Hard R: I bet your mama was a Cajun Queen, and all her boyfriends were sweet sixteen. I’m no school boy but I know what I like. You should have heard them just around midnight.

Welcome back reader. Your writer has been busting his proverbial balls at his day gig and couldn’t be a happier man even though it is exhausting. It’s currently my first priority as work always is. I am in a good place right now and though could be content with the status quo, that’s not AZ. Progress with the Podcast and the talented and gifted friends who have stepped up to make it even better have gone above and beyond all expectations. More on that later.

It takes a lot for me to go out on a school night. When it’s unavoidable I’ll put in notice to take the following day off. I didn’t miss any time after my birthday weekend which usually requires a Monday recovery day. On my return from Indpls on Xmas day, I went to work the following day. Things have changed drastically. I love my career and even now more than in the last 3 years really enjoy and admire the people who I work for. Then Nicole Bodie announced a weeknight show and there was no way I was missing it. It would also occur on the night that would prove to be the coldest night of the season thus far.

I first saw Miss Bodie back in November of 2014 when I was out on a date with Monique to support my then buds who collectively have a band named W.O.R.M. and as we made our way around the bar toward the stage she walked by me all tiny and tight dressed in her band wardrobe and I said out loud as Macaulay Culkin did when he met Uncle Buck for the first time in the move, “Who are you!”. I saw who I said in my mind was a star.

She got booted from the band for posting the meme below and was told her “dark” sense of humor could keep this band who only draw a crowd when they assume their moniker Nine Inch Nails tribute act, from getting signed. It was an excuse for them not being able to tolerate anyone with a sense of humor who didn’t 100% agree with their politics which is the way most of social media obsessed America chooses to go through life these days of being infected with toxic sensitivity. A talented black gal who is hysterically funny and likes guns…that’s the kinda sugar poppa likes. I began to follow her on FB after that encounter and found her absolutely fucking funny in an unapologetic and dark manner. Really Fucking Funny. Sexy too.

Less than a year before the band members backstabbed me and outright lied about me over an unfortunate incident after years of me supporting them both privately and professionally publically on social media I went to see Nicole and her boyfriend Damon Christopher perform their acoustic set at the Elbo room with a hit Vietnamese date who I was deeply and blindly in love with at the Elbo Room. Although I didn’t stay long because all I wanted to do was be alone with my date I was impressed with what I saw. I would go into this show knowing that since I had to work the next day that I would only be able to stay and hour. And I am sure happy that I did.

I invited my friend Mark who was in the neighborhood anyway to see the Iowa Hawkeyes basketball game to join me. It was miserably cold and windy out. I came home from work ate, changed clothes, watched Gotham which I was in awe over, threw on my newest cowboy hat and opted to take a cab rather than the train for one stop due to the conditions. I walked into The Sandlot for the first time and there was Mark working on a whiskey sour, his signature cocktail. I had eaten some spicy pastor and cheese tacos earlier and had no intent of drinking anything stronger than Tecate’ so I had not taken Prilosec which I would pay for dearly later. A super cheerful and attractive bartender who I later learned name is Katie served me and as I turned around in walked Miss Bodie. We hugged and exchanged pleasantries she went back out and helped Damon carry in gear and set up. We had an hour or so to catch up before she’d go on at 930 which meant Mark and I would stay till 1030 as opposed to the planned on 10PM. We both have demanding jobs and need sleep. I ordered a Tulamore Dew on the rocks and another and Nicole’s friend bought me a third after meeting her. In over 2 and a half years I’ve hardly mentioned or alluded to Julie. Miss Bodie was well aware of my feelings the night we went to see her perform in July of 2016 so I spent maybe 3-5 minutes trying to sum up that we didn’t last long after that night but it was good at least on my end while it lasted. I blew off VIP for Rammstein and Ministry to be alone with that woman and though regretted it a bit after, don’t at all. I wouldn’t change a thing.


So there we were two spirited rock n rollers trading tales of how rough the previous year 2018 had been on us in our non-rock n roll professional lives. We had both lost our jobs and were mostly unemployed but neither of us went and shared that grief as most people do on social media. Why would we. She also shared with me why she got kicked out the aforementioned tribute band.


She excused herself to smoke and upon her return I asked mark if he would please take our picture. She then in her own off color manner said to me with a HARD “R”, “Sorry I smell like cigarettes and nigger breath” and we posed for a couple of shots. Later as she was onstage and played harp during one song I asked Mark, “Have you ever seen a hot black girl play harmonica?” to which he replied, “I’ve never heard a hot black girl say nigger breath.” It was a moment that shall live forever at least in two minds in this day and age of every little thing being offensive. And let me just say, Baby it was cold outside.

Here I am in the middle of the biggest Diary of a Damned Man update in months and am struck with a craving for ice cream so I must go out in the 8 degree cold to fetch some and may as well grab some vodka and Gatorade for later after the guy comes to repair my computers.

Nicole asked Katie the bartender to watch for her cue so she could give her voice a rest 30 min or so into the set. The signal would be her grabber her breasts. Again a testament to her sense of humor. Shortly after some more small talk w/ her and her friends the duo took stage they got right into a set of classic rock covers dashed with a few really good originals. The set spanned decades and I was taken back with their performance of my favorite Beatles song “Oh Darlin’”. At around 10PM she grabbed her boobies and stepped outside for a break.

One of their friends who was at the aforementioned show in 2016 was also a very funny fucker. He sat with his shoes off and feet up on the barstool and I shouted put your shoes on you fucking hippie. It was all taken in jest as was intended, No politically correct fucking pussies at this show.

During that break I told Katie how much I liked the place and that I’d be back for sure and would like to send some bands and she informed me how to go about it. Such a super friendly, funny and attractive alternative to some of the other girls pouring drinks on the N Clark Street strip.

Mark and I had another 30 minutes and enjoyed the set we got to see as we put our coats on. Nicole came off the stage and gave me a hug and told us goodbye and thanks for coming from the stage. I hailed a taxi out in the cold wind and snow and was home in minutes. Before going to bed I took my sleeping med but no Prilosec and ate two more tacos before falling asleep. In the middle hours of the morning I had really bad acid reflux and threw up a little in my own mouth. It’s the worst. I went to the bathroom cabinet and popped some heartburn medicine and was back to sleep before getting up for my wintery commute in the – 8 degrees and -22 with the wind chill. I caught the first train with no problem but my transfer would take over 30 minutes as I waited on a cold and bitterly cold platform with over a hundred others as train after train would drop them off but no train would come to take us further north for over a half an hour. One student who stood by me had her eyelashes frozen stiff. Reality set in and I was 5 minutes or so late to the office and was immediately assigned a new project. But all in all the night before was one of the best of what looks to be a really great 2019.

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