Got what I got the hard way. And I make it better, each and every day. So honey, said don’t you fret. ‘Cause you ain’t seen nothing yet. Just grab the rope and I’ll pull you in. Give you hope and be your only boyfriend.

Lunar New Year notes coming tonight

It was cold again for the Lunar New Year Parade on Argyle and a much smaller version that I have seen in previous years. After staying in the night before and rising early to do laundry I made my way via the CTA Red Line to Little Vietnam or Little Saigon depending on your preference. I stopped into Qideas where I bought cactus a week before to pick up some soup bowls they ordered for me. I then went o Pho Loan where it was packed and ordered the same thing as the Saturday prior only added a Coffee Bubble Tea with tapioca which gave me a brain freeze. 

After teh parade I walked to Fat Cat Lounge for a cocktail before going home. It was too cold to do much of anything else. So I stayed in watched TV and thought I could call it another early night. 

Late Saturday when I  woke up and couldn’t get back to sleep I went over to Tac Quick where I met a new staff member Nok who’s name means Bird. I find it interesting that Thai women’s names have meanings like KK’s which is gift or present. I planned on going around teh corner to Wrigleyville North but after one of teh new girls sat with me at the bar I stayed till I was tired enough to walk across teh street home and fall into a deep sleep. There’s a lot to be said for interesting company.

In one more week I would be setting up Studio Diablo with Too Dark Mark Williams. 

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