The days are bright and filled with pain. Enclose me in your gentle rain. The time you ran was too insane. We’ll meet again, we’ll meet again

One Thing Leads to Another

I was physically and mentally drained when I returned home Sunday with more luggage than I’ever taken anywhere. To top it off anxiety set in and no matter how much Trazadone, my OTC and Melatonin I took I could not sleep. Typical Sunday night before my work week, but it was a very untypical extended weekend.

According to a survey by online panel provider Toluna Omnibus, one in four people have trouble falling asleep on Sunday nights. A separate study by found that 75 percent of workers experience some version of the Sunday night blues. Plus, on average, most people manage to get six and a half hours of sleep on Sundays—well below the recommended eight hours. What gives?

Welcome to Sunday night insomnia, or as sleep specialist Michael J. Breus, PhD, refers to it: social jet lag. And according to experts, you can mostly blame it on your weekend schedule, which is usually quite different from your usual Monday through Friday routine.

“I think a lot of people don’t realize how shocking our [weekend] habits are to the body,” says Wesley Delbridge, RD, spokesperson for the Academy for Nutrition and Dietetics. For one, “there’s not a lot of physical or mental activity that happens on Sunday,” says Delbridge. “Because you’re not tired from work or moving around, when it comes time to fall asleep, your body stays awake.”

Plus, sleeping in during the weekends throws your entire biological clock (or circadian rhythm) out of whack, just like the “jet lag” you experience when traveling across time zones. Alcohol and caffeine might be culprits, too; that 2 p.m. mug of coffee you chug to recover from a boozy Saturday evening will be in your system for hours afterward, leaving you tossing and turning late into the night.

Needless to say I opted to work from home which was best for everyone. Had I not already had the firm tablet with me it would have been an unpaid day off. 

It was a struggle to post the pix that Max took and Joe Jung sent to me, my new friend from Naperville. I have stories to share but good gawd I think the pix alone tell the untold tale.

TBC – az

Yesterday 4/9/2019 my lunch break in Evanston. Today 36 degrees, a temp drop of 30 degrees and we’re hit with windchill rain and chance of snow. 


Sign, sign, everywhere a sign
Blockin’ out the scenery, breakin’ my mind
Do this, don’t do that, can’t you read the sign?

Half A World Away

Hello again, do you remember me
Am I just a dream or still a memory?
Its been so long now so much time has passed
You’re half a world away and still my love lasts

When I close my eyes I can see your face
And then I look around to all this empty space
I only wonder if you feel the same
Am I still real to you or am I just a name

When you dream am I ever there
To kiss your face and brush your long white hair?
When you close your eyes do you feel my touch?
Are you in my arms again, do I mean this much?

I hate to bring up these things I’m thinking of
Because when I remember us all I feel is love
You’re so far away and were so far apart
Still you’re ever closer in by breaking heart

Will we meet again and then say hello
And how long would that last I guess well never know
My arms reach to you, hold onto my hand
Half a world away am I still your man?

So close your eyes and fall asleep
Maybe in your dream is where you will keep
Memories of days long passed
Of a lover whose love shall forever last

and just like that she Skype called me and we talked till we both fell asleep looking into each others eyes.

and then I woke up to this

It’s so easy to blow up your problems It’s so easy to play up your breakdown It’s so easy to fly through the window It’s so easy to fool with the sound


We had the most kick ass waitress at Bar Louie here at the Holiday Inn O’Hare. (Same hotel where OJ Simpson went after he brutally murdered those people) Her name is Rachel and right out of the gate she asked the perfect question, “Would you like anything to drink other than water?” she then told us about the martini specials so, there Todd and I were. I had amazing fish and chips. Really really good cod. More restaurants should have waitresses like Rachel. 

LA GUNS Setlist last night

No Mercy


Sex Action

Over the Edge

Electric Gypsy

The Devil You Know

Kiss My Love Goodbye

The Flood’s the Fault of the Rain

I Wanna Be Your Man

Never Enough



Crystal Eyes

The Ballad of Jayne

Rip and Tear

Image may contain: 1 person, on stage, dancing, playing a musical instrument and night

Sitting here on the edge on my head
Whiskey sweating in my hand
See the tire stains on my finger
As I take another drag
And I wonder where you are tonight

The Sun’s coming up and I’m still drinking
And no one left to pay my tab
And I know I’m good for one thing
Even though you said I’m good for none
You remember how we felt tonight
And I know that we will be alright

I love 2019

With Catherine and Mashawn Rigmaiden from XXXChurch (Jesus Loves Porn Stars)

Pull up the curtain. Now I can see. The wrong book with the right kind of cover. That I don’t want to read. Take your promises that you fake. That’s the last mistake that I’ll make. Yeah, just one more season in Hell. It’s more of the same. My pain. It burns in the first degree. But no worse than you did to me…..Just one more season here.

4/2/2019 – I finally had time to finish the story about the trip to the Looney Bin to see Electric Revolution with Cassie back on 3/15. Now let the insanity begin. 

