Goodbye stranger it’s been nice. Hope you find your paradise. Tried to see your point of view. Hope your dreams will all come true. Goodbye Mary, goodbye Jane. Will we ever meet again? Feel no sorrow, feel no shame. Come tomorrow, feel no pain.

Woke up Sunday 1/17/2021 to some snow. Took a walk up into Boystown to stop by my bank and then to Beatnix and back home. It was a nice hour brisk walk. This coming weekend, 1/23/2021, I venture to Andersonville and over to Little Vietnam.


Thanks to Dale I was able to turn teh heat up on my chili and my eyes and nose are testifying to the hotness. I LOVE IT!

Pain Is Good Batch 77 Seven Pepper Salsa: a blend of vine-ripened tomatoes, fresh onions, cilantro and seven peppers: Green Jalapenos, Red Jalapenos, Roasted Green Chiles, Habanero Peppers, Birds Eye Peppers, Guajillo Peppers and the hottest pepper in the world…Ghost Chile Pepper. Please snack responsibly…you may want to keep a fire extinguisher handy. 15.5oz.

On the road again. Like a band of gypsies we go down the highway. We’re the best of friends. Insisting that the world keep turning our way. And our way Is on the road again.

We had a really good time as usual at the Looney Bin last weekend for the Nick Huffman Book Launch PodCast. Here are some pix and I’ll add more later.

Jerri Payne and Nicole Pizante were great behind the bar as always. Nick introduced me to Dr. Andé Wegner who sat in on the show with us. She’s known him since grade school and wrote the forward to his book.

It was Jason Elkins first trip to the Bin and it surely won’t be his last.

Heather Wagner, yes the singer, drove all the way to Dayton Ohio and back Friday to pick up the books from the printer. 393 miles each way. A total of 786 miles and she didn’t stop to sleep. Somehow she still made it to the Looney Bin the next day to perform for the podcast.

We arrived in Bradey IL shortly after 10AM and were too early to eat at Five Guys which was my plan so we went to Target and I bought some refreshments for the room. Then Jason and I discovered Five Guys did not permit indoor dining due to COVID. Luckily for me the hotel let me check in 4 hours early with no additional fee and Jason went to Five Guys and Chipoltle to get take out.

I usually get the jacuzzi suite but this trip just decided on a single king and I was AMAZED at this room and being that they appreciate my business and reviews they gave me the room for $50 less than advertised. This was a very nice accommodation. Jason arrived with the grub and after we ate we got to the Looney Bin ahead of schedule. Which was nice because we got to take our time setting up and socializing. It was nice to actually get to talk with Jerri this time. I also got to visit a bit with Nicks mom. Jerri made really good drinks for me.

With Nicole Pizante who took over bar duties at 6 PM. I’ve known her since my first trip to the Looney Bin and its always a pleasure.

Think Heather works much?

With Crazy J/Jason Elkins the new MKULTRASOUND PodCast camera guy

With Dr. Andé Wegner and Nick Huffman after the podcast

With Heather Wagner and Chance Jones after their performance.

Deep in thought uploading bits. A man at work.

After the show we did some pix and chatted a bit before loading up and taking the bulk of the gear back to the hotel. We sat for a little bit and decided to return to the Bin where Jerri was getting off of her shift and I wanted to say bye and also hello to Nicole. It was very slow but nice. It’s always good to come to this place for any reason.

My ride home wasn’t getting back to me so Heather told me here and Chance would pick me up. They had to be at the airport anyway to pick up Emily who was flying back into town. There was no place open to sit down and eat in Bradley. We wanted Denny’s. After what seemed like forever we stopped in Orland Park and found an Original Pancake House where we each ordered breakfast skillets. I was home by 3PM and had all afternoon to relax and watch TV.

Thanks to everyone at the Looney Bin for a really good time and I cannot wait to read the book by the Great Nick Huffman.

Back home eating at home/office/desk

The Worst Day In Modern American Political History – Ben Shapiro/The Daily Wire

This evening after work I watched a passionate Megan McCain’s messages and my Presidential hopeful Tulsi Gabbard’s thoughts on the Rubin Report, and then finally the person who made the most common sense, to me, my favorite commentator, Ben Shapiro’s viewpoints on yesterdays horrific events.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I’ve disliked Donald Trump and his “tremendous” ego since I learned of him in the 1980’s via Lori Levi. I’ve never voted for him and I’ve never supported him. Yesterday he proved to be everything I thought he was. That’s all I have to say about him at this time. – AZ

I’m a rocker, I’m a roller, I’m a right out of controller. I’m a wheeler, I’m a dealer, I’m a wicked woman stealer. I’m a bruiser, I’m a cruiser, I’m a rockin’ rollin’ man!

Emily and Heather on the MKULTRASOUND PodCast
Gary Indiana
Gary Indiana
Gary Indiana
Remington Indiana
Remington Indiana “that’s what she said”
Remington Indiana 8 AM
Remington Indiana Alex’s fish for breakfast 8 AM
Dawn Wattles and AZ Indpls IN

AZ w/ the Wattles clan Indpls IN

Hot sticky scenes, you know what I mean. Like a desert sun that burns my skin. I’ve been waiting for her for so long. Open the sky and let her come down. Here she comes again. Here comes the rain. I love the rain.

Thanx to Max Bravo for this! Perfect!
Every Sunday morning at 830 AM since the last time I was at Bob Hoeksema’s. The only show on politics I watch. Mike Flannery knows the game. I also red John Kass’s editorials on the Tribune website.
El Palmar take out Huevos en Salsa Verde

Emily brought onto the last show of 2020 as well as our lil Xmas theme show an incredible talent from down under who it seems so many hard rocking Americans know of except me. Which defies explanation.

