if you feel alive in a darkened room do you know the name of your solitude if you ain’t got the answer if you don’t know the truth if you want the power then let it flow through

I have lots to write here and should hammer it out tonight after work. Fighting off a cold that began with a sore throat last Friday and trying to get some much needed rest. Nothing like waking up at 7AM in a nice hotel and not being able to fall back to sleep. Next stop, Indianapolis. 

UPDATE 12/20/2018 837PM

I will get time to update the past weekend and the amazing performances of two of the the very best acts I’ve seen all year. I’ve bee fighting a severe cold all week, struggling to get through work, getting things done after, dealing with my cats demanding cry for attention due to severe and dramatic separation anxiety and to top it off cleaning the fucking haus. I have to pack for Indianapolis tomorrow night and get up at 5AM Saturday, but I WILL update this section and add captions when I get home and before I pack. I’ve had not only the best BBQ in years but also witnessed the most original performance I’ve seen in over a decade and it was a tribute band and I loathe tribute bands

Be back tomorrow. – az

“That’s the problem with drinking, I thought, as I poured myself a drink. If something bad happens you drink in an attempt to forget; if something good happens you drink in order to celebrate; and if nothing happens you drink to make something happen.”

—Charles Bukowski, Women

I got home after a long work day and after trips to target in Evanston and Alta Vista Foods and Walgreens when I walked into the doors of the structure, built in 1898, that houses Casa Diablo and found a box waiting for me sent from Christy Nealon of Denver CO. It was a hot sauce making kit and very thoughtful as well as timely.

Ironically timely because Xtine Brown just sent me her logo concepts for her food line Bell Yard Bakery.

At 8PM I dropped Ambien and at 10PM another to insure I go solid uninterrupted sleep. I locked the cats of of my bedroom and put the heating fan at face level. My sore throat from yesterday is mostly subsided. 

It was cold and 7AM and I was at the laundromat and I figured I’d be home before 9am and I’d have 2 hrs to get a lot done before Emily was scheduled to arrive at 11AM. It was hard to believe I hadn’t seen her since that dreadful Sunday morning in March of 2017 the day after an event that would forever change my life on social media and prove once and for all who my friends really were. Emily is one  of those and I’ve missed her. But as rough as the next 8 months would be for me nothing prepared me for 2018 which would prove to be the roughest year of my life and a struggle from the onset.

Once home I was so bust with stuff around the house by the time she sent me a text at 1050 I had not even put my jeans on yet. I hauled my bags down the stairs, went outside and she was perfectly on time. She has to be in town anyway to measure some people for clothes she was making. We spent the entire drive to Bradly IL catching up. For the first time in over a year I actually had really good things to share with her. It went by quickly and before I knew it we were parking outside of the Looney Bin where we were going for some fine BBQ from Bulls BBQ.


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