Yeah, sugar sweet brainiac on your neck. Get in to tomorrow, man, I gotta reflect. A blue world, green girl up the street. Gotta wake her up ’cause I don’t want to dream. Blacken the sun. What have I done? I feel so bad, I feel so numb.

The living room has been updated and is a little more brighter than it used to be before the 12 yr old bleached out heavy curtains were replaced. I washed the old panels and am debating on putting them in the dining room/podcast studio.

Above is a frame from the music video Max Bravo and I were extras in for First Jason’s new single “Voorhees is the Name”

lyrics to the Revolting Cocks 2010 song “Dykes” which I played at the end of the latest podcast

My friends and I have a little secret I’ gonna share with you.
Free of charge.

If you’re thinkin about coming to Texas
You probably think you’re gonna see
yourself some rollin desert hills
cowboys, rodeos
We got that
But there’s somethin else we got
And here’s a little song about it

Box cut
Golden tooth
Box cut

Did you know at your Quinceanera
There’s nothing wrong with being a dyke
Who was the first one that you told?
There’s nothing wrong with being a dyke

Did you discover in college?
There’s nothing wrong with being a dyke
Is your box of toys your best friend?
There’s nothing wrong with being a dyke

Everybody loves a dyke

Box cut
Inked Arm
Box cut
Brown ring

 After 2 wks of having not left my block Saturday I ventured out to Lincoln Park to check my mail and got to Wal Mart Neighborhood Market. I swear I was in line longer than I was shopping because I didn’t want to use teh self service kiosks which also had long lines. The whole neighborhood retail businesses were desolate and store fronts that weren’t boarded up were empty to discourage looting. Nonetheless it was nice to go somewhere other than Walgreen’s and Alta Vista. When I got home I made lunch and a drink and flip flopped between new episodes of Ozark and my brothers suggestion HBO’s Boardwalk Empire which I really enjoy.

Sunday I had a noon podcast to prep for and then took a call in from Shushie Custer an old friend from 1989 and we reminisced about our days of working at a Lesbian Bar, Summit Station where I was a DJ and she bartender. It ended up being a huge hit w/ the old regulars who are scattered across the country and connected by social media. It was such a fun and simpler life back in those days.
I left after I uploaded the show to do  laundry. The laundromat was a bit more busy than I had hoped and I swear just like every time someone has to do their load right next to mine. This place must have 50 or so washers and maybe 75 dryers and even with the 6 ft social distance recommendation for the country there are people that just do not heed the warnings.
I called Cassie and we caught up and I updated her on the stresses and drama I’m currently enduring. I also commended her for being able to piece together the last show we did for YouTube which she wasn’t available to film but by luck the new video camera had arrived Brian Stoneman ran it with a single view. I sent the audio and video files along with pic and 3 music videos and even with her extremely slow internet service finally after 2 weeks the show was live on YouTube. The internet service at her families farm way out in the country is so weak that it took over 2 days just to download the video file. Her brother would use the local library internet for schoolwork but now even the libraries are shut down till further notice. 
On my way back from the library I walked to McDonald’s in Uptown at a corner I normally avoid. I saw a shooting there one morning around 10 AM some years back. I was craving the Daily Double sandwich which happens to be my fave and they only have it for a limited time occasionally. As I was riding the train home I got a message that ReGen Mag had posted a review of the show that Cassie had just put up. It was a killer review mostly about my new co host Yvette Lera. I got in the house ate a Daily Double with a glass of milk and shared the killer review. As I made a drink later to sit down and flip flop the same shows till bed time I saw the hits increasing of the Lesbo A Go Go MKULTRASOUND episode and enjoyed reading the girls commenting about it on Facebook. 

