I believe in something else now go bother someone else stick your fingers in your book take a better second look you crook


The last 2 nights I’ve been waking up at 3AM. Once again my mind won’t shut off and I’m wide awake so I’ve been showering at 4AM and watching The Americans from 430A-515AM and leave for work at the regualar time of 545AM. I’m exhausted by 3P but tonight after work I’ll get back to work on organizing for the book which I’m having a hard time coming up with a title for. I need to bounce some ideas off of Ashley after she takes a look at what I’ve compiled so far. 

Gearing up for a very busy March month. After this weekend, Bob from Boston is in town and we’re heading out to eat Tuesday night. Hot wings! Finally something better than this damned boring diet I’ve been on. 

My first visit back here in 3 yrs will be Friday night.

And my first bile ride of 2017 will be this weAkend.

I did schedule a deep cleaning maid service for a week from Saturdayand I am looking forward to a spotless haus again. I hired Maria back the maid I got through Greg Miner. It’s been too long and now that I feel the worst winter weather is behind us it’s as good as time as ever, especially with all of the dust I’ve created going thru countless boxes. March is going to kick off my busy stretch of months. 3 concerts with 2 of them including out of city overnight trips. 

Pre Order is in for delivery next Wednesday

Kelly who takes care of my hair sent me this last night. 

How about “Wine, Women & Song” the MK ULTRA story, (a savage journey through the sweaty underbelly of rock n roll’s subculture)?


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