “olé!” to the new day with our Chorizo Sunrise Signature Breakfast Sandwich! Take your taste buds on a trip south-of-the-border with savory chorizo sausage, luscious avocado, zingy pepper jack cheese, cage-free eggs and our Jalapeño Salsa Shmear, all served on a Green Chile Gourmet Bagel.

What I got was this for $6.25 and a 12 minute wait To make it even more or a horrible experience is that it took them 12 minutes to make a microwaved sandwich 

By morning the PodCast had hit our first milestone, 500 listens. Overjoyed as I was overly busy in office so for lunch I ordered a Veggie Beach Club from Jimmy Johns and it was made and delivered is less time than I waited in Einsteins. My plan for the evening was set. I would go to the store and then go home and watch the Deadwood Movie on HBO. What’s HBO stand for? “Hey, Beastmasters On! I remember back in 1983 when I was working at Bob Evans in Ohio hot on the heels of my failed move to Dallas TX after graduation  to live with my mother that I asked a co worker/cook named Doug DeLong if he had HBO and he replied “No, just BO.”

I was a very happy man to find all of these beautiful tomato for my lunch the following work week. The variety on the top was told by the cashier that I was the first person to buy them. I was obviously very excited. See, I;m much more of a simple man than people give me credit for. I really am. 

And then I rushed home to watch the Deadwood. I was very please with the result and it appears many others are as well.


“A triumphant coda to a beloved series, Deadwood: The Movie will satisfy fans longing for a little fucking closure.” – Rotten Tomatoes
“This movie is a gift, and a fond farewell. I love Milch’s writing, his loquacious waterfall.” – Darren Franich, Entertainment Weekly

Then next morning I went to the library to print up notes for the show and made another swing by the grocery store before heading out to MaiFest. I was flying solo as far as I knew and had an entire day to do so. I first stopped into Hansa Clipper and had a small Steigl and a BBQ pork sandwich which Christina’s mother Kiki made a crock-pot of. I knew it would be better than the very limited varieties of sausage they were serving outside to the masses. Once finished I told everyone I’d be back and joined those masses where they had only 2 choices of beer: the import “Hofbräu München or the Hipster standard PBR. 

It was early I was alone and there was a gawd awful cover band trying to perform 80’s standards and a more traditional German bands in the big tent. There were also a lot of families, hipsters, gay couples and …… this guy 

I have the feeling he got into a fight later. Super brah with his ballcap AND sunglasses on backwards. I took this picture and fled in fear. But I just had to share with my brother Blue.

I sat inside Hansa Clipper making talk with some old German retirees and after a couple of hours and too much money spent ($13 for first beer and cup and $11 for refills of beer I don’t even like) I was ready to head home when who would text me but Max Bravo telling me he was on his way. And he knew exactly where to find me. Up until then I was pretty level headed and not quite impaired. That would all change with the company of a really good wing man. 

Max and I made a quick round and came back into the Clipper where I was greeted with a loud HEY and a big hug from the tiny lady pictured above. I’m not sure if she knew who I was, we’d met before, or what she was just overjoyed to see me. Max and I hung out with her awhile and I had I wondered why her jaw was wired shut. Things we starting to get sloppy so we walked around the corner to Huettenbar which is not my type of crowd and it was CROWDED with thirtysometing loud Chad and Trixie types. 

Huettenbar 4721 N Lincoln Ave is a fun little German pub on the Lincoln Square strip. They have a juke box, which is a plus in my book, but every time I’ve been here on the weekends the place is packed. The bartenders aren’t the friendliest and neither is the crowd. I feel like the place is just way too overrun with yuppies. Could be a cozy little bar to hang out at, but the crowd kind of kills it. At one point a lady gave me her phone and allowed me to take control of the juke box. These people have no clue as to cool music and that’s when they get testy with you, or at least with me. They do not like it when a middle age rock n roll guy comes in with a rock n roll friend and take attention away from their cookie cutter high five way of life. It was getting uncomfortable and expensive so I handed Max my phone as I paid the bartender and he dialed up and Uber and we were on our way. The car dropped off Max first before taking me to my neighborhood. it seemed like a very long ride which it was. By the time I got to the corner of Irving Park and Sheridan I realized that I couldn’t find my phone. I thought I lost it. So with what little wits I had about me for some reason I felt the need to have my knock out drink at Tac Quick. I didn’t need it but in my state of mind was not capable of realizing that. Not to mention I had mix Hydroxycut with alcohol again.
I slept very well. Until 530AM that is.


By habit I set my alarm for work before going to sleep and when it roused me from a very deep sleep I went about my normal routine and put on teh radio and started teh shower fr work and I walked out to feed the cats and start my coffee when I saw my studio and realized that I hadn’t even done teh sow yet so I went back to sleep and had a very vivid dream about Mark Panick and Nan Warsaw that I didn’t recall until their names came up on the show later that afternoon. 

 As I was getting out of bed Max sent me another text that he had my phone and if I’d like to meet for breakfast at El Palmar. With my hair still wet I walked around teh corner and met him and he handed me my phone.  I ordered my usual Huevos en Salsa Verde (Eggs in green sauce) with four tortillas $8.75. It was 10 am and still an hour before we could order a margarita but that would be remedied not long after. It was a quick bite and Max had to go pick up his grandson AJ. I got home and Cassie called and she was parking. We met outside at Tac Quick and had Thai Margaritas which were actually quite tasty and very orange tasting and garnished with an orange slice She ordered food to go and we walked over to mi Cass Diablo/Studio D-Ablo and as she set u cameras I readied the gear as my LA GUNS Pandora station played in the background.

Cassie and Pony at Tac Quick

What transpired was the best show we had done yet. My guest Rich Experience was a little bit early and carried his gear up the back and Ty was on time and actually came armed with her own material. We sat down and cracked out a solid 1 hr 11 minutes of fun talk and live performance. It came out very well. Cassie had set up two cameras to capture it for our YouTube show and we were all very happy. When it was over and done Ty and I help Rich carry his gear out of teh front of my building and said farewell as Ty went to grab us a bottle and some mixer and I uploaded the episode. For the first time everything went by design. I was very pleased and happy go go back to work the next morning, which wasn’t nice enough for me to bike into as usual this year 

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