Lynn Miller ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Lynn Miller Omg…wow…Nancy Lee..Michael and Paula..Charlie Reed…Jean and Mo…Petie Brown…and omg….forgot about the bounced checks on the mirrors…thanks Karen Blazer for not putting mine up there!!!! 🤣🤣
Lynn Miller Shushie Custer….the Trolls….Dawn and Jackie!!
Lynn Miller Shushie Custer omg…those were the dayz!!!!
Shushie Custer Lynn Miller help me get this podcast to Laurel and Sherie!! Alex and I are going to do at least 2 more!! We have so much more to share!!
Lynn Miller Shushie Custer I will share it and tag Laurel Patrick…
Shushie Custer Lynn Miller Thanks honey!! 😘
Lynn Miller Forever a big part of my life as well Alex Zander!! ❤❤❤
Laurel Patrick Holy hell was it good to hear Alex and Shush’s voices. What a trip down memory lane! I blew the closet doors off the hinges in 89. I was 19. Born and raised in Jack’s! Some of the best friends I ever had ❤
Lynn Miller Laurel Patrick GOOD TIMES!!!
Laurel Patrick Oh my god! That’s awesome! Damn we had some fun!
Laurel Patrick The photos I have lolol!!
Lynn Miller Laurel Patrick Right???? The best days of my life!!!
Laurel Patrick Lynn Miller Absolutely!

 Today I’m back to work and hopefully tomorrow my Rx’s will be refilled and I can go back out of Lincoln Park again and at least get off this block again. Its starting to sound like we’re still on quarantine orders till May 1. I’m starving for some company. Of all the times to be single. 

Shriek the lips across a ragged tongue. Convulsing together sing violently. Move the jaw, cry aloud. Bound up the dead triumphantly.

Care package from Indiana of items sold out in my part of Chicago. Thanks to Dan and Miranda Wattles

March was set to be month all star industrial talent on the MKULTRASOUND PodCast. On Sunday the 15th we had Ania back on and the following week was to be her and other members of Joy Thieves on to talk about their awesome new video and single. The we were having 2 members of Lockjaw down from Milwaukee to close out the month and then April 6th I had an in person podcast scheduled with Lords of Acid another band that I have over 2 decades of history with. But shit hit the fan just 23 days before Ania was on. Mayor Lightfoot and Governor Flintstone held a Thursday afternoon press conference that put the fear into our states residents.

The next day we had a meeting at work and the plan was the following Mon-Thurs we’d be working from home. I had no idea how severely scared people were till I attempted t go to the store on my way home from work. That’s when I saw the terror first hand. Store shelves were cleaned out. Aldi looked like tornado had hit it. I left with only 6 items. I then went to Target and it wasn’t much better. I was in lines longer than I ever had in my life. Then it was off to Walgreen’s and Alta Vista where I was able to buy toilet paper. We’d manage as a people I thought. People are just overreacting. At dinner at El Palmar with Yvette Lera and Brian Stoneman after the podcast we got the word as we ate that the Governor ordered all bars and restaurants to shut down till further notice. Shit was getting real. By the time I woke up the next morning I wasn’t feeling so well. I thought it was just a sore throat that I normally get and my voice was down to a whisper. I asked to take the day off of work. As the day progressed I was feeling worse and worse by the hour.

It’s a particularly bad time for Yvette. So gung ho about moving back to Chicago and sitting in as my new co host her property hadn’t even arrived when the lock-down was ordered. Its sad to have had such a great show with her at my side to be sidelined and she can’t even look for work and nobody is interviewing.

Meanwhile I remained sick sweaty and was having hot and cold flashes and Wed morning the 18th the chair I had ordered fro Wayfair was dropped off on my front sidewalk. I rolled it into the lobby and the bottom fell out and out popped a very heavy close to 20 lb box I figured was fill of tools and parts to assemble the chair. I took the box apart and brought the chair up piece by piece. Then I realized the contents of the box wasn’t needed. I took a knife and cut it open without looking at the label. It was a box full of heavy ammunition like for a M-16. That’s when I noticed the box was addressed to someone in Iowa. I taped it back up, put a note on it and left it at the bottom of my stairs. I was heaving and out of breath from all of the trips up and down the stairs. I laid down for a few minutes and went back into my office and got back to work.

When I was able to work it was nice but I remained sick. The stores were all of out cold meds and EmerganC. I drank a bottle of Gatorade 3x a day.

I remained sick through the weekend and when I was able to watch TV I did. When I couldn’t focus due to anxiety I’d lay back down. By the beginning of the week I was feeling better and Dawn and Miranda Wattles sent me a box of cold medicine from Indiana. By Thursday I wa feeling 100%.

Meanwhile Cassie is staying with her parents way out in teh country and her internet service is so slow that she can’t upload the episode we filmed without her. Everything is a fucking mess. And people have proven what selfish self serving assholes they are.


