You’ve got something about you. You’ve got something I need. Daughter of Aphrodite. Hear my words and take heed. I was born on Olympus. To my father a son. I was raised by the demons. Trained to reign as the one.

You think you have everything planned down to the last detail and it never goes as planned when people are habitually late. My old friend Brian was/is that way. It got to the point where I’d have to tell him to be at point A two hours before it was actually time and he’d still be 90 min to 2 hours late. That’s exactly how doing the podcast has gone since the maiden episode. last week was no exception. I had the BBQ planned and I wanted to do the show at noon and get it out of the way before any drinking or grilling. I learned a week prior that alcohol and the podcast do not mix well. Ty would be 2.5 hrs late and I had no choice but to start without here. Easy enough….nope. 

I spent all day Saturday preparing for Sundays event. My routine is normally the same. I outline the show on Thursday, refine it Friday and then Saturday morning go to the library and print the note because my handwriting is atrocious. That went well enough according to plan, and after I spent the entire balance of a beautiful sunny and warm Saturday prepping food and giving the house a really good deep cleaning. The outside was the most difficult since there have been more storms than usual and keeping it in decent condition has been an ongoing battle.The National Weather Service confirmed early Wednesday that three tornadoes touched down during storms in the Chicago area on Monday, which was both the rainiest Memorial Day and May 27 in nearly 150 years of records.  I put a lot of work into it so that on Sunday all I’d have to do after the show is fire up the grill. All of the sides I prepared only needed to be sat out. By nightfall I was wiped out and got a very good nights sleep. I was ready to go, but that was about it.

Cassie, Amanda and the puppy Pony Boy arrive. 

Cassie and Amanda showed up at 1130AM and Ty sent a text at 1230 saying she was running late. I asked how late and didn’t get a reply. Then a big surprise, Ashley showed up. I hadn’t seen her since last November and it was long overdue. I was growing frustrated and Ash reminded me that I was surrounded by 3 very beautiful buxom ladies. I had to smile. Not long after Maggie’s mother Beverly arrived with her long time partner Mark. I had never met her before but after Maggie passed away on her 25th birthday 2 years ago we’ve gotten close and they were both very welcome new guests. 

Cassie and Pony

Amanda got the clown nose with a stupid face on it.

Reunited Alex and Ashley

Another big surprise occurred when Marty and Dawn Sypniewski arrived. They had moved away to Ft Wayne Indiana a few years ago and I hadn’t seen Marty in close to 10 years. He used to be my partner in crime before meeting Dawn and getting married As a matter of fact I was out w/ him when they met. I decided to start the show without Ty and I had Cassie and Amanda on trying to make it work and trade old war stories. It was not what I had outlined nor was it what I wanted. Not once ever since April 26th has anyone been on time. The fact that people were waiting to be fed and to drink was weighing heavily on me. I began to stress. Cassie set up her camera phone on a tripod and began to record the making of MKULTRASOUND. 

Lisa Lightning and Rich Experience

Half way through the recording Ty and Danny showed up. Ty took her place in front of her mic which I moved in order to get us all in the shots. We had Danny sit in with my Fender acoustic named Echo and we told stories and be played GnR’s “I Used to Love Her” at my request. Half way into that song Ty had managed to unplug the entire system with her foot by mistake. I was in fear we had lost the entire show and not only that, now I would have 2 files and an edit to deal with and I’d have to send it to Bill or Mark to fix. Something I did not want to do and wanted very much to get it all in one sit and upload myself. So once again nothing went according to plan. My stress turned into distress and unhappiness.

Danny stayed over and had been helping clean up and do dishes. I was freaked out about salvaging the show. After much back and  forth and with both of us at our wits ends, that afternoon Mark was able to stitch the show together but it was very stressful on both ends of production. Moving forward we’re planning to record the show at 2PM on Sunday. I only hope that it’ll remedy the tardiness factor. 

After the show I got the following message from Dylan in Montana
It got better once Ty came on. Before that it was Penn Gillette talking to a couple of 13 year olds about enemas. BTW Adele isn’t blues-woman shit, it’s hipster shit.

Beverly, Mark AZ and Ty

With Marty and Dawn

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