Take my hand. You’ll never find another quite like it. And if you did, you’ll see that I’m a lonely one. The sun don’t shine. The wind won’t blow when you go hide. Without your love I’m lonely deep inside.

The albums title and theme were directly influenced by Eric Fromm’s book Escape From Freedom, which had presented the same theory, that people would rather be told what to do than think for themselves.
– on DEVO’s album “Freedom of Choice”

You wear those eyes that never blink. You always were the missing link.

You paint your mouth, you let me know. You really are the only show.

You got that walk, you do the stroll. You make me lose my ground control.

You got that look I can’t resist. Like something missing, never kissed.

You do the pogo without the bounce. You got the name I can’t pronounce.

You fall in love you like the sting. You make believe it’s everything.

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