Are you on a road to nowhere? Are you riding a train to Heaven or Hell? Are you in search of somewhere? Or something that rings true? Well it could be closer than you think, you think.

The set for the March 2020 MKULTRASOUND PodCast

So much going on and I’ll update after the next podcast or if I have time before. One thing I’m sure of is that I couldn’t be happier that EXXXOTICA got postponed till late July early August

Yvette Lera above who I got to see last Sunday for the first time in 13 yrs as she’s been living on the east coast will be sitting in as co host and we’ll see how well she fits in. I’m certain she’s the perfect sidekick as she always fires on all cylinders. Her and her friend Shawn came by and we sat outside and I cooked cheese burgers.

Ania Tarnowska aka I YA TOYAH is our guest of honor this week and we I have a few surprises up my sleeves for this episode.  

Zany antics of a beat generation in their wild search for kicks. Fighting, drinking, scorning convention, making wild love, making wild love. I saw the devil. The contrary man. I saw the devil down the long, long road. He said to me, boy, I want your soul.

Friday the 28th before I was to head to Carols to see Pete Berwick’s Johnny Cash tribute band FOLSOM I made a stop at a new eatery under the Wilson Red Line station which has only been open a week. Lucy’s Uptown 4570 N Broadway Ave known and loved for serving one of the best fried chicken sandwiches in the city. If there’s one good thing to come out of the Popeye’s mayhem of 2019, it’s that fried chicken sandwiches are back in the public eye and the subject of much passionate debate. Lucy’s serves theirs on a brioche bun with coleslaw, pickles, and a slice of American cheese, with the option to dial the heat up or down. For those with fried chicken fatigue, however, there are five burgers to choose from, including an Impossible Burger, as well as a barbecue pork sandwich. Fries come in three varieties: “golden” (lightly salted), doused in cheddar sauce, or “porky” (smoked pork shoulder, bacon, cotija, pickled jalapeños).

Some of the best hot sauce I’ve ever had at a restaurant outside of Heaven on 7.

I had the huge chicken sandwich and fried pickle spears. Its maybe the best chicken sandwich I’ve ever had with Popeye’s being a very close #2.

Carol’s Pub the legendary dive bar has been closed since 2016, and I was there the night in Sept of 2016 with my friends Victoria Rusalka Vladislav (Tori) and Jeff (Creepy) Brown with a lot of other people gathered outside that night to find it closed. But it’s doors are open once more — and its new owner has managed to keep most of its OG charm, minus a few inches of range hood grease. Carol’s Pub 4659 N. Clark St. is Chicago’s only true honky-tonk bar. The bar’s new owner is Ed Warm who also owns Joe’s on Weed Street, the multi-floor sports bar and country music venue in Lincoln Park.

I’d been eager to get back to my favorite Chicago watering hold but hadn’t really had a valid reason. I don’t really go out anymore and balancing the podcast at the morning of the weeks end successfully makes it almost impossible to go out late on a Saturday and as I learned from the weekend before is not really feasible. This was a Friday night and I’m usually beat from work but being that I hadn’t seen Pete or see him perform in 4 years gave me the reason I needed. From the moment I walked in and was greeted by the doorman who remembered me I was quickly reminded why I loved this place so much. The remodel was welcome and spacious. 300 paying customers were there to see a tribute act. Most of my readers and listeners know how I feel about the popular trend. Why do people flock to bars and nightclubs to see tribute bands perform while bands that write and perform their own original music often struggle to get a crowd? What is it about tribute bands that makes them so popular?. Why do so many promoters want to hire the best tribute bands for their live event? Sadly people are naturally drawn to music that they are familiar with. They already know the beat of each song that is played, making it easier to dance to. Should we be surprised, then, that groups of musicians who copy original bands are extremely popular. Bands that play original music, on the other hand, don’t have all of these advantages. People aren’t already familiar with their songs and, thus, don’t already have an emotional connection to them. Additionally, they don’t know the beat, so they are less likely to get up and hit the dance floor. As a result, bands that play original music often have a much harder time drawing a crowd. These facts I know from interviewing my friend Michael X Christian of the Marilyn Manson tribute act Misery Machine.

Pete and his band did what I would call a very well rehearsed Vegas Lounge act and you could see the dollar bills as the crowd bought it hook line and sinker. I saw a set and a half before leaving shortly after my friend Max Bravo who I met there went home. I was exhausted. At the same time found myself anxious to return again soon.

