Winter is here, and it’s cold this time of year. There’s snow everywhere in sight, falling on this winter night. By candle light, we share this chilly night. There’s frost on the window pane, winter nights are here again. There’s a feeling in the air, feel the spirit everywhere. Winter winds on heaven and earth.

11/26/2018 Winter storm slams Chicagoland

Birthday gift from my brother: Devo: The Brand / Devo: Unmasked: (classic Edition) At Last the Truth is in Print! This sumptuously illustrated two-in-one book tells the remarkable story of Devo’s astounding career. DEVO: The Brand is illustrated throughout with classic Devo iconography and music press interviews with major British and US publications; when finished flip it over and read DEVO: Unmasked, which is packed with rare and unseen photos of the band as children.

It’s still very cold in Chicago

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