The Curse Has Returned

As of 3PM this afternoon I will have been awake and unable to sleep even with medications for 36 hours. It hasn’t been this bad in years. I even have a Trazadone Rx for this damned condition. 

UPDATE: The restless sleepless stretch ended at around 11PM last night as I had gone a total of 44 hours with no sleep. (I think there was approx 20 min on Sunday morning between 9A-930A) I achieved 6 hours of sleep overnight which is good enough for now. When I woke just after 5AM this morning I felt a little bit better. 

What a sweet talkin’ honey with a little bit of money can turn your head around. Creatures from the sea with the look to me like she’d like to fool around. What a snappy little mammy gonna keep her pappy happy and accompany me to the ends of the earth, ah, yeah that’s what I said.

Gonna try this beach thing again today if Joe actually shows up. Woke up to a shitty morning and I hope to make up for it. Bad boy rock n rollers have feelings too. My eyes are still hurting. 

Waiting on Ashley and Paul’s pix from yesterday which was pretty great overall even though Joe was a no show. 

Insomnia is kicking my ass as I compose this confession at 247A. My mind as usual in a dozen places at one and I am anywhere but for peace. 

I spent the morning home alone stuck with my darkest thoughts in 2 years. The timing could not be worse. The day ended up going quite well considering and Joe got me so intoxicated while having so much fun with his family that I had to walk my bike home because I knew better than to even try to ride it. At the end of the day there was Valerie Amber Lamps Kenwell on the phone from Dallas TX who gave me so much love and comfort that it “almost” crushed the pains from earlier in the day. 

To quote my second fave poet and greatest inspiration James Douglas Morrison: “I see myself as an intelligent, sensitive human, with the soul of a clown which forces me to blow it at the most important moments.”


Ashley, Paul and Elotes


There is no one
Who can hurt me
Like myself
For I can take a simple statement
And twist it around in my mind
Till my body trembles with pain
And I wonder how anyone
Could be so cruel
To say such a thing

Yes, given enough time
My imagination
Can make the proverbial mountain
Out of a molehill


I am a collection of characteristics
Both physical and mental
That makes me completely unique
No one else anywhere
Is exactly like me
And I realize that not everyone
Who crosses my path
Will be interested
In what I have to offer

But my strength comes
From the belief
That Someone

Can and Will
Appreciate me
For “what” I am

Alejandro Diablo Dawgs ala Casa Diablo because Hot Dog Fest left me craving

Montrose Beachs Joe’s Full Blown Birthday Party

Joe’s Mom

Muslim Party

Chicago Fire

13-year-old girl pulled from Lake Michigan in critical condition

CHICAGO – A teenager is in critical condition after she was pulled from Lake Michigan on Tuesday.

The Chicago Fire Department said the 13-year-old was pulled from the water at Montrose Beach where other swimmers quickly tried to help her. She was unresponsive when she was pulled out of the water.

The rescue was caught on cellphone video. The girl was found face-down and she went unnoticed for a few minutes and then got CPR from fellow beach-goers, then oxygen from medics.

She was taken to Weiss Hospital in critical condition and was then take to Lurie Children’s Hospital. Her friends said her condition is improving.

The man who pulled her out of the lake also needed medical attention. He suffered an asthma attack during the rescue.

No further information was provided.

Green Monkey

Stone cold and all alone, and you’re wearin’ everything you own They bare your flesh and strip your soul, but underneath you’ve got a heart of gold

Its another hot and very humid day here in Chiraq. I’m really trying to get into the mindset to write. I was ready to go when I decided to bike up to Argyle and pick my my favorite Kenneth Cole watch at New World Watch where this is now the second time I’ve had to take it in. By the time I got back home everything I was wearing was soaked with sweat from the humidity. But there’s a lot on my mind and I am determined to sit down here in my home office and hammer out the rest of my Iowa trip and visit from my brother. Hot Dog Fest is Saturday and I luckily bought tickets in advance. $30 worth of dogs for $25 and it’s still $5 just to attend. But it’s one of my fave fests even though 2 out of the 3 times I’ve attended have been bittersweet. 

So if interested please stand by. 

BTW I got yet another 30 day ban from Facebook and and the pic was only up for 5 seconds no kidding. I’m right up there with my friends Larry (Born a Babe) Goone and Nick (The Looney Bin) Huffman. So I can’t even wish my friends Happy Birthday which really sucks. 

 I finally got the latest hit CD by GHOST titled “Prequelle” but haven’t played it in this version since the entire album was streaming on Youtube for free which I’m happy that Jill and Grace got to hear while they visited. Greg is supposed to visit tomorrow so more than likely then. Both my brother and buddy Dylan think they sound like a boy band. I could not disagree more. Just about an hour ago my ol friend Joe called and is visiting all day on Monday to pseudo celebrate his birthday with me. That was a very nice surprise. 


See me coming down the road. Standing by the end of the line. What you gonna do? Intuition can’t you see. Mistreator got the shake on me. Fire and water rollin’ dice.

Bought these first off the press LA GUNS panties for Sylvie B in North C. inda ended up as part of her bday gifts. She doesn’t even like the band but was pretty good at tolerating me playing them during her visit with me back in June. Sent her something else which arrived today but she’s with one of her daughters so I patiently await the images later. Also included was something from my friend Anny Donewald which will fit her pretty head much better than my huge melon. 

” And I beheld when he had opened the sixth seal, and, lo, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became as blood”.

Hot Dog Fest is in two weeks and it’ll be 2 yrs since you were taken away from our/my lives/life and lives of sooooo many others, the weekend after, on your birthday. I can still hear you man. I love you so much and life is a little more boring without you as part of it.

Summer 2010 With Bree A. Sutherland and Jeff Windisch. Jeff we lost in August 2016 and Bree the day after Christmas 2016. 