Saturday morning I woke early and went to do laundry. Between wash and dry I returned to Lucy’s to try out the Classic Burger. Double patty, American cheese, red onion, Dijonnaise and pickles on brioche. Made with fresh sirloin Angus steak served medium. I had them not add the Dijonnaise and I added hot sauce. Unlike the chicken there is nothing special about the burgers at $8.95 so I’ll opt out of it nest time and maybe give the BBQ pork a walk in the park.

Sunday morning I prepped for the podcast with Micheal Martin out of Detroit known best for his music as Acid Casualty. Angela Denk arrived at noon and Cassie about an hour later and the guest who got lost on another part of my street still made it earlier than our scheduled 2PM start time. 

ACID CASUALTY is a producer and multi instrumentalist who creates a new and original dark and terrifying sound through focus on Analog and hardware based recording gear , live performances , live instrumentation and samples of his own creation. Acid Casualty learned bass guitar and piano by ear as a child and has been making music ever since. As a teenager he started to pick up recording and production. Some of his early influences include Black Sabbath , NIN , Marilyn Manson , Lords of Acid, Tool, Puscifer, How To Destroy Angels and Pink Floyd. He Mixes a number of influences and sounds from a wide variety of musical genre’s to attain a nightmarish end product.

After the podcast I fired up the grill and made cheese burgers for my guests. It was the first lighting of the BBQ this year. 

All in all everything went very well and I had enjoyed another full weekend.

“I am Rumour. It is a blessed condition, believe me. To be whispered about in street corners. To live in other peoples dreams. But not to have to be. Do you understand?” -Deutsch Nepal: Gouge Free Market

Saturday February 22nd I made the trek out to the far south burbs to hang with one of the very best peeps I know Dave Ganz along with his daughter Ava and we’d later be joined by fellow Homer Glenn Hooligans  Bryant Bohne and Brian Czahor for an evening of chicken wings chips and alcohol at Dave’s spread out it Lockport. It was a day out of the city that I needed but I’d have to leave very early to get back home and prepare for the Sunday podcast, which turned out to be a huge fail. 

I got on the Metra and got a message early from Ty that she hurt herself and was not going to make the show to promote her own band. I was pissed and I should have cancelled it then and there. But I still made a failed attempt to do a show with 2/3rd’s of the band and it was a miserable hour complete with technical difficulties and not even Cassie attempt at an edit could save it. We ended up with about 22 minutes of material that made no sense. When everyone left the house I started carrying boxes out the back stairs 3 flights up and down to the trash dumpsters and threw my back out. Note a very smooth end to what should have been a very nice mellow weekend. 

To cap it off someone twisted my words of dismay that Ty was a no show and I’m going to have to do some damage control when the dust settles. Once again my failure to see that most people aren’t as dedicated to their craft as I am backfired. I just can’t seem to learn that I expect way too much from most of those who make up the human race. None of this is very well in a scene is made up of people that tend to hold grudges longer than anything I’ve seen in all my years of working in the entertainment world. This is a friendship worth a little extra effort on my part to salvage. 

After I transferred from the Metra to the Blue Line and then transferred to the Red Line to come home that Sunday morning in a rush to get home in time for the podcast the young black male sitting next to me on the train fell over and fell asleep on my lap. Welcome home Alex!

One of the new MKULTRASOUND PodCast signs created by StormSigns of Dyer Indiana.They offer a wide range of products, services & extensive graphic background, we can produce your signage needs that exceed expectations.

2/3rds of PINK STINK RAILS Danny and Mike

With Emily Sifrit and Fabian Arroyo on the MKULTRASOUND PodCast

Absolution and a frozen room are dreams of men below. I try to grab it but the touch is hot. The mirrors collapses, but the image can not. I’m scared of darkness in a light. I scare myself cause I know I’m right. I see the evil in you’re savage eye as it cuts right through the sky.