 I was talking online to the guys in Electric Rev and asked what the hell was the make of that ugly ass bass Gene Simmons played in the earliest days of KISS. It was the Gibson Grabber and I recall seeing one at Guitar Center around 1999 but at the time knew better than to even look at the price tag. Now I dream and the custom job above is what those dreams are made of. 

 Like it? 

Just got though the first listen. I’m floored. I haven’t heard a hard rock record this tight and well played in YEARS. There’s not one kiss my ass bitch you fucked me over song on this one. They are deep. I still don’t know how they had time to write and record this one. They must truly be Hollywood Vampires and Tracii has truly outdone himself on this one.

My faves in this order:

1) Gone Honey
2) Another Season in Hell
3) The Devil You Know

I love the opening to “Loaded Bomb”.

Someone must know someone who battled H becasue “Needle to the Bone” hits close to home. Again. 

“Boom” I can see being a show closer. Some demons were exorcised creating this offering.

Lessons going into this weAkend so it’s not to be a wreCKend.

1) Ambien, alcohol and the internet are a very bad combo. In fact Ambien and Alcohol is a bad idea. 

2) Hydroxycut make it impossible for me to focus on TV or a book. Music is another story. Also Hydroxycut after 12 noon is a really bad idea. 

Kinda like a nurse who might give me Xanax and 800 mg tabs of Motrin on top of Irish whiskey. What would you expect other than the zombie I’d become? All bad ideas. 

Well I thought I was finally after all of these years going to get to see Rick Springfield live as he just announced a show at Ravinia for July 15 and then Dale called. Cheap Trick is in Iowa the same day so I booked my annual bus trip for under 420 round trip and we’re in the second row. It’s a summer tradition. 

I know I’ve dreamed you a sin and a lie. I have my freedom but I don’t have much time. Faith has been broken tears must be cried. Let’s do some living after we die.

Hate the band. Loved the book more than any other book ever done of the music industry. Right now I’m watching the movie. A review tomorrow on the front page and my take this weekend when I update this Diary about last weekend. 

Even by the time I woke up my friends on the east and west coast posted that it was awful. Scoot Fayner who now lives in Boston wrote to me that when he lived in LA and wrote for HUSTLER he got to read an unedited version of the book. NOW THAT I’D LOVE TO SEE. More than tequila and whiskey.

So, this is what helped kick off an excellent weekend flying solo. I stopped at target in Evanston and picked up a bottle of Irish Whiskey, the one above as it was on sale. I had some expenses so I was being a little frugal. I had planned to do laundry but figured I’d put it off till my days off. My big suitcase as packed full of washables and the scent booster and detergent packed inside. So I .got home and poured a glass and watched the Dirt movie. I couldn’t help it but there were parts that made me laugh, and that was up till the car accident that killed Hanoi Rocks drummer Razzle. I’ll never forget that day in December 1984 when my in my apartment in Wheeling I got an overseas call from Minna Poyhonnen in Finland, who I was still not quite over, and she told me that the singer for the band Motely Crue, the band who I had been mailing her postcards of for almost a year had killed the drummer of Hanoi Rocks the only rock band famous from Finland at the time who she turned me onto before anyone here in the states had heard of them. It began my distaste for the band up till present day. 

When it was over I was feeling boozy, took some sleeping pills and fell asleep for a little but and woke up and emailed and then talked to Deanne Fellows about the movie and some and some catching up. 

This was something I’ve been doing and need to stop doing, Drinking and then taking Ambien. It’s landed me at Tac Quick two weekends in a row and they all know how to make my drink at this point. I’ve also been ordering take out from there and I might not do that otherwise. The combo has proven to be regrettable. But regrettable was me thinking I could go into Jungle Jewel to buy some wings the day before. 

Ironically I was searching for a maid to do some deep cleaning. As I left Jungle Jewel this image of Asa Akira appeared in my feed. OMMFG!

I worked from home and took some time to hunt for a maid service to clean my home, well mostly the disaster of a kitchen, It is truly disgusting anymore and not how I’m used to living. The oven is nasty and the stove top just a mess from daily use and not cleaning after. I got in touch with maria the last lady I hired back in 2017 but she could only come the next day or weekdays and if I could only find an Asian maid I did find a Thai maid service but after her reply suspect it was more than a Thai Maid Service. Her name is Thuntharee Phunthapitirat.

I had been to Ross to purchase some pillows, new silverware since the person that rents the spare room during the week had been taking mine to work and losing it and I had no more matching silverware. He attempted to replace 4 forks and 4 knives but that’s far from a complete set. The set I found were beautiful, all back and titanium. Some people just don’t get it. How can I serve guest with flatware that looks like they came out of a frat house. I also had to buy a new bathroom rug since Anny the Water cat was mad at me for being away the weekend before and she shit on mine. Had I not closed my bedroom door it would have been my bed. Again. 

