All shook up and bent out of shape Wasn’t johnny b. goode but it sounded great That night – tell me that’s right From the cabaret to the highway of hell Had a monkey on his back it was easy to tell

Okay, when you’ve got a taste for halibut you don’t go fishing in a river. 

Friday after work I opted out of going to Tac Quick for happy hour and instead grabbed my duffel bag and went shopping. In 90 minutes I was home and my fridge was filling up. I felt good about my option and took in a movie and went to bed early as I had to get up and get laundry done before heading off to the parade. 

Lunch at Pho Loan and Avocado Bubble Tea

It’s been a coons age since I’ve had to juggle 5 projects at once at work and I must admit even though they seem to infiltrate my dreams as they often do I’m happiest with so much on my plate.

I’m almost done with the AC/DC book and was surprised at how close they were with Cheap Trick during the Bon Scott era.  ‘Love Comes a-Tumblin Down’ (1980) the riff-heavy rocker from the band’s 1980 album All Shook Up was written as a tribute to the late, great Bon Scott. Trick and AC/DC had become fast friends in the late-’70s, often crossing paths on the road. As we all know, Bon sadly passed away, and shortly thereafter, Rick penned this tribute to his friend. With lyrical references to Scott and AC/DC, not to mention some killer lead breaks, it’s a sincere tip of the hat to a great one gone too soon.

My plans for the weAkend were disastrous. Everyone cancelled on hitting the parade with me and I went solo. It was weak. Maybe a dozen or so dragons, a small band, drums and 2 floats. I sat inside at Pho Loan ate there and watched in from inside. It was damned cold. I hit up a couple stores for groceries and went home. I stocked up on a lot of vegetarian friendly food for Patricia’s pending visit. I’d learn early the next morning she’s be forced to cancel again. I had 2 more free days and didn’t do much but stay in and rest. So far only 2 weeks into the low carb diet plan I’ve dropped 10 or so lbs with zero exercise. Not bad. I can imagine once i get back on my biking routine. I’ve just been unhappy since i dropped so much weight after surgery that by the holidays I was bloated. All of those damned Asian noodles and tortillas did me no favors. I was ingesting an obscene amount of carbohydrates.

Its midweek and all I have on my plate next weekend is dinner with Emily. Other than that I’m laying low. March is gonna kick my ass as I already have 3 concerts lined up. Then like last year it shows no sign of slowing down. Time to enjoy my downtime while I can. 

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