I’m almost human, can’t help feelin’ strange. The moon is out, I think I’m gonna change. You’re so smooth and tender, a living, breathing dream. I’ve got to have you, baby, I’m listenin’ for your scream.

I woke to this yesterday and as sick as I’ve been (physically) I smiled. 3 of my favorite people. Micheal X Christian, Emily Sifirit  and Nick Huffman all cheating on me.

There’s almost nothing that annoys me more than when the morning news people start talking about a rock band and actually say on live TV or radio something that is so completely wrong.

This morning on Ch 32 the weatherman and the hosts were talking about the rumors of Michael Anthony possibly reuniting w/ Van Halen in 2019 and the Meteorologist Mike Caplan commented that he didn’t think it’d happen since Eddie van Halen stated years ago he’d never perform w/ Dave again. Duh, they did an an album and tour, just not with Michael Anthony. Get on the clock man. The reunion w/ DLR was in 2007 and A Different Kind of Truth came out in 2012.

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