Dear Di­ary, I mean no dis­re­spect but you are more sub­lime than any Sa­cred Text. Some­times just a list of my events is holi­er than the Bill of Rights, and more in­tense”

German American Fest Sept 2014 w/ Bradford

This lady liked my hair so we took a picture

Christina at Hansa Clipper w/ her infant niece

This was adorable. I met this little girl and her mother on my way home. The little girl seemed sad so I gave her the frog I won throwing darts at balloons. She loved it and started kissing it. 

Here I am very early Monday after a very relaxing weekend spent mostly in solitude. The only music I played was that of Leonard Cohen. The Book of Longing has intoxicated me. I listened to 10 New Songs, Dear Heather, and Old Ideas. Watched a lot of Breaking Bad and only have 4 episodes to go. I got a lot done around the house which has been dustier this year than in the past 10 that I’ve now called this address home. This time of year marks several milestones in my life. 19 years ago September 1st I moved to Chicago. 12 years ago Sept 1st I began my career as a research associate. 10 years ago Aug 1 I moved to this address and 6 years ago tomorrow I began my career with the firm I now support. 


Festival season is over. Beach season is over and it’s time for new beginnings. An old friend complimented me on my home. Another told me I was the hardest working person he knew and another commented on how I’m the most responisble of all of his friends. (sad) All 3 of these people are fixtures of the national music scene. 


When I moved here in 1998 I was out one day putting up ads and handing out fliers and an artist I met who was staying here briefly from Paris commented, “There’s Alex, always working.” Yeah, that was me once up on a time back when I was buidling something. Now I just want to build a good life. Once I’m over this hurdle that has plagued me since March I’ll be on my way. 

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