It’s been a running inside joke within the MK ULTRA family that your fearless leader really doesn’t go “out” much anymore. I cherish sleep and work and I’ve been sleeping great overall mostly for 2020. The last time I really went “out” was back in mid December when I met up with friends to go to Bradley and hang out at the hotel and the Looney Bin and also Buffalo Wild Wings. I stayed in New Years Eve and I don’t consider working the MORTIIS show was going “out” especially since it was work and I wasn’t drinking. Feb 1st I went to the Lunar New Year parade and an early dinner with Stacy Washack but as far as extracurricular activities outside of my office gig and MK ULTRA work my social life has been non existent.

That all changed when I went out around 9PM last Saturday night to attend two events. First up was PINK STINK RAILS at the LIVE WIRE LOUNGE where I haven’t been since 2016 and where I used to host a good bit of live shows. I met up with Angela Denk who was instructed to take a picture to prove that I was actually there at the request of our Exec Producer Too Dark Mark Williams. I hung out with Ty, Danny and Mike who make up the band and got to meet a loyal listener of the podcast Chris Noor. I had a very brief moment with the owner Dave Hornyak a good friend who goes back to the late 90’s as he had a Machine Head after show party to perform at and I enjoyed a refreshingly tight and very good set from my friends in PST. I had 2 double Jamo shots on the rocks at only $12 each. I was stunned because I have been out in the burbs at shows or maybe having a drink on Chicago’s more expensive north side for so long that I’m used to paying almost 2x that. My last double of the more affordable Jim Beam at the Arcada Theater for LA GUNS last November was $18.

Angela Denk ad Ty Coon at Live Wire Lounge

Angela Denk at Live Wire Lounge

PINK STINK RAILS featuring Danny Lee Hill, Ty Coon and Michael Szymanski

Phyllis’ Musical Inn – 1800 W Division St, Chicago

Lisa Lightning and Rich Xperience

As soon as the set ended Angela and I walked outside and I ordered an Uber to take me to Wicker Park to attend another show at Phyllis’ Musical Inn where I haven’t been since seeing Pete Berwick play there when I was still on a cane also in 2016. It was for my good friend also from the late 90’s Rich Experience’s 50th B-Day Bash pt2! to commemorate his 51st birthday. The atmosphere was festive from the minute I walked in and it didn’t take too long for me to accept the fact that I wasn’t heading home at midnight. The doubles were $9 and I started running into familiar faces the likes of Willie Zesto and the owner Clem Jaskot and made new friends with a couple of ladies who were enjoying the performances by my friends. There were girls running around in masks, a trampoline which was part of the show but the attendees had fun jumping on. Lisa Lightning and Rich Xeprience played an eclectic set of experimental music and Rich did his solo thing and then the infamous Pommel Horse demonstration. There were laser lights and all kinds of colors in the air, it was just what I needed. The grand finale was when the Tamale Guy arrived and a lady was kind enough to flag him down and I bought $24 worth of Tamales which I a still eating almost a week later. I took a taxi home and crashed around 230AM. The alarm was already set and my coffee pot was ready for me to wake up and get ready for another podcast.

The Tamale Man Arrived

The first to arrive was Ashley who is also friends with one of the weeks guest Fabian Arroyo and I realized quickly that it wasn’t going to be a typical podcast atmosphere. There’s always a different energy when Ashley is around and the last time she was here it was the day Arie Lehman the “First Jason” did the show. Emily arrived freshly returned from her stint at New York Fashion Week and Fabian showed up and finally Cassie. When we wrapped the show everyone but Cassie hung out for a bit before the 4 of us went to dinner at El Palmar.

The only downside to the weekend was the fact that the cold air and my lack of layers opened me up for a bad cough and loss of my voice on Monday. I had a really rough sore throat. But other than that I could not have picked a better night to go “out” on the town.

Saturday morning I’m on a train headed out to meet some of my metal friends, all married with children for a little get together at Dave Ganz home in Lockport and then I’m back on a train to the city on Sunday to get to work on another podcast.

Feb 28th its Pete Berwicks Johnny Cash tribute band at Carols and a vist from Acid Casualty’s Michael Martin.

After the podcast at El Palmar with Ashley, Emily and Fabian

It’s not set in stone, but we’re hearing that Thursday is the planned soft opening for Lucy’s Uptown at Wilson and Broadway.

You can see its namesake on a new sign on the Wilson side of the McJunkin Building, which was installed on Friday.

On its Instagram page, Lucy’s says, “Signs coming up, interior 99% completed, hiring is in progress. Lucy’s will open next week so long as everything goes mostly to plan! 💕 We can’t wait to serve Uptown the most amazing vibes and fried chicken sammies.”

