Technology satellite, well What’s wrong today and why was Everyone so busy they’ve forgotten Why they’re playing that, he said What’s wrong today is what’s wrong with you You’re so solid, busy solid, that’s all you do

What a fucking day!

First order of business was that I ordered my Cheap Trick tickets for March 11. Phil is coming up from Indy and we’re staying at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Waukegan night of the show but only after Friday night in Chinatown even before we go back to Casa Diablo for the night. Also bought Patti a ticket to come visit in a week. It’s the least I could do after the wonder box of homemade cookies she sent to me. Also I confirmed VIP for SEXCON for Max and I after paying down some medical bills. 

After I did my chores and barely had time to sit down, Greg Duncan arrived at 1135 bottle of Jamo in hand. I had a quick drink with him and walked over to Tac Quick to meet Tom Coppola at 1PM for lunch which impressed him being that he’s a frequent visitor to Thailand. As we finished the chef-owner Itti Damprapa sat with us for a chat and then left by 230 to a snoozing Greg back at Casa Diablo. We had another drink and were off to Little Vietnam for shopping and a bite to eat. 

 I’m in love with this neighborhood and can’t wait till summer. 

The first stop was to order a new watchband for my favorite timepiece. I was amazed he had many right there on the premises. 

First impulsive purchase of 2017 from Little Vietnam. I went in to have my Kenneth Cole watchband replaced and walked out with a new ridiculously larger watch. 

Dong Ho Hien Dai / New World Watch 1038 W Argyle St. Chicago

I went into Viet Hoa across the street while Greg picked up a bottle of wine for dinner. I told him to meet me after. Being a former fisherman in Alaska he was especially amazed at all of the fresh fish. So many options. Then he taught me about these expensive pears. 

My first Olympic Giant Asian Pear, a species of pear native to China and Vietnam from Viet Hoa Plaza. Massive in size and juicy. 

From there we were seated at the most fancy restaurant in the neighborhood, Pho Viet 4941 N Broadway St, Chicago known for its modern interpretation of classic dishes. Which was my second visit. There are so many options of places to eat and I am amazed at how busy there all are. 

Then some shrooms from Tai Nam Food Market and ginger chews before hitting up Target for vitamins and Aldi for fresh fruit and vegetables. 

A drink back at Casa Diablo and then his sister Kelly picked him up  and I called it an early night. 

Sunday I was up, walked over to do laundry and had lunch at Bar on Buena, watched It Follows (it’s slow) and the hysterically vulgar Dirty Grandpa starring Robert DeNiro in a role unlike any other he’s ever played. I was in tears 5 minutes in. 

My first time making pan seared sautéed oyster mushrooms

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