I’ve been damned, I’ve been cursed, I’ve been guilty and abused. I spit the hangman in his face and hung him on his noose. Habitual threat, I got you in my claws. Gonna tan your hide, rip the flesh off your bones. Look me in the eye, and you’re gonna turn to stone.

I started this over the weekend and Greg came by Tuesday night armed with a bottle of Jack and a bag full of veggies and steak and we made some Epic Chili. My pornbread was the best it’s ever been. I used Cream style corn (thanks Ed K.) instead of milk. This time I increased it by 1/2 a cup. We used the spices that Too Dark Mark brought me last Nov from Austin.

Thanks to Too Dark Mark

Finally got my ol bass guitar fixed. As soon as thing get stable for me again I’m buying the black Ibanez electric acoustic at the pawn shop up the road and a nice lil amp.

Second cup of coffee on a frigid Thursday. Yes, I plan to bike a few miles again today despite the weather. I really want to see the parade Saturday but there are Thunderstorms in the forecast. I went last year and froze watching most of it from inside a restaurant eating Pho.

One thing I’m not missing for sure in MINISTRY in April. I’ve only missed them 2x in my professional career. The first I was too crippled and in too much pain to attend and passed on ALL ACCESS New Year’s Eve 2016. The second was in July of the same year and I took a last minute pass on VIP ALL ACCESS because I was head over heels. Not that she expected me to I just didn’t want our second weekend together to be one that took place at an event as it did the prior weekend. Dumb AZ move and my friends let me know they felt that way. I can’t’ say I really have any regrets as at the time I enjoyed it, so, be that as it is. At the time it felt right and at least I allowed myself to open up to feelings.  As I’ve noted I really like the sound, at least sonically the new offering and I’m hoping to hear some old faves on this tour. I’m taking Dale which is risky given his decade plus long rant of being Anti – Al and referring to him as “your buddy Al” in conversation. I’m sure the pix will be stellar and we’ll dine at the diner next door for sure.

I added two new channels to my Roku, I have Netflix again and CBS All Access to see the new Star Trek series I hear good things about.

Last night I watched “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction with David Letterman”. I watched the maiden episode w/ Barack Obama and it really let the viewer feel the big diffo between our current leaders’ personality and lack of charisma and that apart of Obama that sold the American public. I’ve always loved Letterman’s interviewing style. Next to the style of The Playboy Interview which we studied at Pitt Dave has been one of my influences of the genre. 

Dammit now I have the song “Christine” by L.A. Guns going through my head. Time to make the bed and get on with the day. 

Can’t ill July 13! I only wonder what will be showing.

Hopefully Avengers or something of the like

This just in

the re-opening of Carol’s Pub by Ed Warm of “Joe’s on Weed Street.”

My very favorite 4AM/5AM honky tonk and dive bar ever!

Carol’s was a time capsule, unaffected by the rise of craft beer, WiFi or flatscreen televisions. The bar served domestic bottled beers and whiskey shots while revelers crowded the dance floor after midnight to hear live country music until 5 a.m. on Sundays. Even in a blue state metropolis like Chicago, Carol’s allowed the staunchest country music skeptic a chance to dance to country covers like “Jolene” and “Ring of Fire.” The house band, Diamondback, developed such a following that they regularly performed before Bulls games in the United Center’s atrium. 

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