Satisfied with my purchase I then walked into Jungle Jewel since I was craving hot wings. Huge fucking mistake. I bought a bucket which weighs 2.5 lbs for $9.99 and they were terrible, all dried out from sitting under the heat lamp all day and I ended up tossing 1/2 of the, I HATE THIS STORE!

As I walked to across the lot to the bus stop I checked my Instagram feed and there was the above shot of Asa Akira with her baby between her boobs and under her top hold a vacuum. The caption reads: 

Holding my favorite thing in the world. And a baby. Multitasking selfie.

After I went to Ace Hardware for some heavy duty de-greaser, steel wool and heavy duty oven cleaner.  Then I went home soaked and scrubbed the drip pans on the stove top and cleaned them the best I could as well as all of the crud which the drop pans were supposed to catch on the stove top. That’s just how fucking gross it is. 

Exhausted I watched TV went to sleep and then to work and well as you know came home and watched the Motley movie that is so full of holes they should have called it Swiss Sleeze. 

It was rainy as I was told it would be so I took my time getting out of bed and waked to El Palmar for breakfast at 11A. Since eggs are pretty much no longer part of my diet I figure once a week may not hurt so I ordered a 4 egg Huevos en salsa verde o de arbol. And a margarita. I didn’t want to spoil my appetite since I knew I’d be going to Hansa Clipper before the movie and I wanted to eat whatever Christine’s mother Kiki made that day for the regulars. I hadn’t been here in MONTHS on a Saturday and missed them very much. I had time to kill at home since I bought my ticket  online the day before. this way despite the elements I would still go. I wasn’t about to miss what was to set up the Avengers Endgame movie. 

On my way I stopped at the post office on Irving Park to ship my brothers birthday box, and it’s usually a fucking nightmare and rated the worst in the US. No kidding. The Postmaster General actually investigated it a few years ago and they have been nothing short of hell getting my mail to me if I even get it. But there was something magical going on this weekend for sure. Of course there was a line but then they opened a second window and then a third, something I have NEVER seen. I was in and out in 5 minutes. It took me longer to catch a taxi to Lincoln Square. 

If the heavy weekend traffic of thirtysomethings at Huettenbar ain’t your thing, check out this less refined German spot just down the block. The bare-bones setting makes for a laid-back, chatty evening. True, the decorative Christmas lights and homemade jäger bombs $6 sign scream tackiness, but there’s something refreshing about a place that looks as if it hasn’t changed since 1975. – Time Out Magazine

I walked into Hansa Clipper and everyone was happy to see me. Kiki and harry the former owner of the world famous Chicago Brauhaus were sitting at the bar and as she is every Saturday Christine, my favorite bartender in Chicago was pouring drinks. I was just as happy to see them as I was afraid they had got their real estate license and moved to Florida, which I would make me sad. Country music was playing from the jukebox and the bar was full of old regulars chatting it up and having fun. it was only 2ish and the movie didn’t start till 420. I had time to kill so ordered up some Jamo on the rocks played some good classic rock on the jukebox, and joined in some fun conversation but as I was solo also had my ears open for the first time at this watering hole. One thing I learned is that Kiki’s mother, Christine’s Grandmother owns the building. Another thing I learned was that a lot of the old times talk like old timers. I overheard words such as Wop which comes from “With Out Papers” or “Working On Pavement,” and Dago an ethnic slur for one from Italy, Spain, or Portugal. Polack or Polak. Mick a term for a person of Irish descent. Russki or Russkie referring to Russians. All of these old German guys were just having the kind of conversation that is deemed vulgar or derogatory by today’s politically correct culture. At Hansa Clipper Men will be Men and I was sitting at the far end of the bar between a Polack and a Mick, me being a Mick as well. We were all laughing. I couldn’t help buy shout, “Ya drunk Krauts!”

I should point out that I never heard a slur directed at blacks, Hispanics, Jews, Asians (who I have brought in as dates in the past) or Middle Eastern people. It was innocent fun where you can have such a conversation without having to worry about offending people. No millennial’s or uptight far lefty types here. As a matter of fact not many young people hang out there at all. At least not on Saturday afternoons.

One regular maybe in his 30′s walked by and asked if my Type O jacket was a Green Lantern jacket due to the Type O symbol. Fuck no I replied, I hate Green Lantern more than Superman. I explained wo it was and played their cover of Seals and Crofts “Summer Breeze” on the jukebox.

I helped the lady from next door carry some drinks over to her place of employment for her co workers. Christine commented it was a nice thing to do and I told her I wouldn’t be much of a man if I let this lady make two trips. I returned and ate a dish of Kiki’s homemade food which I may add is tradition for me, and had another shot on the rocks and hugged or shook hands with everyone on my way out. (I also noticed I wasn’t charged full price for some reason)

To my great surprise Christine said her and her mother might meet me in Rosemont next weekend when I’m out there for EXXXOTICA. Christine never knew abut MK ULTRA or that I had anything to do with the music business till that afternoon., She knows that I have been working ever since before I first went in there in recruiting. Mr Incognito and I cannot say what a relief that is. I’m just the long hair guy that pops in when I’m there to see a movie It was another good feeling I was having this day.

