I know your soul is not tainted. Even though you’ve been told so. Can you hear the rumble? Can you? I can hear the rumble that’s calling? I can feel the thunder that’s breaking in your heart. I can see through the scars inside you.

There is some great “keyboard warrior” aka “SJW” talk on the 5/12/2019 Mothers Day episode of the MKULTRASOUND PodCast. We can’t make this stuff up.

The first episode using the RodeCaster!

Ty and I have another PodCast in the can. Bill is doing some edits and I will let you know when it’s up. More photos coming as well.

Next week Nicole Torianna Nichole Bodie and Damon Christopher.

Creating an episode on my end is getting easier as I’ve learned the basics of the RodeCaster Pro. However for the 4 episodes we’ve produced in 3 weeks there is a lot of post production work involved that has taken both mark and Bill hours to tighten up and do some very talented editing work and the show would not exist in its present form without their hard work and dedication.

Yesterday Ty and I did an abbreviated show just the two of us and introducing her as my sidekick sitting in Echo’s chair. We went in armed with some good material and anecdotes. It should be up sometime later today once Bill is finished with adding a few final touches. Mark was kind enough to call and check in from Japan after we wrapped recording. 

Friday I got in touch with another MINISTRY alum in regards to coming on the show and he’s game so I imagine we’ll get him on in June after my return from IOWA.

Louis Svitek musician and former guitarist for a number of bands including Zoetrope, M.O.D., Ministry, Pigface, Mind Funk, The Hollow steps and Project .44. His work can also be found in many movie soundtracks such as The Matrix and Blue Hill Avenue.

Svitek and partner Ryan McGuire founded their own recording studio and independent record label, “WuLi Records”, in Chicago, IL. WuLi Records is responsible for discovering Chicago’s acts such as The Redd, 2 Unique, Young Inno, The Waking, and American Idol 2010 winner Lee DeWyze. Prior to Idol, Louis Svitek was part of the Lee DeWyze Band that also included Ryan McGuire and Jeff Henderson.

It won’t be long now till we can do remotes and I have a few locations already in mind. I’d like to do one from Tac Quick on a Saturday night. After next weeks show I think we’ll do a fun filled multi guest Rock n Roll BBQ/PodCast Memorial Day weAkend. A who knows what the hell could happen clusterfuck on personalities. 

I hope everyone enjoys our latest effort and I appreciate your support. We not only have listeners across the US but have tracked listeners in Sweden and Ireland. WOW!

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