He’s been with the world And I’m tired of the soup do jour He’s been with the world I want to end this prophylactic tour Afraid nobody around here Comprehends my potato Guess I’m just a spudboy Looking for that real tomato

It’s starting to look like I’m going to be seeing a LOT of concerts this summer. Garbage and Blondie the weekend after Chicago Open Air and they are both outdoors with the Rage and Rapture show coming to my fave outdoor venue Ravinia.


After work I started going through 22 years of boxes that have been home to the MK ULTRA Magazine archives and it’s almost like having another job. Lots of amazing things I forgot about long ago. Now I start the job of cataloging all of it. Its going to take weeks but the end result should be pretty fucking cool. What a trip.

Stopped at Michaels Art Supply Store for more materials for my  MK ULTRA project and then had my hair done at Milio’s. Thanks Kelly. Quick bite to eat at Tac Quick and back to work on this thing. 

Lunch / Dinner with Emily tomorrow at El Mariachi Tequila Bar and handing over my vest for her to patch up. I want this thing to make a statement and she’s the right person for the job. 

11PM show passes are done. WOW. Most autographs are cataloged and I started putting together the best pieces that represent the genesis on mk ultra. There’s so much more and then come the photographs which will take weeks. I have a dozen or so boxes and 4 trash bags on the back porch that are going into the trash tomorrow.
Most passes per band: Type O Negative, White Zombie, Danzig, Pigface, Ministry Motorhead, Ozzy and KISS. I still have to go through all of the garbage passes of which there are many as well.
I’m wishing I hadn’t sold some of those I had years ago on eBay when I was broke. 

 Doing an interview with Frank DiMino who was the singer for ANGEL on March 4 in St. Charles. Bob “Newbomb Turk” Hoeksema will be doing the photos. 

letter from Groovy Mann singer of Thrill Kill Kult from 93

Just found 1 crate and 2 heavy boxes full of signed posters and 8×10′s. This is gonna take forever.

Friday night went by so fast in the hours that I was organizing pieces for the book. I’m still blown away at some of the things I’m finding. Letters from bands to me way back when I was just a freelance writer, and many tokens of memorabilia. This is going to be the ultimate scrapbook for fans. I’m having fun working on it.

Saturday morning AI ran errands and cleaned up around the house before Emily arrived for an early dinner. We walked over to El Mariachi and were greeted by the very friendly general manager. We walked in and he looked at us and said, “we’re closed.” We all had a nice laugh. 

El Maricachi the home of over 150 tequilas and me being the tequila snob that I am asked Emily if she trusted me to order and she agreed. I asked for 2 premium margarita’s on the rocks with salt and 2 shots of Corzo Silver the finest I’ve ever had. Upon tasting both it was confirmed that I was an expert. Once again I was trusted to order and this time it was food. Hot Tequila Shrimp (Shrimp sauteed in our spicy tequila tabasco butter sauce) and Champinones al Tequila (Sauteed mushrooms with garlic, onion, lime, tequila and jalapeno peppers covered in melted cheese) and again I had scored a winner. 

We walked up to my place after and I showed her around my place and some of what I’ve been working on and then she pinned the patches on my leather vest that she’ll be transforming into a one of a kind MK ULTRA biker vest that I’ll debut at SEXCON which MK is also now an official sponsor of. She’s a fashion designer by trade so I know it’ll be spectacular. When she left I walked over to Tac Quick which was very busy and waited on Greg Duncan to arrive. It was also the owner/chefs birthday and he was all decked out and had a table of lovely ladies with him and be brought me over a plate of giant prawns. We hung out for about 2 hours and came home to watch the Hateful 8 till Greg passed out. I was feeling a bit buzzed and in good spirits so I went online and ordered one of teh girls an AC/DC Cubs T shirt. I’ll give it to her Friday night after my visit to the Zou B Art Center. 


In the morning we walked over to El Palmar for breakfast and finished the movie. When Greg left I hopped online and saw that my help in finding actress Zenova Braeden an apartment in Sedona was a success. I could not have done it without teh help of my friends at DSN Music and speaking of which I’m working on getting Matt Zane on the Mancow show. Seems I’m more active in the music biz than I’ve been in some years. 

Just found another box of signed 8×10′s and backstage passes I have to organize for the damned book.

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