Bought this massive queen sized 22 inch thick air mattress for camping as well as my brother s comfort. I had to move so much out of this room and barely got the damned thing in the door. 

I got rid of the bed over the last winter. Tired of providing a crash pad for the unappreciative. It’s kinda depressing know that a few, very few of the good guests I’ve hosted in the past no longer have access to a room of their own. I still have the futon unless they want to bring a sleeping pad and use sleeping bags. The room has been used by rock stars, porn stars, flunkies, junkies and few good friends. 

Just had some good gook food at Viet Pho with my brother Blue. Here we are on my way to drop off my watch to have repaired only to find the place closed at 5P and it was 505P. Next door was Foremost Liquors and we decided to add some tequila to the bottle I bought for his arrival. 

Viet Pho and their papaya salad

Blues very first Bubble Tea. He had avocado and myself melon. 

Inside of Viet Hoa Plaza

Pictures of Viet Beauties

For some reason I’ve been missing this one issue of PLAYBOY and I have nearly every issue from around 1989-2000. My brother found out and he brought this Sheriyln Fenn issue of PLAYBOY as a gift. 

The first empty bottle of the weAkend and I enjoyed the issue outside as Blue was still asleep

We weren’t “supposed” to see the Blood Moon on Friday 7/27/18 in the USA the way the UK would but even though this isn’t a pic of the Blood Moon we saw from my back porch that night its damned close as there was a hint of white up around the bottom as pictured above. 

Blue in his DEVO boxer shorts

The Golden House Restaurant next to the Riv concert venue is used in seasons 5-8 of the hit Showtime series Shameless as Patsy’s Pies. His first visit there. I go a lot with Dale. We rode bikes and my brother was very hungover. Funny considering a month earlier Miss B and I drank as much or more than Blue and I did. 

Breakfast of Bruddas

Then Greg the Drunken Duncan arrived. First they’ve seen each other since 2005.

Off to the beach!

Below is the remnants of our short lived indulgence. We had less than 48 hrs together but it was much needed after 4 years 1 month. 

 I’ve named my new acoustic/electric bass Sylvie B and added a seXXXy addition to it. 

In the night I am real.The moon to the left is a part of my thoughts, and a part of me is me. In the night I am real. Forever is the wind. In the night I am real. You can say anything you want and you can do anything you want to do. If you have ghosts, you have everything

Tuesday 7/24/2018 I rode away from home at 530AM before the sun rose. I took this for that beautiful lil lady from North Carolina just before hitting North Ave Beach

Posted from work on social media late this afternoon:

I’m so fucking excited I want to do back flips all over the office right now!
Confirmed Site C for Cheese Days Festival weekend Sept 14-17 . Special thank to Heather Turner Chojnacki

I was worried as my reservation was made for Labor Day weekend since mid May. When I called the message on the camps voice mail said they were completely booked through Labor Day, so I contacted the manager Heather. Her reply was simply: “DONE.” I was amped. 

Largest site at the camp and the only one with NO neighbors. Amazing privacy, except for the fact that I’ve made a lot of friend there since 1999., I tend to get visitors. 

Wed 7/25/2018 around 540AM my first shot from the Diversey Harbor Bridge

The dreaded “S” turn I have to make to get to the office on my bike. Right in the thick of morning traffic. Nothing like evening rush hour. 

Came home, cleaned up, pumped full of adrenaline, so I sat outside, listened to GHOST, smoked cigars and BBQ’d some Alaskan Cod. Delicious. 

Full Moon Rising ala Cactus Diablo

7/26/2018 as of today I’ve only taken the CTA to work once since 6/26/2018

Here I am around 525A Waiting For The Sun

At first flash of Eden
We race down to the sea
Standing there on freedom’s shore

Waiting for the sun
Waiting for the sun
Waiting for the sun.
Waiting for the sun
Waiting,, waiting,, waiting,, waiting, waiting,, waiting,, waiting,, waiting

Waiting for you to come along
Waiting for you to hear my song
Waiting for you to come along
Waiting for you to tell me what went wrong

This is the strangest life I’ve ever known


I’m aching for you baby I can’t pretend I’m not. I need to see you naked. In your body and your thought. I’ve got you like a habit. And I’ll never get enough.

Arriving at the office at 630AM where I’ve been since mid March

These were between 603A and 605A this morning.

I walked into this empty church, I had no place else to go
When the sweetest voice I ever heard whispered to my soul
I don’t need to be forgiven for loving you so much
It’s written in the scriptures
It’s written there in blood
And I even heard the angels declare it from above

I’ve had Leonard Cohen songs in my head ever since I came home

Passing the John Hancock Tower on my bike going home from work

Got something coming to me in the mail from these guys

Just found this amazing picture of ANGEL

I love comedic actors but in general don’t enjoy stand up. Most of my favorite comedic actors do not entertain me when they do stand up. With that said I just watched the new Jim Jefferies who I really enjoy and laughed for an hour and ten minutes. My all time fave is Ron White and politically they’re at completely opposite sides of the system, spectrum or belief or whatever it is to you. But they are both fucking funny. And to me, that is the only thing that matters. I also still like Dice but not as much as these two.
I really really want to go on an all night drinking binge w/ Ron White and not get arrested doing so.
3 lbs of center cut salmon I had in the freezer. Greg the Gordon’s Fisherman tending to the grill after I prepped it. 
Typical Sunday afternoon BBQ and jam with Greg Duncan, Danny Lee Hill, Michael X. Christian and yours truly. Micheal’s girlfriend Jessica took the pix. 
I think this was around 2AM Monday 7/23/2018 full blown insomnia and wishing a certain lovely lil lady from NC was here because I slept so well w/ her. I need to book her flight for September.