Let go of your love. Ride his pulse and you forget. Slow down your time will come. If not tonight surely by the dawn. Take it like a man… The strange face of love.

“Your remedies beneath my hand
your fingers in my hair
the kisses on our lips began
that ended everywhere.

and now our sins are all confessed
our strategies forgiven
it’s written that the law must rest
before the law is written.

And Then The Night Commanded Me
To Enter In Her Side — 
And Be As Adam Was To Eve
Before The Great Divide.

her remedies beneath my hand
her fingers in my hair — 
and every mouth of hunger glad — 
and deeply unaware.

and here i cannot lift a hand
to trace the lines of beauty,
but lines are traced, and beauty’s glad
to come and go so freely.

and from the wall a grazing wind,
weightless and routine — 
it wounds us as i part your lips
it wounds us in between.

and every guiding light was gone
and every sweet direction — 
the book of love i read was wrong
it had a happy ending.

You are my tongue, you are my eye,
My coming and my going.
O G-d, you let your sailor die
So he could be the ocean.

And when I’m at my hungriest
She takes away my tongue
And holds me here where hungers rest
Before the world is born.

Escaping through a secret gate
I made it to the border
And call it luck — or call it fate — 
I left my house in order.

And now there is no point of view — 
And now there is no other — 
We spread and drown as lilies do — 
We spread and drown forever.

Disguised as one who lived in peace
I made it to the border
Though every atom of my heart
Was burning with desire.”


After a long work week of only Monday and Friday in the office and working from home in between due to the record setting polar vortex that crippled the city I came home Friday night after running some errands and was tempted to go out but stayed in instead and enjoyed a Ant-Man and The Wasp which was just about the most fun movie I’ve seen in 3 years. I had a full day planned Saturday with Christine so I decided to rest up and go do laundry early. I had breakfast at Jimmy Johns which is something I haven’t had to eat in well over a year. Maybe even closer to 18 months. I had an old fave the Veggie Club w/ sprouts and it did not disappoint. Christine was at the doctors and as she was finishing up there told me she got a call and needed to go into work and work on a cake that would be too difficult for others to work on so our plans were postponed. I took my laundry home and put it away and cleaned up before continuing with my original plan solo. I went to Argyle and had lunch/dinner at Pho Loan and it was absolutely wonderful. The tiny waitress who made me feel like a giant spoke perfect English and had no accent to my dismay. With my 4 spring rolls and small, yeah small, bowl of Pho it only came to $21 and some change. I told the waitress I’d see her in a week for the parade.

I then made my way down to Viet Hoa Plaza to pick up some noodles and produce and I was on the hunt for more red and black bowls for home. I wanted a larger version that what I have and the size I had one of is missing. So then I walked down to Qideas where I had spied a cactus I planned to repot along with 2 others. The Chinese girl who works there (also perfect English/no accent) told me that in Chinese folklore they refer to cactus as “Dragon Bones”. She also offered to order large bowls for me to pick up this coming weekend during the parade. She also promised a bigger than ever before fireworks display.

All around me everything was melting. The temperature had spiked up more the 50 degrees in just 48 hours. Rain was in the forecast. I went home finished my Pho as I thought about going to Tac Quick and then up to the newly reopened Carols Pub I opted again to stay in and I watched the movie Winters Bone, went to bed early and slept very well.

.Pho Loan my favorite seadfood pho in the area. Pho Do Bien (Fresh Rice Noodle Seafood Soup and Goi Cuon 4 Springrolls wrapped with rice noodle, rice, lettuce and shrimp.All of this was only $21 and some change..

My new cactus from Qideas or as the Chinese say “Dinosaur Bones”. I learned that today.

The Sunday Before

Sunday morning I didn’t even shower I just shaved, got dressed and made my way to the west side to buy a new computer. Easier said than done. After getting some top notch customer service to help choosing a computer that can handle the Rodecaster Pro Podcast tool I ended up dropping $300 more than I had planned but it’s all new, really good and I had the RAM upgraded and a virus program installed. They told me an hour but once I got the other part of the store was told at least 3. They had my old number from 2004 and I told them to update it so they could call me when it was done. Easy enough right? Well, nothing worth it ever is, at least in my world. I needed to kill some time and Mark who I had dialed up and he suggested to me to find a bar. Problem is none were close…..that came immediately to mind at the time. So I went shopping and walked to Target then back over to “Forever Yogurt” and had a bubble tea at a table that was made from a recycled bowling lane. Like it was some sort of premonition because when I walked out to my left I saw The Diversey River Bowl and went in and ordered a drink. A Long Island Iced Tea with no soda and a double shot of Jamo which was only $12.50. Unreal. Memories echoed in my mind as I recalled the last time I had ever been to DRB and it was with Jeff Windisch who passed away in August of 2016 on his birthday. He and I discussed the concept driving across rural areas of the US and taking pix for a coffee table book of Bowling Alley Chic. One I find the proper travelling companion I’ll get to work on it.

So it was now closing in on two and a half hours and I called Microcenter and was told the work had been done. FUCK! They didn’t update my phone #. I finished my drink and bid farewell to the easy on the eyes bartender and retrieved my new laptop and took the two buses home. The weather was changing and I showered up and made a big mistake by taking another Hydroxycut at 5PM. I think we all have a good idea what happened after that.

Your writer didn’t get to sleep till around 1AM and then it was back to the office and I, for one was happy to do so.

End of story!


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