Then I made the deathly mistake and walked into Quake after having a few.

Quake Collectibles 4628 N Lincoln Ave, Chicago
You might bring your kid along to Quake Collectibles, but you’re secretly going to relive your childhood. While it also carries modern toys, the store’s real bread and butter is the best of the glory days–old-school Transformers, GI Joe, throwback Star Wars action figures, Strawberry Shortcake, Pez (yep, remember those?) dispensers, vintage lunch boxes, and so much more. A dream for everyone from kids to toy collectors, you can’t not find something here. – Time Out Magazine

I saw a big tub of $1 toys and dug for a Tweety Bird Pez dispenser for Karen at work. She’s from Brazil and had no idea what Pez was as she played around with the Seinfeld inspired Tweety Bird Pez Dispenser on my desk. I would give her one and also hunt for Pez to fill it. Finding the candy wold be more difficult or so I thought than finding the Tweety. I made my way around and there it was:

The highly collectible and very rare Mattel Batman Adam West Action Figure, 1/4 Scale

For the first time ever the classic Batman TV series is available as action figures and collectibles . For close to 50 years the Batman TV show has delighted audiences and for several generations Adam West is the Batman. We grew up with this iconic version of Batman and we are honored to have created this 18″ tall poseable figure featuring Adam West’s likeness, functioning utility belt, interchangeable hands, and loads more.

9 x 3 x 19 inches and 4.23 pounds AND IT LOOKS EXACTLY LIKE ADAM WEST right up to his eyes. 

I had seen it once before 2 years prior and couldn’t afford it. When I did have the funds of course it was gone. This day was going so well I said fuck it. The owner  David Gutterman who knows I’m a serious classic era Batman collector told me it hadn’t been there 24 hours and was never out of the box once. I won’;t say what I paid for it but it’s an investment. Not to mention when I did look it up online realized I got it for a steal. He threw in the Pez Tweety Bird and a little girls 12 inch figure of Batgirl and I went next door to The Davids Theater 4614 N. Lincoln Ave. Chicago.

The Davis Theater, was originally known as the Pershing Theater. The Pershing Theater was built in 1918 and was named after First World War General of the Armies, John J. Pershing. It is the only remaining theater of five built in Lincoln Square, and one of the few neighborhood theaters still operating in Chicago. The building was designed by architect Walter W. Ahlschlager, who was also responsible for the design of other famous buildings such as the Uptown Broadway Building in Chicago and the Roxy Theater in New York City. The Pershing opened showing vaudeville and silent films; it’s first being The Forbidden City. In the 1930s, the Pershing was converted to show talkies and was renamed the Davis Theater

My old friend Rusty was also at the theater hosting his annual 24 hour Sci Fi  Spectacular movie marathon.I had some time said hello, walked into their new bar and took a drink into the theater with me. The seat I had chosen was at the far right next to a handicapped space. I figured I wouldn’t have to sit next to anyone. there was a single seat on the other side of me and I piled up my bags, coat and Batman on top of it

10 minutes before the film began an attractive woman walked over and told me the other seat was hers. I thought hmmm not so bad so I apologized and made space for her. She walked out and I thought she was getting a drink of snacks. Nope she wheeled in her boyfriend who was in a chair of his own. They actually took the seat to the far left. 

 2 1/2 hours later I walked out and it was still daylight. I took a train to a bus and the bus home. I was happy and feeling satisfied and needless to say slept very good that night after catching up with Bob and Tom with whom I had long conversations with.

I had also been thinking about life long friend Dave Parsons with who I took radio broadcasting classes with when in the summer when I was 17. I also went the year before but he was only in it when we were 17. We would forge a friendship that would last miles and years with both of us working in the music industry. he country and me rock n roll. Well that summer one of the records I’d play would be country artist Tanya Tuckers album TNT. When you opened up the album the gate-fold picture was  of her in red tights. This was a teen age males wet dream. I hung it on the wall of the school radio station and when summer ended forgot to take it home with me. I would think about it over the years and then realized, eBay! I scored it for under $10 and free shipping. 

TNT is the ninth album by Tanya Tucker. Working with a new producer in Jerry Goldstein, Tucker drifts away from her earlier country style to do a much more rock-based effort. She covers well-known rock songs originally performed by such artists as Buddy Holly (“Not Fade Away”), Elvis Presley (“Heartbreak Hotel”), and Chuck Berry (“Brown Eyed Handsome Man”). Tucker also covers John Prine’s “Angel from Montgomery”. The album was Tucker’s second-highest ranked ever on the Billboard Country charts at #2, and even reached #54 in the Pop category. Released singles and their Billboard positions were: “Texas (When I Die)” at #5, “Not Fade Away” at #70, and “I’m the Singer, You’re the Song” at #18. While not necessarily embraced by the country music establishment, the album garnered critical and commercial success. It was certified Gold by the RIAA and earned her a Grammy nomination for Best Rock Vocal Performance, Female.

