It’s so easy to blow up your problems It’s so easy to play up your breakdown It’s so easy to fly through the window It’s so easy to fool with the sound


We had the most kick ass waitress at Bar Louie here at the Holiday Inn O’Hare. (Same hotel where OJ Simpson went after he brutally murdered those people) Her name is Rachel and right out of the gate she asked the perfect question, “Would you like anything to drink other than water?” she then told us about the martini specials so, there Todd and I were. I had amazing fish and chips. Really really good cod. More restaurants should have waitresses like Rachel. 

LA GUNS Setlist last night

No Mercy


Sex Action

Over the Edge

Electric Gypsy

The Devil You Know

Kiss My Love Goodbye

The Flood’s the Fault of the Rain

I Wanna Be Your Man

Never Enough



Crystal Eyes

The Ballad of Jayne

Rip and Tear

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Sitting here on the edge on my head
Whiskey sweating in my hand
See the tire stains on my finger
As I take another drag
And I wonder where you are tonight

The Sun’s coming up and I’m still drinking
And no one left to pay my tab
And I know I’m good for one thing
Even though you said I’m good for none
You remember how we felt tonight
And I know that we will be alright

I love 2019

With Catherine and Mashawn Rigmaiden from XXXChurch (Jesus Loves Porn Stars)

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