As I work from home today the background music is one of my favorite compilation CD’s from Cold Meat Industry “…And Even Wolves Hid Their Teeth and Tongue Wherever Shelter Was Given”.

Apologizing: Doesn’t always mean you are wrong and the other person is right. It just means you value your friendship more than your ego. (thanks to Fabian for the quote)

But I’m so happy with my feet on the ground. So happy my head spins around. Quite content to sit on this fence. Quite content now a little bit older. Because I could be nothing at all.

Bird of Prey was the most fun I’ve had at a movie since Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. I’m sure some PC critics are slamming it for foul and vulgar language. It was awesome! Harley inhaled a bunch of cocaine during a big fight scene in a police evidence room and it made her faster and fight better.

Chaotic, yet it’s a richly hued, madly inventive, gleefully violent and happily slapdash contraption with a formidable female at its center. – Joe Morgenstern Wall Street Journal

First off, as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, this movie did not need to be R-rated. Most of the R-rated stuff is completely unnecessary. Harley Quinn doesn’t need to be as drug-addled as she is; she doesn’t need to curse so much more than she did in Suicide Squad (which is an odd tonal shift to say the least). There doesn’t need to be the sexual assault stuff which is basically the line I draw for showing this one to my kids.

Birds of Prey should have been PG-13. It would have been a better movie with a less edgy tone and it would perform better at the box office if families could go see it. I also like how it really emphasizes tough female characters and think it’s sort of a shame that it isn’t more appropriate for younger girls….. – Erik Kain Forbes Magazine


It got to – 1 degree by my Friday morning commute. All in all a great work week.

Tuesday night I had the craving and caved in and after work ordered the Byron’s Dogzilla is a pound of hot dog served in a hot dog bun with all the trimmings. It’s a behemoth of meat, with mustard, relish, onions, tomato slices, a pickle spear, celery salt, and hot peppers.

Thursday night I needed some laughs and found a great source for that craving and ordered Jay & Silent Bob Reboot. Its the story of Jay and Silent Bob must journey to Hollywood to stop a reboot of “Bluntman and Chronic.” They’re joined by Jay’s daughter, Milly, and her friends who add “youth and diversity” to the film, which is something every reboot needs, according to another character. Ultimately, the cast is strong, and the abundance of celebrity cameos actually make the movie feel like it’s always doing something to keep the jokes fresh. 

“The Guns Story”: March 10, 2020 Three years in the life of iconic rock guitarist Tracii Guns (founder of L.A. Guns & Guns N’ Roses). With : Tracii Guns, Phil Lewis (L.A. Guns), Iggy Pop, Lemmy Kilmister, Paul Black, Michael J. Jagosz,Rob Gardner (L.A. Guns, GNR), Rudy Sarzo (Quiet Riot, Osbourne), Rikki Rockett (Poison), Eric Brittingham (Cinderella), Brandon Gibbs (Chip Thrill), Phil Soussan (Osbourne), Ted Andreadis (GNR), Adam Hamilton (L.A. Guns), Scott Foster Harris (LOG), Doni Gray (LOG), Craig McCloskey (LOG), Marc Canter, Dani Tull, Steve Darrow (Hollywood Rose), Mitch Davis, Deborah D. Hyatt, Kristen Heimo, Paula Williams, Brian Perera (Cleopatra Records), Greg Wurth, Jason Rothberg, Jason Kramer, Ricky Mahler

Friday 2/14/2020

The long-running bar of the neighborhood, Wrigleyville North, has closed its doors. We wish them a fond farewell. Thanks for the memories! The owner Jesse passed away. Good guy and I’ll miss a lot of things about this place but not the bitch bartender who let my good cowboy hat get stolen while I was in themen’s room. 

Nine million rainy days have swept across my eyes thinking of you. And this room becomes a shrine thinking of you. And the way you are sends the shivers to my head. You’re gonna fall, you’re gonna fall down dead. As far as I can tell I’m being dragged from here to hell. All my time in hell is spent with you.

While having lunch with Stacy Saturday at Viet Pho after the parade she told me all about the Polar Pop Girls in Kankakee Girls. Nick Huffman fully explained what the PPG are the next day on the MKULTRASOUND PodCast. You can hear about it at the link below.

