Getting off this carousel, you can do as you please You go to hell, you put my back against the wall Well, I’m not gonna fall on my knees, no, not at all So you’re a saint, I’m a sinner but deuces are wild Better wake up, it’s break up, I ain’t got the time So you can kiss my heart, bye bye

First show is in the can. Waiting or Mark Williams to add his editing touch. Nick Huffman was the perfect first guest. We said retard, dyke, midget and harelip in one episode. Dyke lovingly BTW.

Thanks soooooo much to Danny FukosVas O AgnostosEmily Sifrit (LOVE HER) Nicks mom (the other Nicks Mom) and you for caring. Too Dark just got home so hopefully hear the show tonight.

My Minna

Well, I’ve heard the playback of the complete show and have to give Too Dark props on his editing and vocal skills on the drops. I’m happy with the tone I’ve set and with Nick but need to get my radio voice back. I was sleep depraved, and still am, and was stressed to the max because up until Bill (the engineer) sent me a text early Sunday morning wasn’t 100% the show was going to happen. 

Danny Lee Hill had stayed the night just in case we needed to try to figure this out on our own which had already proven we didn’t get right when we posted a test up on Soundcloud Thursday night. We watched “The Dirt” even thought neither of us like Motley Crue and both loved Hanoi Rocks though me a lot more than most people here in the states. I told him the story of how my first love Minna turned me onto them back in 1984 being that they are from the same country as her. When the movie ended like magic she called me via video chat and I was up late talking w. her as Danny sat next to me and we sang her a few songs as we played or guitars. 

So by the time we recorded the show early Sunday afternoon I was just about as full of nervous energy as I’ve ever been in this format. 

Tuesday morning 4/30/2019

I SLEPT A FULL NIGHT FINALLY! To sleep till 530 AM when my clock is set for 630 AM is good enough for me. I took Mark F’s advice and drank a glass of whiskey and took my meds. An hour later I was out. I woke up around 1 AM to drain the lizard and was so wobbly I could hardly walk and fell right back to sleep. I think PBS is the background helped since I cannot stand that Trump Ass Kisser Michael  Medveds show Sebastian Gorka who served as a Deputy Assistant to the President in the administration U.S. President Donald Trump. Medved was on the Salem Radio Network for 21 years and was replaced because of his criticism of Prez Trump. Freedom of Speech you say? This Gorka guy is a puppet. 


I will be addressing that topic this weekend on MKULTRASOUND.

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