Buena Park it’s my kind of place. I like the pace of this place. I like the style, I’d like to stay here a while. I like the birds singing in the trees. I like the girls and they like me.

Here is a picture of a Spider Dude on his phone outside of the office building where I’ve been working on Halloween. I’ll be posting more here over the weekend. There are lots of images coming. 

Death of a good friend is a very hard for me to write about. Jays funeral is Saturday and I can’t bring myself to attend. 2 years ago going to Jeff’s funeral was unbearable. I wasn’t there 10 minutes. No easier is writing about the loss of a good friend like Jay. He was one of the best men I’ve ever known. Fun, brilliant, successful, charming and above all loyal. In 2017 when so many people that I once considered friends who my home, heart and wallet were often open for turned on me and ranted on social media, Jay defended me and was there for me through the entire ordeal. 

The day before we rode together from Elburn to Kankakee County to see Tracii Guns solo band tour he asked me, “Should I drive the Corvette or the Jag?” I replied the Jag and Emily agreed when I told her. How many friends do you have that can ask you that question?

So much has changed in my world in the last month or so. 2019 will see the launching of the MKULTRASOUND Podcast and a very significant partnership. 

The great Kenny Ryaback out in Los Angeles stepped up and created several logos for our forthcoming Podcast set to launch in early summer 2019. Thank you Kenny.

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