I’m mean and I’m dirty, like none you’ve ever seen. Bad habits drip like honey, no tongue can lick me clean. I’m not of royal blood, I’ve never been discreet. I’ve been damned, I’ve been cursed, I’ve been guilty and accused. I spit the hangman in his face and hung him on his noose. Habitual threat, I got you in my claws. Gonna tan your hide, rip the flesh off your bones. Look me in the eye, and you’re gonna turn to stone. You’re gonna turn to stone.

My new years resolution for 2019 is to succeed, again and piss off the the haters in the process. 

Thank you to the few who have been there for me. You know who you are because this past year you’ve really gone out of your way. 

And for those who didn’t have the time… enjoy the show. You’re gonna hate it. 

Loading up phase III.

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