I spoke with Dale before going to bed and he told me he wanted to come here to Chicago to see ELO w/ Anne on for his birthday on July 27 and offered to buy me a ticket. Hell yeah! I LOVE ELO Plus another birthday with Dale my HLM!

 Needless to say I slept very well that night. 

Sunday morning, laundry time. I dragged my giant suitcase to the train and to the Wash U Coin Laundry. I was in and out in 90 minutes and had all fucking day. I was in a really great mood so as I walked off of the train home decided to pop into Wrigleyville North for a cocktail Selena was working and of course the bar was full of regulars. Selenas’ boyfriend who is really funny also has great taste in music and was playing some killers on the juke box. Stuff I knew he knew I loved. I nursed my over sized Long Island, enjoyed some conversation and went home. Funny they all thought I was returning from a trip. I usually stop there or Tac Quick with luggage on my way home from out of town,  

Wrigleyville North 3900 N Sheridan Rd, Chicago

Stretching the northerly boundaries of Cubbie territory nearly to Irving Park Road, this dive-among-dives has only one thing characteristically Wrigleyville about it: its name. The first sign: the bartender’s missing her four front teeth. The second sign: The low, garage band–ready stage with cowboy hats atop the amplifiers. The final clue: the refreshing absence of loud, red-faced bros and their stumbling Botox broads.

- Time Out Magazine

It had been a really great weekend and although the weekend prior was rock n roll cool, there was also stress involved. I was in a good place, however, other then the food I bought for work (salad, veggies and oatmeal) I didn’t really have anything I could make to eat. I did have food but didn’t want to make a mess., For two weeks in a row I had been eating out for bring take out home. I wanted to eat healthy so I went to Tac Quick and ordered some healthy Thai food. There I met Na who’s name means Rice. She had learned how to make my signature drink and we talked about what she was studying (MBA) and what she planned to do with it, which was go home to Thailand and run business. In fact that’s what all of the girls there on staff are doing. First they take English and then business course. Impressive. 

On ,commute hone all week I continued to read Leonard Cohens final collection of Poetry, The Flame. This one is from the title of his final recording.

If you are the dealer, I’m out of the game
If you are the healer, it means I’m broken and lame
If thine is the glory then mine must be the shame
You want it darker
We kill the flame

Magnified, sanctified, be thy holy name
Vilified, crucified, in the human frame
A million candles burning for the help that never came
You want it darker

We kill the flame

There’s a lover in the story
But the story’s still the same
There’s a lullaby for suffering
And a paradox to blame
But it’s written in the scriptures
And it’s not some idle claim
You want it darker
We kill the flame

This is for those who have though all of these years that I’m talking in my sleep

As I was writing this 3/28/2019 around 7 PM this arrived:


Now she’s bulletproof. Keeps her motor clean. And believe me, you. She’s a number thirteen. The church strikes midnight. She’s looking louder and louder. She’s going to turn on our juice, boy. So she turns on the power.

UPDATED 4/2/2019

You can’t always get what you want
But if you try sometimes you just might find
You just might find
You get what you need

- and in my case it would prove to be Bull’s BBQ.

Nick Huffman owner of the Looney Bin who will be the inaugural guest on MKULTRASOUND

When I fell asleep after getting home Saturday afternoon, I woke at 11PM and  I was ready for round 2 so I walked over to Tac Quick and that’s where I met another Thai native named “OJ”.

But every story has a beginning, just like this one. But for tonight it’ll have to wait. it’s 8PM and I need to wind down to be ready for work in the morning. 

AZ and OJ

This is Emily as she came in to stitch the Vineland flag to the other sleeve of my Type O Negative bomber jacket

Here I am with nick and the band and the Hillary Clinton finger puppet I bought for Nick 2 yrs ago and keep forgetting to bring it. 

By the time I got home to Casa Diablo after work at 430P Cassie was already sitting out in front of my place in her car. All I had to do was run up and change the cat litter and drag my bags down into her car. It was rush hour and we were on LSD in the thick of it.

An hour later as we were in the far reaches of the south side we stopped to get gas. $40 is that good. Yes she replied. Getting there as all that mattered at least at the time. I had a bottle of vodka pack and some olives for myself and Rose’s Grenadine for my chauffeur/photographer/good friend for when we got to the room. It was another hour till we got to our exit in Bradly, hit the drive thru for me at White Castle where I ordered 3 Crab Cake Sliders (delicious) and 6 double cheese traditional sliders. We checked into the the most awesome room I had ever book at this place which was a king jacuzzi suite. The tub was a walk up and down into. I thought about laying it at all morning. 

My plan was to see Capt Marvel, find a (non-existent) taxi) to the Looney Bin and hang out w/ nick and eat Bulls BBQ and wait till my AmTrak train home at 8pm. It would get me into Chicago at 945P if all was on time. You never know with AmTrak. 