While there is no extensive study of prostitution in the Kankakee area, the Chicago Alliance Against Sexual Exploitation has published a number of studies about women and men in the sex trade — the prostitutes, the pimps who profit and the johns who purchase sex. 

In reports, the group notes that the majority of the law enforcement and the media focus on the supply side of prostitution, rather than the demand. It concludes: “The equation is simple: If we want to eliminate supply, we must first eliminate demand.”

The annual Argyle Lunar New Year Parade is a decades-old Uptown tradition celebrating the start of the new Lunar Year.  Join them as they kick off the YEAR OF THE RAT with music, colorful lion dances, live entertainment, and our community parade which kicked off at Argyle & Winthrop

Stacy arrived at Casa Diablo at 11 AM the morning of the parade and we stopped into Tac Quick for a cocktail before getting on the train. I ordered a Dirty Martini and she a Bacardi and Coke. Both drinks we prepared very strong and I assume that was because of me. It was the first drink I’d had since Sunday Jan 5 which was the very end of the holiday which is usually not the easiest time of year for me to get through. Stacy isn’t a drinker and she said her one drink was the equivalent of four for her. 

It was sunny and not too cold out when we arrived but the clouds rolled in right around 1PM and the temp dropped about 10 degrees. It was the first sunny day in 2 weeks for Chicago. A big deal here and made all the news. A lot of people took our pictures and she dwarfed the Asian’s in attendance since she stands at 6 ft.We had a fun time and then went to Viet Pho for a really nice lunch. 

Tuesday night after work my co workers all got together for dinner at Shallots in Skokie which was chosen by the firms owners since they are Jewish. It was extremely delicious and all of us went home stuffed. They also had some of the best sushi I’ve ever tasted.

Located in Village Crossing 7016 Carpenter Rd, Skokie, IL

Shallots Bistro is a full service restaurant featuring elaborate lunch, dinner, and drink menus. Ranging from sushi and sandwiches to gourmet steaks, Shallots takes pride in being 100% Kosher and under the supervision of the Chicago Rabbinical Council (cRc).

Shallots Bistro’s succulent steaks are a prime example of timeless Bistro fare. Ranging from the classical, served with pommes frites and a red wine reduction, to the modern blackened and Patron marinated. Our lunch and bar menu features more traditional American fare, such as various burgers, wings, tenders, and wraps, while all soups and salads are house made. Making sure every dining experience ends on a warm note, we bake our signature ‘Black Hat’ molten chocolate cake just for you.

With an expansive dining room, amply-sized bar, and private dining areas, Shallots Bistro can accommodate nearly any size party. For the ultimate in-house dining experience, ask about our private Chef’s Table, an intimate experience featuring cuisine that is up to you entirely. Additionally, we offer off-site catering options that can be customized to your exact needs, whenever and wherever you’d like. The restaurant is yours to explore and indulge in, the chefs are there to quench your personalized cravings, and the staff is there to make your meal an experience to remember.

Shallots Bistro is not just Chicagoland’s premier Kosher restaurant, but rather, it’s a great restaurant that just so happens to be Kosher.

Friday night I’ll be seeing Birds of Prey with Max Bravo after work. My first blockbuster of teh year. I’m also looking forward to the James Bond and Black Widow opening this year. I kinda lucked out working so close to such a nice and new theater. 

I’ve been looking for an excuse to get back to my favorite honky tonk and a favorite hangout Carols which reopened under new management last year. Pete Berwick’s new Johnny Cash tribute is performing so we will be there for certain. I haven’t seen him since 2016.

The sale of pills is at an all time high, young folks walkin’ ’round with their heads in the sky. Cities aflame in the summer time, and oh the beat goes on. Eve of destruction, tax deduction, city inspectors, bill collectors, evolution, revolution, gun control, the sound of soul, shootin’ rockets to the moon, kids growin’ up too soon. And the beat goes on.

Filth Pig, MINISTRY’s sixth and my favorite studio album was released on January 30, 1996. It peaked at number 19 on the Billboard 200 chart. Thus began a long history in MK ULTRA history.

