The end of our elaborate plans. The end of everything that stands, The end. No safety or surprise, the end. I’ll never look into your eyes, again.

It boggles my mind when I come to work early mornings and walk across Fountain Square in Evanston that the tables and chairs have sat out in the open all night with no worry of theft. In Chicago they tie them down. There’s a peace about going to and from the office. 

This theater is right by the train station that I take home from work so it worked out well for me to grab dinner at Jimmy Johns (DOUBLE PROVOLONE & AVOCADO cucumber, lettuce, tomato & mayo) and then I walked over to the theater to see the long awaited and much anticipated Avengers ENDGAME

Wednesday after work saw The Avengers Endgame at Century 12 Evanston/CinéArts 6 and XD 

An emotional journey that doesn’t waste a minute. The 3 hour long final chapter of the Avengers franchise lives up to all of the hype and more. I laughed a lot, a whole lot and I shed some tears a few times as well. The digital FX were as good as it gets and that’s something I’ve been very outspoken about, but these were flawless. I’m most likely going back w/ Max to see it in a week or so. 

I spent most of Thursday running running errands and shopping and then I worked on typing out a format and notes for the next MKULTRASOUND PodCast w/ my guest Ty Coon.


Dale arrived around at my place around noon and we drove right up to Reza’s for their Mediterranean/Persian  buffet. It was satisfying though more expensive than the last time we ate there years ago. We sat at the window where there was nobody at first and then they began to sit people, very loud people around us. It went downhill from there. I went to Forever Yogurt after and it topped off a heavy lunch perfectly. 

After lunch we went to Chicago Music Exchange to look for a black Foam Ball-Type Microphone Windscreen so I can get up on my mic for forthcoming shows. They didn’t sell any or have any in stock so then it was off to Guitar Center which worked out because it is not only adjacent to Home Depot where I needed to pick up some pepper and tomato plants but it has free parking. After I found what I was looking for I spoke with a salesman about the Rodecaster Pro which Mark was able to obtain for the show and is shipping it to me this week. He told me they just put on out for display but have none in stock at the time. He seemed impressed when I told him that we had already acquired one. I saw it up and lose and it looks like a wonderful piece of hardware. 

Since we were already in Lincoln Park I stopped to pick up my mail and Dale wanted to go across to Binny’s to buy Anne a case of Taj Mahal Premium Lager. Once back at Casa Diablo we watched TV and then walked to a couple of stores and I picked up some ice cream then I made a Hot Dog dinner at the haus (Uncured Angus Beef and Jumbo Vienna Beef on hogie rolls).

Dale fell asleep watching the Rammstein Paris live DVD. I slept well and we had a big day planned for Saturday. 

Saturday morning we got an early start and by noon were in Skokie/Niles for lunch and to do some shopping. I was thrilled when I saw a Red Robin  and I ordered a double Burnin Love (double Fried jalapeño coins, house-made salsa, Pepper-Jack, lettuce, tomatoes and chipotle mayo on a jalapeño-cornmeal kaiser roll). Dale had endless salad. 

We then went to Half Price Books, Wal Mart for plat pots, Goodwill where I bought my first iron skillet and then went to the Emily Oaks Nature Center in Skokie where I spoke to the rangers and then drove by the Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park which runs for two miles from Dempster Street on the north to Touhy Avenue on the south and displays more than 60 sculptures by artists of local, national and international reputation.

The we were off to Evanston where Dale wanted to go to Wolrd Market and 
Market Fresh Books. I went to Coldstone before heading around the corner to the book store which is where I made a helluva find. We went to the Evanston Goodwill and then next door to the Valli Produce International Fresh Market which is where I though Dales tongue was gonna hit the floor when he saw thew bakery. 

We didn’t get home till 8PM and Dale made dinner which consisted of Iowa Thick Pork Chops from Harter House Meats are perfect for grilling and equally great when oven-baked. An Iowa Chop is cut from the center of the pork, ensuring a thick, perfectly marbled pork chop full of juices and flavor.

I came back to our table after I took this picture and the couple that sat next to us asked me if we were in a band or somethin’. I replied “Or somethin’”

This was by far the best burger I’ve had in years that I didn’t make at home. It was unbelievable and I joined their royalty program so will be going back for sure. The Burnin Love burger is described as topped with fried jalapeño coins, salsa, Pepper-Jack, lettuce, tomatoes and chipotle aioli on a jalapeño-cornmeal kaiser roll. It’s love at first bite. The whole experience was delightful.

This is where the microphones we use for the PodCast are manufactured. 

Does anyone else see the humor in this? They’re are at a Goodwill thrift store.

Fountain Square in Evanston Saturday afternoon

I’ve been walking past Coldstone every weekday since late November and have been craving this. Finally the weather was nice enough I was able to indulge. 

Killer book finds at Half Price Books in Niles and Market Fresh Books in Evanston

Hard Back First Edition of The Professor and the Mad Man

The Professor and the Mad Man softcover for a co worker

Neon Angel memoir by Cherie Currie

2 Bukowski poetry books

Hard Back of my favorite novel The Rum Diary by HST

and HST’s essential contributions to Rolling Stone

 Valli Produce International Fresh Market was an incredible find at the end of our long day out. It’s close enough to work that I’ll be heading back over and over again for sure.

When we walked in the bakery was right there and Dale about shat himself. He loaded up and bought me the chocolate frog and a decadent double chocolate slice of cake. The prices and selection supersedes all Chicago area chains except for Aldi and Wal Mart Neighborhood Markets. 

My very first iron skillet a Goodwill find $12.99

I woke early Sunday and we had coffee and I started  2 Hot Pepper Plants, Ancho Poblano, 1 Mammoth Jalapeno and 1 cherry tomato plant. My plan is to get 2 more pepper plants.


Then it was time for the show. 


We had set the time for noon but Danny and Ty were running late. About an hour late and Bill who was engineering again would be over 3 hours late The show went smooth as I was very prepared and was more familiar with routine than I was a week before. Not to mention I had more sleep and was not stressing at all. This would also lead to my first good Sunday night sleep in over a month. 
Ty wanted to buy some booze and make some drinks but I said not till after the show. Since Bill was running late I agreed to allow her and Danny to go to teh store under the condition that no more than 2 cocktails before taping. It was a nice day and we spent the time waiting outside. I was only upset that the show would run late and I wouldn’t get to do any biking as I knew we were headed for another long week of rain. 

 Ty and AZ outside aftershow

Ty playing AZ’s electric acoustic Ibanez bass named Sylvie B

Midshow w/ Ty Coon

Big Butt Book on the table

Alex and Bill w/ Tanya Tuckers TNT LP


 Alexis Texas gets a shout out on this weeks MKULTRASOUND PodCast.

The Big Butt Book signed by Alexis Texas to AZ..

The show went live Tuesday afternoon while I was at work.Bill had worked till 2AM Monday morning on it and Mark worked on it at his Baton Rouge studio till 3 AM Tuesday. The message I got from him in the morning was simply that “it sounds fucking great”. Mark is a perfectionist so I was excited.  

I rushed home to listen to it and on my commute I had already been getting a lot of response. I knew it’d be tight and it was funny but what I was hearing was not my radio voice. I aim to get that back during the next episode. Everyone else seems happy with it but I’m not. I need to give it a rest on Saturday nights. The content and format is shaping up nicely and I’m about to launch an international media blitz.

Ty was fucking great. I caught one mistake on my end and Mark played the wrong song by Electric Revolution but all in all we’re anything but amateur. 

Thanks Bill, Ty, Danny, and Mark. I love ya all. 


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