With crystal eyes she gazes like a desert flower in the morning rain. She’s well aware of every promise made. She’s a child of light in a world of pain. Crystal eyes, she’s an angel that fell to earth like a gift from God. Sweet, serene, skin like cream. My love protects your every thought.

I had a nice lunch with my good friend Tom today at Tank Noodle which is now my favorite. I’ve only been one other time and it’s always usually very crowded. 

Tank Noodle 4953-55 North Broadway Chicago, IL


Voted Top Three Best Vietnamese Restaurants in Chicago

A stone’s throw from the Little Saigon EL, this simple corner spot keeps pho enthusiasts coming back for more. Communal cafeteria-style tables, crowded during prime meal times, are stocked with all the necessary funky and spicy condiments. Efficient service keeps the joint humming and lets the patrons focus on slurping. Pho is the definitive draw here, and this fragrant, five-spiced, rice noodle- and beef-filled broth is accompanied by sprouts, lime wedges and plenty of basil. Other delights on the massive menu include shrimp- and pork-stuffed rice flour rolls with spicy and sour nuoc cham. Follow that with a fiery catfish soup simmered with an intriguing combination of okra, pineapple and crunchy bamboo shoots drizzled with garlic oil.

Bánh mì thịt nướng / Grilled Marinated Pork Sandwich
Cucumbers, cilantro, jalapeno, sour carrots, sour radishes, green onion.

Served to me by the most attractive waitress I’ve ever had in Argyle neighborhood.

 This DVD was in my mailbox when I got home from lunch for me to review from ARROW FILMS. 



Legendary Toei director Teruo Ishii tells three stories of moral sickness set during Japan’s prosperous Genroku era in this bloody follow-up to his sexploitation classic Shogun’s Joy of Torture, and the fourth entry in Toei’s ‘abnormal love’ film series. Ishii’s politically incorrect moral lessons paint a trio of tales of tragic heroines caught up in violence, sadomasochism, incest and torture.

Told in anthology style by an impassive physician (Teruo Yoshida), the first story follows Oito (Masumi Tachibana), an innocent young girl deceived by a handsome yakuza and sold into prostitution who finds herself in a doomed love affair with the man who brought her to ruin. The tale of Ochise (Mitsuko Aoi) is about the daughter of a rich merchant whose insatiable appetite for filth and perversion draws her deeper into violence, darkness and betrayal. Finally, the story of Omitsu (Miki Obana) follows a sadistic lord (Asao Koike) whose eye is caught one day by a beautiful member of his harem who shares his strange taste for pain and blood, but who holds a secret of her own that will destroy his entire household.

Casa Diablo Alejandro Diablos cheese grits

4 cups water, 1 tbs salt, 1 cup course ground corn grits, 1 tbs butter, 2 cups shredded cheese, 3 tbs 2% milk and a splash of hot sauce

Yesterday I had a nice lunch with Tom at Tank Noodle and I’d only dined there one other time and have since searched out other alternatives as it’s so popular and so very busy. After yesterday I will brave those crowds and happily return. It was above par and no wonder its rated in the Top 3 Vietnamese restaurants in Chicago.


Tom dropped me off on the corner and I waked through Graceland cemetery taking many pix. My favorites are here.

Buena Park

Graceland Cemetery November 2018 Lakeview/Buena Park/Uptown

It’s cold and windy here and outside is not enjoyable. I’m impatiently waiting on a call from the office for when my next contract will begin. Next weekend I book my visit to Kankakee County for the 3rd year in a row of celebrating my birthday at the Looney Bin. I have no Thanksgiving plans but plan to make a turkey for myself and whoever wants to join me. Mark the person renting the spare room for nine months goes back to Iowa every weekend and during the holidays they are longer stretches. It’s almost like not sharing my place at all. He is good company and a smart guy with good taste in music and food.

The planning stages of the Podcast are slowly coming together. Echo will be visiting in February and we’ll see how good of a fit we will be for the show together. 2019 is poised to bring major changes in my life and now that things are slowly getting back on track I feel extremely optimistic as well as a tingle of excitement.

I just watched X-Rated 2 The Greatest Adult Stars of All Time on SHOWTIME – Documentary offering a close-up of the lives of legendary porn stars. It was kinda crazy how many people I know on the show and those I consider friends, old friends at this point. Its also narrated by Mr. Skin whose home and offices I’ve been to. It’s nice to see a positive spin put on these people as opposed to the mainstreams medias sterotypes and misinformation. .

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