Pull up the curtain. Now I can see. The wrong book with the right kind of cover. That I don’t want to read. Take your promises that you fake. That’s the last mistake that I’ll make. Yeah, just one more season in Hell. It’s more of the same. My pain. It burns in the first degree. But no worse than you did to me…..Just one more season here.

4/2/2019 – I finally had time to finish the story about the trip to the Looney Bin to see Electric Revolution with Cassie back on 3/15. Now let the insanity begin. 

 I was talking online to the guys in Electric Rev and asked what the hell was the make of that ugly ass bass Gene Simmons played in the earliest days of KISS. It was the Gibson Grabber and I recall seeing one at Guitar Center around 1999 but at the time knew better than to even look at the price tag. Now I dream and the custom job above is what those dreams are made of. 

 Like it? 

Just got though the first listen. I’m floored. I haven’t heard a hard rock record this tight and well played in YEARS. There’s not one kiss my ass bitch you fucked me over song on this one. They are deep. I still don’t know how they had time to write and record this one. They must truly be Hollywood Vampires and Tracii has truly outdone himself on this one.

My faves in this order:

1) Gone Honey
2) Another Season in Hell
3) The Devil You Know

I love the opening to “Loaded Bomb”.

Someone must know someone who battled H becasue “Needle to the Bone” hits close to home. Again. 

“Boom” I can see being a show closer. Some demons were exorcised creating this offering.

Lessons going into this weAkend so it’s not to be a wreCKend.

1) Ambien, alcohol and the internet are a very bad combo. In fact Ambien and Alcohol is a bad idea. 

2) Hydroxycut make it impossible for me to focus on TV or a book. Music is another story. Also Hydroxycut after 12 noon is a really bad idea. 

Kinda like a nurse who might give me Xanax and 800 mg tabs of Motrin on top of Irish whiskey. What would you expect other than the zombie I’d become? All bad ideas. 

Well I thought I was finally after all of these years going to get to see Rick Springfield live as he just announced a show at Ravinia for July 15 and then Dale called. Cheap Trick is in Iowa the same day so I booked my annual bus trip for under 420 round trip and we’re in the second row. It’s a summer tradition. 

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