She messaged me a month ago and told me of this band/ person who has Tracii Guns playing on his new single “Kill Your Idols” and asked to have him on teh show calling in from Australia. Who was I to say no?

Dellacoma is a completely independent rock n roll band with a desire to passionately create music that comes honestly from their hearts, souls and experiences.

Our subject, Dellacóma Rio, the namesake of the band, is a dynamic vocalist for rock band a solo acoustic artist, songwriter, poet and madman who loves to take the stage. His vocals make it the kind of sexy, sweaty track that defines good-time rock and roll defines the good-time hard rocking fun music that we all love.

It was a good 1 hr 38 minutes of interview new rock n roll featuring Tracii Guns and rockin Christmas themed tunes.

Above is the board we use to stay on the format of the show.

Michael Ciravolo/Beauty in Chaos/Schecter Guitars sent me 3 vinyl’s and a cd of his music. Emily was sent the same from the man. THANK YOU!
Obscure LP of the week, the very first LP I ever bought in 1976 before I bough KISS “Rock n Roll Over”. Narrated by Stan Lee is a concept album with songs about Peter Parker/Spiderman’s life and the people and villain’s that surround him.
After the show Emily drove me to guitar center to buy 2 guitar stands.

Feeling a almost human again Friday after work I took the Clark Street Bus up to Edgewater and had my first Firepit Friday with my very good friend and MK’s graphic artist Max Bravo. I got home around 10PM but watched Yellowstone till 1230AM. It felt so good to get out of the fucking house again.

And as always an old MK ULTRA fan shows me she also saves the old issues. This one 19 yrs old right when we went color/glossy and worldwide. Thank you! Thank all of you. Its what keeps me going. I love all of ya’ crazy fucks. – AZ

We can do this all the harder way. Trade your bible for the witchcraft. Shed your body like the snake skin. Cause you’re filthy like the swamp rat. One day, some day, gonna show you the power. Drink your sickness, like the rain down a sewer drain. My momma dun told me you’re the Devil. And the Devil been suckin’ on my soul.

It’s been difficult to update this page as due to the nature of life here I’m uninspired. Its been a depressing time but work and the podcast has kept me very busy and its dark by 4PM and I’m mentally wiped out. However no matter how depressing things have been I’ve somehow made a way to have a little fun. And I’m going to share that with you, my loyal reader. I’m sorry to those of you that are accustomed to reading my misadventures on a more daily basis. I’m at the mercy of the local and state governemnt. Hopefully I’ll fill in all the blanks today but if not will by tomorrow. A few good friends have helped me get through this. Mostly Max Bravo who is in my same situation and my good friends in central Indiana including Patty who is sort of back in my life after 4 yrs.

Lets go!

I recently ventured up to one of my very favorite neighborhoods after work to get some “good gook food”. I’ve been craving Banh Mi for quite awhile as well as Udon noodles. It was well worth the time.

I scored big time! It was all sooooo good.

Udon noodles from Viet Pho Market

Wonderfully delicious!

Udon noodles with Frank’s RedHot Original Seasoning Blend
Udon noodles with Frank’s RedHot Original Seasoning Blend and shrimp
At my happiest when I’m podcasting on Sundays
Emily Sifrit always on her A Game
The MKULTRASOUND coffee mug ala Emily!
Emily adding to my L.A. GUNS leather coat
Broke the vest back out for the podcast w/ Martin Atkins and Emily
A very very good addition to my CD collection
pre show studio shots
On the sidewalk in front of WASHUCOIN Laundry 4552 N Magnolia Ave Uptown
Checkers and Rallys Wicker Park
Hollywood Grill Wicker Park
A box of no bake cookies from Patricia Stanley for my birthday
Around 1045 AM on 12/12/2020 my birthday en route to Portage Indiana for hot wings
Honey I’m home

I don’t know why they even bother giving me a menu when I already know what I want. I orders a bucket of 24 as did Adam Becvare and both Ronnie and Jason ordered 18. We also had a large order of onion rings w/ hot sauce and fried pickles.

Adam Becvare and Alex Zander pic for Cassie
Adam Becvare, AZ, Jason Elkins and Ronnie Lenzi
After QS&L we went to Gary to visit Eden and Gary for an hour and were there for hours. I didn’t get home till after midnight.
My lovely friend Eden Lake in Amsterdam
AZ, Eden and Gary
My summer Jewish cohost Ellenita Marshall.
Max Bravo on the MKULTRASOUND PodCast
Angela Denk returns to the MKULTRASOUND PodCast

My cats being cats. I’d be lost without Katrina and Anny.

Anny the Watercat asleep in her spot while watching TV

All the deliveries from AMAZON PRIME has led to may fun box pix

Mooby’s, the fictional fast-food chain often seen in the films of Kevin Smith, came to real world for one week in Chicago. Of course I had to go. AN IT SUCKED! $28 for a shitty burger and onion rings w/ feels was over $30. But all ended well. We got our eats and then got an email since someone working there tested positive for COVID so we got refunded and still had our food which we ate outside at Tac Quick. Worse than McDonalds.

I had to brake down the studio for Thanksgiving. I baked a 20 lb turkey and made loads of sides. Max came early and left. Jason came around 7 PM. The labor of baking a nice big juicy turkey is worthy of the effort and attention. Still never as good as the one from 2018 w/ Xtina who now lives in Arizona.

After the podcast with a very baked Nick Huffman

More pix from Oct 16-18 weekend in Kankakee County

Hot tub Heather Sexual around 3 AM

Representing!!!! Love this guy!