Give me back my broken night. My mirrored room, my secret life. It’s lonely here, There’s no one left to torture. Give me absolute control. Over every living soul. And lie beside me, baby. That’s an order.

We’ve had listens all over the US and also in Canada, Ireland, Finland and Sweden. HOT DAMN

Montrose Beach flooded as I’ve never seen before

Lake Michigan water levels: ‘They’ve been higher than this before, but not by much’; meanwhile lakes Superior and Erie set to break May records

After a snowy and soggy April, water levels on all five Great Lakes rose by more than a half-foot and are forecast to remain well above their average this summer, with two anticipated to break record highs, according to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

Between April and May, each of the lakes rose at least 6 inches and stands more than a foot above its monthly average. Lakes Michigan and Huron, measured together because they are connected at the Straits of Mackinac, rose 9 inches in a month and are more than 2 feet above their monthly average.

Monday 5/13/2018 59 degrees and cooler by the lake but did 15 miles after work just because…


Hello Ironhead my old friend. So good to see you again.

5/14/2019 Did 48 miles after work and got home at dark

Mark is in Japan, Korea and Japan again this week that fucker. Saturday he’s supposed to go to  Tower Records Shibuya and hopefully pick me up some swag. I’d love a Japanese Tower Records shirt. Tower Records Japan has eighty-three stores found throughout Japan. The store in Shibuya is considered to be one of the biggest CD retail outlet stores in the world. It occupies nine floors worth of CDs and books.

タワーレコード オンライン、映像、本、グッズの通販

After work I met up with Max and Brian which would be the first time the three of us 2  be together in one space in years. I chose Flaco’s Tacos in Edgewater since it was near Max and on the way home for me on my bike ride from work. HUGE mistake! The so called ‘one of the top 10 margaritas in Chicago” were a frozen premixed concoction and the fish taco was so bland I could not finish the damned thing. Everything was overpriced and I should have known being that the entire staff were young 20-ish white kids. Max and Brian both had bowls and complained how bland they were and there was barely a hint of cilantro. Never again. It was nice to bring the Tres Amigos together again.

I got home late and it was dark and I had my bike lights but they were not yet mounted. I came home and worked on some updates for the PodCast and went to bed not knowing that I once again would be living alone. (a blessing) I suppose he’s using this email I sent him Sunday as his excuse to be butthurt:


Now that the RodeCaster and all mics are set up for studio in the dining room and I am liable for all of it (very expensive) I need to make the space off limits. So please don’t put coats bags or anything else in the area or use chairs etc.  It’s just to play it safe to insure no accidents or anything like that happens. This also goes for any of my guests not involved in the production of the program. 

Mark the guy who had been renting the guest room bailed while I was at work Wednesday. He was working in Chicago on a 10 month contract. No notice, no message, not a word he just took what he could with him and bailed. I know he wasn’t happy with the direction of my PodCast which I told him all winter long what I’d be addressing. He’s actually a SJW in his own right so maybe he was offended. He was also unhappy that I didn’t like picking up and cleaning up after him and  was very displeased I asked him to wash his dishes before he went to bed, he called me a fucking psycho and  a control freak as a result. I took it with a grain of salt being after all he’s a 49 year old man that can’t even flush his won shit or take his hat off when seated in a restaurant. All in all he’s a nice guy but all in all must be used  to a more carefree way of life. Everyone knows I’m a clean freak and have a very organized home. At least he cleaned up his room and didn’t leave a mess. I wish him the best.

I’m getting right to work on the guest room today!

Sunday I’m making Chicago style hot dogs for guest of the show and the following week a BBQ which I hope to tie into the recording. Big things are happening fast and I’m going to being doing remotes over the summer. The Looney Bin, Wild West Town and Tac Quick are my first victims. 

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