Cassie and I got ready and I realized I didn’t pack hair spray. I literally had EVERYTHING else and more. Even olives and the Hilary Clinton finger puppet I bought for Nick 2 summers ago at Half Price Books in Cedar Rapids. I had LA GUNS Hollywood Vampires playing and Cassie offered to drive over to Target and pick us up some hair spray. 

I was pretty excited to see Electric Rev again and they were the opening act so we’d actually have time to hang out for a bit before and after. I came directly from work as did they only from Kenosha WI and most of the members work outdoor labor/construction jobs so this was a labor of love in all honestly for us all to convene for  this show. 

When she returned Cassie told me the hotel was full of young kids running around and being loud. I had a few White Castles in me, a Hydroxcut for energy  and maybe 2 martinis and was anxious so we went to the Looney Bin. Dan the singer was already there. I ordered a killer Long Island (these would prove to kick me on my arse) we walked over and talked to Dave Lawson who was loving his brisket sandwich We talked about how damned good the BBQ is there. He told me on his weekend motorcycle rides that he and his pals search out BBQ and that this was by far the most excellent and I have to agree. I told him I’d be having it tomorrow. I excused myself and went back to Nicks office to catch up and invited him to be the first guest on the PodCast and he agreed. He also gave me the sad news that he wouldn’t be around the next afternoon as he had to conduct the services at a friends funeral. Nick is also as me an ordained minister.I began to ponder the next afternoon. 

Venue Owner at Dirtbag Clothing
Co Owner at The Looney Bin
Former Man On the Street, Reporter, and Various Characters at Mancow Show
Studied at Secret Squirrel Society
Went to BBCHS
Lives in Bradley, Illinois
From Bourbonnais, Illinois


Funniest guy I’d ever met

When I came back out the entire band were there unloading and setting up and we were all catching up when the headliner asked  Electric Revolution if they’d close the show as there was a family emergency. Being nice guys they were accommodating and then the long drawn out evening began. The and took forever to get up onstage to play. Some of the guys in ER were getting upset and were like”what the fuck?”. Something was rotten in Denmark. It was becoming obvious there was no “family emergency” and it would be painfully evident as they played an extended set, very extended and by the time they finished it was so late almost everyone who had paid to come in were gone. Though we had a good time hanging out in the VIP section, yes, the Looney Bin has one of those, and Emily came and stitched the Vinland Patch on the left arm of my type O bomber jacket, those of us that had been up since before the crack of dawn and traveled all the way there for the show were less than please. 

But my favorite new band got up there like they were once again at a packed house at Reggies and rocked the fuck out delivering a white hot set of solid and original hard rock n roll.


Electric Revolution Live at the Looney Bin pix by Cassandra D Balazic for mk ultra magazine 3/15/2019

After the show and back at the hotel after Cassie left I was wound up tight from the Hydroxycut and feeling the effects of the booze and lack of sleep yet I could not relax even with Ambien and alcohol. I was stressing about the next day after the desk told me there were no taxi services in the area. At this point all I cared about was getting to the Looney Bin. I tried the Jacuzzi and I could not relax. I tried more vodka and Ambien and nothing. I was also getting more and more unhappy about the switcheroo game played on the band the night before. I was stressed like I have not been since November 2018.

I already arranged for a 1P check out and asked for an extended check out till 2P which they kindly obliged. I had no choice I’d have to Uber from my phone for the first time in my life. I don’t like apps on my phone. Best case scenario I’d go to the Looney Bin eat and get tanked spending lots of money and take a drunken train ride home and taxi from Union Station at around 10PM. The wonderful lady at the front desk was kind enough to help me load Uber onto my phone and a taxi was on the way. I wasn’t looking forward to the next 6 hours sitting at the bar with strangers and getting sloppy. But my luck was about to change as I was soon too meet Todd Brack, Uber driver. 

Todd pulled up front and I put my bags into the trunk and hopped into the back. He offer for me to sit up front but  declined. He said he almost didn’t take the call since I was only going 3 miles. He new Nick and of the Looney Bin and of some of the locals I’ve become friends with. At this time the shenanigans in my neighborhood as it is every day of the St Patrick’s Day parade would be in full retard mode. I asked him if he could come back later to take me to the train and then I sighed that I “just wanna go home”. He asked where home was I told him Chicago and he said $60. SIXTY DOLLARS! I’d easily spend that in 2 hours at the Looney Bin, double that before going to AmTrak, another Uber ride, a train ticket plus at least $27 to get home from downtown. It was a win – win so we went to a bank machine and I withdrew the funds and we were on our way. 