Funny story, I have a home health nurse coming to change the bandages on my ankle. She is about to turn 40 and is from over near Muncie. She noticed some of the stuff on my walls  and she’s into Ministry, Skinny Puppy, Thrill Kill Kult, etc. I told her about all the people I’ve met and she asked how. I said just hanging out after shows and I used to write for a magazine called MK Ultra. She was like “no way I used to read that when I was a teenager!” Haha!

– Jason Harmon Anderson IN

Things are heating up but I will actually enjoy a couple says of me time before Sunday’s show with Nick Huffman here at the haus. Tomorrow I’m leaving the house early and have some important errands that include the payment and order of the MKULTRASOUND PodCast signs and banner from Storm Signs in Dyer IN. Afterwards I’m going to try Lollipop Chicken Wings which I only just learned about yesterday morning thanks to Adam Becvare. Chicken lollipop is an hors d’oeuvre popular in Indian Chinese cuisine. Chicken lollipop is, essentially a frenched chicken winglet, wherein the meat is cut loose from the bone end and pushed down creating a lollipop appearance. It is usually served hot with Szechuan sauce. He suggested I try Great Seas out in Albany Park which is a few miles west of here.

April 9th – 11th is CHICANNAFEST and Larry has set us up with a booth to do the podcast from all 3 days. The team will be myself, Cassie, Dale and Amanda and we’re setting up a lil Lizard Lounge. I’m hoping Larry books both Mystery Actions and Electric Revolution. He’s already booked Heather Wagner who we had on the show last month.

April 9-11, 2020. Galleria Marchetti, Chicago [Ages 21+]

Press registration opened today for the 10 Year Anniversary of EXXXOTICA in Chicago and I wasted no time in putting in for credentials. I also booked my room and we’ll be doing the PodCast from there as well which is only one week from CHICANNAFEST. I’m sure to be wiped out but need to be ready for Dawn and Miranda’s visit the weekend after that. So year things are really heating up here .

3253 W Lawrence Ave, Chicago (Albany Park)

Sweet N’ Spicy Lollipop Wings

1998 Indianapolis just before moving to Chicago

She rides, let loose upon the world. She is the night and my loneliness in bondage. She’s black and sin runs down her back. She rides from the daylight in chains. She rides the night.

She slides down inside your skin. In time she will make you scream. She’s death in a cool black dress. She rides in the night of your mind. She rides the night.

My rock n roll sister from New Hampshire has SHE RIDES tattooed on the backs of her thighs.

I listen to your show. Your friend had a lot of insight one thing I will say is that the only reason there is so much division is only because the left wing media is causing it. Once they get even a moderate demo that walks in step with the dnc . The media will go back to more calming levels. The country is doing great right now but somehow the media spins a chaotic narrative, to demonize the current affairs of today. Even though it couldn’t be better. I agree with your friend I will always vote with my wallet also. And 2024 watch out for the beautiful black right winger Candace Owens, to hit the country like a bomb and get elected!

– Chris Noor

Tomorrow Cassie and I are doing the MKULTRASOUND PodCast on location at Reggies with MORTIIS. I’m going to do my best to get it uploaded immediately afterwards before the show. The last I saw him in person was when he played with DANZIG during the Blackest of the Black Tour. I hosted an after show party with the band that night at NEO. I had done a few record release parties for his projects before that and MK ULTRA ran a few interviews with him going back to 1995.

My first interview with MORTIIS was in late 1995 when we ran operations out of Indianapolis. He called from his home at the time in Sweden and as we were talking I thought I heard KISS playing in the background. I was correct and he told me he was watching KISS Meets The Phantom and confessed he was a HUGE KISS fan. A couple of years later in Chicago Bob Hoeksema had made me 2 copies of the Houston 1977 KISS concert considered one of the best live visual recordings of the early years. I was able to give MORTIIS a copy and it was appreciated.

Needless to say I’ve enjoyed each “era” or MORTIIS and am looking forward to sharing MK’s new era via podcast with him and you the loyal followers.

Here’s an old pic of me and Mortiis Oct 2017 at the Expo of the Extreme his very first ever US concert performance. 


more live photos from Cassie coming later with additional details

Poster from the after show event that I hosted for the band and fans Oct 2005

My MORTIIS CD collection that goes all the way back to his earliest works


MORTIIS at Reggies Rock Club Chicago 1/25/2020 photos by Cassie Balazic for MK ULTRA MAGAZINE