Burn out the day. Burn out the night. I can’t see no reason to put up a fight. I’m living for giving the devil his due. And I’m burning, I’m burning, I’m burning for you.

It was later in the day on Friday May 17th that I got a message from an old friend I knew from Pittsburgh when he had a band called SINGINE and also played keyboards for my old friends MACE Corey McRae a hysterical multi talented sound-man now a software bigwig in Memphis. He was in town for the Chicago Open Air concert and would also make some time to visit yours truly I only get to see him every few years which is not nearly enough and I was looking forward to it. We made plans to meet for brunch the next day. He was travelling with his brother Levi Long who is a Integration Architect at OurHealth in Indianapolis.Before long I’d make a new friend. 

My plan for Saturday morning was to go to the library and print up notes for the next PodCast which we’d be doing later in the day on Sunday. I wasn’t thrilled about doing a late show but since my guests Nichole Bodie and Damon Christopher were playing in the city the night before and had to make a long trek from the burbs it was the only option One which I would come to regret. 

When Corey messaged me Saturday morning I suggested El Palmar and we met there just before noon and would have big breakfasts and micheladas. HE was looking for a Bloody Mary and this was the Mexican version of the variety. Levi and I had Michelada El Palmars and for some reason Corey ordered a smaller more girly looking option. It made for a good laugh. 

When we finished we all walked to the library, I printed and we grabbed a bottle of vodka at Walgreens and made some drinks back at my place. They went off to the show and it was raining and I got dressed for my trip to the Elbo Room to see the Nichole Bodie Band (duo) perform. With the rain I decided to wear my nice expensive not even a year old wool cowboy hat. I too a taxi and was there in time to catch the first set. At first the audience was slim but that all changed. The drinks were poured stiff but expensive. At one point I realized I had too many and had spent too much so took a taxi back to my neighborhood. I hoped to have a nitecap at Tac Quick bit it turns out their Saturday late night experiment had failed so I walked around the corner to Wrigleyville North. I should have known it would not be good when I saw that Natalia had returned to her job as bartender after a 2 year absence. She had that look I sat at the bar and struck up a conversation with a couple of ladies. Then they were joined by a smartassed male friend. I sat my hat down to save my place and asked them to watch my hat and went to the mens room. 90 seconds later I returned and they were gone and so was my hat. I was PISSED. Fucking lowlife pieces of shit I went home and fell to sleep. 

The next morning Corey called and we met up for brunch at Tac Quick. It was noon-ish again and I had time to kill. He kept ordering drinks and I though what could it hurt. After about 6 drinks each the went their way and I went home. Ty and Danny came by and I broke the rule and told them it would be okay to drink this time. Bill V arrived and then later than 5p more like 6p the guests arrived and they had flasks as well. This would turn out to be a very boozy episode Yes it was funny but it was obvious I had been drinking and though people liked it and laughed I was displeased with my performance so I learned a hard lesson. This show is something I’m taking very seriously. 

A year ago I nearly lost my website and now here I am a year later taking nothing for granted and no prisoners as well. The last thing I want is a lackluster product. 

Damon was in rare form and let go. Nichole was funny as well as very open sharing some stories of a rough upbringing and a strong story of survival. I went to work the next day and by mid afternoon Bill had it online. All response was in the positive and Mark heard it and called it “funny as shit” but also mentioned he noticed we had drinks, something I made no secret of on the recording. When I played it at home I was less than happy but a lot of people were listening. 

As of this writing Friday evening at 24 6:01PM we are 29 listens short of a milestone 500 in 30 days. I think we’ll have it by the next show the BBQ PodCast this Sunday afternoon. 

My brother found this postcard that I mailed to my grandparents in 1972 or 1973.

Nixon was President.

I used to live here at the Hazlett House 921 Main St., Wheeling, WV West Vagina many many moons ago, a high-style, Second Empire home built in 1887 by retired Wheeling physician Robert W. Hazlett. The three-story home displays fine workmanship in both the interior and exterior. Next door to the Snake Club. If walls could talk.

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