On the drive we had a lot to talk about especially when we hit parade traffic on LSD. I mentioned EXXOTICA and he said that he was going to the same convention center the next day for a sports memorabilia show and that he collected sports memorabilia. We weren’t even at my exit when he ordered one of my grandfathers U of Alabama cards from 1942 and he’d later go on to buy more of my grandfathers NFL memorabilia. All this way I hadn’t noticed that he was handicapped and that there was a wheelchair n the back. When we got to my place I dragged my bags upstairs and took him around the corner for tacos and a margarita at El Palmar. Getting him there and back was a piece of cake being that I’m well seasoned in having friends with wheelchairs. We friended one another on Facebook and I went up and fell into bed relaxed at once and slept from abut 5P till 11P, I was re-energized and hungry. It was still Saturday so I put on some clothes and walked over to Tac Quick for a late night bite, some drinks and good company. 

Plus I made a new friend. All’s well that ends well??? I just wish I had eaten Bulls BBQ the night before instead of White Castle. 

Fuck you I’m DRUNK

The spike in arrests around the Wrigleyville area comes after four years of steady reductions in arrests during the annual Irish blow-out. Some on-duty officers called planning for this year’s event—which traditionally relies heavily on a private security force employed by local bars—to be a “washout” and “a total failure.”

Downtown’s arrest count is up from last year’s total, too. CWBChicago did not maintain downtown arrest counts prior to the 2018 St. Pat’s celebration.

Now, our annual run-down of a few interesting calls that went out over police radios during yesterday’s festivities.

8:15AM — In a sign of things to come, downtown’s St. Patrick’s Day police radio band crackles to life with an officer running a reveler’s name during a street stop. Officer: “Last name is Weed. Like, she’s smoking Weed…”

8:29AM — Woman is robbed outside the Renaissance Hotel. Suspect arrested nearby. CWBChicago editors ruled against including the offender as a St. Pat’s-related arrest until more details are learned from the arrest report. (If the ruling is reversed, he will go down as the earliest arrest of any St. Pat’s incident in our archives.)

10:00AM — In Wrigleyville, an officer says issuing tickets for drinking on the public way is “like shooting ducks in a barrel out here” as she issues two more citations at Clark and Eddy.

10:33AM — They’re climbing the trees in Grant Park.


10:35AM — First arrest in Wrigleyville. Man is picked up on a warrant during a street stop at Addison and Sheffield.10:58AM — Because police are checking bags near the parade route, “kids” are drinking and partying closer to Michigan Avenue.

Some partiers avoided the police checkpoints, according to police. | Patrick Anenen

12:11PM — First arrest downtown. Offender taken in for battering a 26-year-old woman at Jackson and State. Ambulance whisks the woman way.

12:27PM — “We are not going to send officers into those ‘climbing the tree calls.’ It’s too densely populated there. Record it for the log, but we’re not going in there,” CPD deputy chief says.

12:55PM — In Lakeview: “Citizen reports you have a male out front drinking beer and making facial gestures.”

1:30PM — Jackpot!  Three arrested at 400 North Michigan after fighting with police.

“Want to go out for more drinks?” “I dunno. I’m kinda on the fence.” |  @SummerofGus1

1:36PM — Lincoln Park Alderman Michele Smith has called 911 to complain about a large party in the 900 block of West Dickens. Officer: “Those parties gonna be going on all day.”

1:46PM — 3800 block of Lakewood: “Disturbance mental. Male, white, 30, long sleeve shirt, vest, laying on the caller’s doorstep having a conversation with himself.”

1:59PM — Three more arrested downtown. Outside the Congress Hotel this time. Charged with fighting and breaking out the hotel’s windows.

2:06PM — Officer: “Do you have a description of this” lost female?
Dispatcher: “She’s a drunken female who claims to be a college student.”
Officer: “There are a lot of those around here today.”

3:09PM — Male caller says the valet stole his wife’s wallet from their car. 100 block of North Wabash.

3:15PM — Officer requests an ambulance for “two females, mid-20’s throwing up all over the place” at 355 East Grand.

4:10PM — “Older male white, bald, green shorts, is urinating in the middle of the street” at Montrose and Clark.

4:20PM — Biggest arrest of the day. Five men and women are hauled in after a fight at Murphy’s Bleachers in Wrigleyville.

Even CPD’s “big scary bus” wasn’t enough to counter Saturday’s nonsense in Wrigleyville. | @the1stMikeC

4:44PM — Caller says a female got into his car at Clark and Barry and she’s demanding that he take her home. He has an Uber sticker in his window, but he’s not in service, and she refuses to get out.

4:45PM — A group of people throwing “beers and other items” from the 12th floor. Wells between Erie and Superior.

5:36PM — “A highly intoxicated white male wearing a large styrofoam sombrero” is lying down in the middle of Grand and State.

6:03PM — Whoops! Remember that call about the wife who had her wallet stolen by a valet in the 100 block of North Wabash three hours ago? The dispatchers forgot to assign that call to anyone. “Do you think they are still there?”

6:52PM — Back in Lakeview, a 911 caller reports that there is an unknown man living inside his green Jeep.

7:52PM — “Criminal trespassing at the Red Line Addison.” CTA reports that a black male in a green jacket was riding on top of the train when it pulled into the station. There’s also an earlier call from a witness who saw him on top of the train as it pulled out of the Belmont stop.

9:24PM — 911 caller says three men are trying to beat him up. “The call-taker can hear him saying “please, please” as people beat him and he screams for help. Call taker is trying to get an address from him.

Two ambulances roll into Wrigleyville to mop up some more nonsense. | @The1stMikeC

11:23PM — Neighbors report a party so large, that people are directing traffic for arriving revelers. 2458 North Clybourn. (The same house where an AirBnB party had a 6-hour standoff with a SWAT team last week.)

1:48AM — A call of very loud music and dancing in the streets at 2458 North Clybourn.

2:12AM — In Wrigleyville, “Jeremy states that an intoxicated male white in his 40’s slapped him on his butt in front of Sluggers.”  He wants a report for criminal sexual assault.


I was a snake-eyed boy, and at the age of five, I made love to the howl of the wolves with a dark haired girl. So if you wanna hear evil. Come a little bit close.

the past months posts are now updated. 

Momma I’m comin home.

Cassie picks me up right from work and we drive to Bourbonnais and I check into my room at the only hotel in Kankakee County that lets me come back time and time again. (I just like saying that) There is some big event at Olivet Nazarene University so my room options were limited so I got teh king Suite w/ jacuzzi in the room. 

Tomorrow night my first rock show since my last rock show. And BBQ

I’m taking this along.

Here is a pic of Too Dark Mark in Mexico City where he went to high school. He’s going back to Baton Rouge for a few days to work on our show and get a teaser up of the podcast and then he’s off to  Paris, Rome and Berlin followed by Santiago, Chile and Lima, Peru.

One side note to report that I am mentally exhausted when I get home from work and a lot of it I’m sure has to do with the weather, but also my head is at work most of my time. I got an email from CAEL yesterday where I worked in 2018 asking if I was available for a research project. I politely declined. 

My life begins again tomorrow. Thanks for your patience and support. 

Did one say so cruel: “Tis better to love than lose”. Ignorance is bliss – wish not knew your kiss. So many times been burned, this lesson goes unlearned. Remember desire only fuels the fire – liar. Even though I still miss your lips. You’re about as real as your tits.

My tests from Thursday came back good. Kidneys and vascular are fine, Dr. Tong says nothing to worry about other than lowing my cholesterol and having my blood platelet count checked again in 6 mos.

Thanks Eden LakeDawn Wattles, Too Dark Mark Williams and Aaron BluefootRobot Arm McCort

Last Saturday I was still stressing over the outcome of my tests which would not be divulged to me till the following Tuesday. I had done laundry after work Friday and was  up early Saturday to run errands as usual. When I was done at home I walked to ACE Hardware to buy a padlock for the back door since I have all of this gear now and the rockin spring begins in a few weeks. Now even sooner than planned since Nick Huffman booked Electric Revolution at The Looney Bin again. It’s be a well deserved and much needed journey. As I left ACE I wandered across the street to Wrigleyville North wondering if I might run into Bobby T and as I suspected there he was at the corner as usual so I joined him and the usual Suspects for some afternoon cocktails and caught up with my old friend.

I felt inspired so with old friends in mind I thought it was about time I get back in touch with Max Bravo if for nothing else to hire him to do the artwork for the forthcoming podcast. He knocked out several images and I know I got a really good deal for his services. The guy is good. And now I really miss him. I hope this leads to a much overdue reunion. 

“I’ve come a long way since I believed in anything, and I come halfway around the world. Where you came from is gone, where you thought you were going to weren’t never there, and where you are ain’t no good unless you can get away from it. Where is there a place for you to be? No place… Nothing outside you can give you any place… In yourself right now is all the place you’ve got.”

“Soon I discovered that this rock thing was true. Jerry Lee Lewis was the devil, Jesus was an architect previous to his career as a prophet. All of a sudden, I found myself in love with the world. So there was only one thing that I could do
Was ding a ding dang my dang a long ling long”

A great day.


I got in touch with Scotty Ludwick on my break as I was working from home mid morning in regards to getting press access to the LA GUNS show April 4. Within and hour or so their tour publicist got back to me and set me up with 3 tickets and a photo pass. Being I work from home that day the plan is for Cassie to pick me up, we go to the show return and the next day hit EXXXXOTICA. Needless to say other than it coming months too early I’m very much looking forward to making up for last year. I just wish Adrian could go. The host hotel is the Embassy Suites and I haven’t been there since Gage was staying there and we hung out for a few days and nights years ago. 

As if the day wasn’t going good enough I wrapped up my work day, walked to Walgreens and when I returned a box was waiting for me inside the doorway.

This coming weekend is my last downtime for a while so I will finish that story of Marks visit and our work with Cassie and Martin Atkins and tales of the great food we enjoyed on his stay. So those notes will be inserted along with those photos from a few weeks ago. 

Nuff said.