There’s a concert hall in Vienna . Where your mouth had a thousand reviews . There’s a bar where the boys have stopped talking . They’ve been sentenced to death by the blues . Ah, but who is it climbs to your picture . With a garland of freshly cut tears? Take this waltz, take this waltz. Take this waltz it’s been dying for years .

God fucking gawd I got soooo sick during the show last Sunday. I couldn’t have carried it hadn’t Cassie and Ty stepped up. More on that later.

Cory MacRae in Memphis writes:

Totally love the YouTube you need to make that a regular thing. And I also love what Mark is doing with music spotlight. Keep it up brother this is awesome.

AZ: I was sick but the YouTube will be up tonight. Cassie has to do her editing magick.

CM: Yeah video always takes longer. I dig it though man. Right format right people just all of it is spot on.

Joe in Missoula MT wrote:

Weakest show yet.

Alex replied : I was sick.

Josef continues: Get a few Mark shows in the can and you’ve got a sick day backup plan. Get enough Ultrasounds in the can and you can fall back on a “best of” compilation.
Ed Kowalski in Ohio: Listened to the latest episode, I thought it was actually your best yet! Hope you’re feeling better! – Fizz Ed


Alex Zander: Thanks brother. Josef in Montana called it the weakest. Said I shouldn’t have done it. Guests are also important and a big part of the show.

Ed Kowalski: Alex Zander I don’t think a guest every week is as important as some think…I really enjoyed the banter between you and your co-hosts, stories and anecdotes are always entertaining


Glenn Stefano of DSN Music in Sedona AZ on our YouTube Channel/PodCast

GS: Great editing…that’s your pad?

AZ: Used to be my dining room, yes. Going to rearrange some things to center the background better. Thanks


GS: clutter look is cool, laid back, and real
Like the rock stuff around the house as well…


AZ: The whole haus is like that. A rock n roll museum

GS: I dig it!
A touch of the southwest as well I see…lol
Don’t forget to set up your Monetization feature on YouTube account!


AZ: THANKS I sent that to Cassie. Gonna bury the wires and I HATE CLUTTER. Will switch out the album covers every week. Keeps me on my toes.

GS: PS… you are WAY more mellow, than you sounded on mic 20 years ago…your like a AOR jock now…lol


AZ: Cool. 20 yrs and hip replacement will do that


GS: Yikes!
Good convo though! I like the fact that your talking about PC crap! It’s gotta b discussed


AZ: Its the first segment every week. I made the format months ago. Nobody is really doing that and the rest of us NEED a voice


GS: YES! PS, looks great on our LG smart TV


I was Kicked Out of a Cab with Izrah Indica

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Today marks 2 years since I got the horrible new in my hotel suite the Sunday morning of EXXXOTICA 2017 and I miss her more and more especially when it comes to my rock n roll alter ego lifestyle. The card above I see every time I get into my refrigerator. Her mother posted the message below as part of a tribute to her daughter. Thanks Beverly. 


I finally met Alex Maggie. Such a great guy. We spent Memorial Day with him but I’m sure you knew that in that moment. He really adored you and it showed…he was a good friend and we don’t have many of those in this lifetime. I have to try to be productive now and grocery shop for our Birthday Barbecue ( which was a last minute decision) I know it was the right one. 

I’ll see you soon enough and when I do we’ll have the biggest bash the Heavens have ever seen. I love you to the moon and back. 
Happy Birthday Beautiful- Mom ❤

Oh my legs start to shiver when I hear you call my name. Well, my knees keep a knockin’ and my bow tie’s bustin’ out. When my feet start to fly, an’ my jeans slung way down low. You know I’m back on my heels and it’s making me feel like the king of rock n’ roll!

Foodie/Food Eater
El Mariachi Chicago
Peking Buffet Iowa City
Riverside Casino Buffet Riverside IA
El Hacienda Anamos IA

Future Birthplace of James T. Kirk 51 W First St, Riverside, Iowa

James T. Kirk, captain of the Starship Enterprise, will be born in Riverside, Iowa, on March 22, 2228.

Riverside is the official Future Birthplace of James T. Kirk, captain of the Starship Enterprise — a native son born in the 23rd century.

Star Trek Voyage Home Museum Riverside, Iowa

Perhaps the absolute WORST margarita I’ve ever had and the bartender at Riverside Casino knew it.

Some of the best dessert I’ve ever had

Palisades-Kepler State Park with Michael X. Christian and Dale Patrick Bennett

..Cabins rent for $50 per night for $300 for a week

La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant

But then they send me away to teach me how to be sensible. Logical, oh responsible, practical. And they showed me a world where I could be so dependable. Oh clinical, oh intellectual, cynical.

I honestly can’t recall exactly how many times I’ve seen them but it’s dozens and tonight CHEAP TRICK delivered the very best fucking set I’ve ever seen them play.

Cheap Trick Setlist JUNE 15 2019 at Riverside Casino, Riverside, IA, USA

Hello There

Just Got Back

You Got It Going On

Big Eyes

California Man

Elo Kiddies

She’s Tight

Ain’t That a Shame

Need Your Love

The House Is Rockin’ (With Domestic Problems)

I Know What I Want

I’m Waiting for the Man

Heaven Tonight

I Want You to Want Me

Dream Police


Auf Wiedersehen


I’m a winner, I’m a sinner. Do you want my autograph? I’m a loser, what a joker. I’m playing my jokes upon you. While there’s nothing better to do.

The night before the PodCast Emily sent me this image at 1:03A of her and Samantha

Look who I met … lead singer of a Garbage tribute band. She’s sassy af. You’ll love her.

Its a lot of fucking hours to get a single show prepared and for last weeks show it took even more work. On my end its a lot more than just showing up and talking into a mic.  So I went into Friday morning not knowing who we’d have on and then once that was decided and confirmed, I spent many hours working up material and passing notes to Ty via Messenger. The result would be hands down the best one since the last best one, and the one with Rich was pretty close to what I am aiming to establish. All in all we had 100 plays of the episode by Monday evening and another 100 plays by Tuesday and that put us over the 1000 plays mark. 

Emily Sifrit is with Deb Ty Coon and Cassandra D Balazic at HVAC

What. A. Day. I was offered a chance to guest host my friend Alex ‘s podcast radio show.. a show that is aimed to embrace free expression and diversity in our culture. I already respected my friend’s work but I’m in awe at what it takes to truly be someone who is accountable for delivering both sides of main issues. Random coincidence (no really) .. it also happens to be the final night of a short run of shows for Alex Grossi of Quiet Riot and Dizzy Reed of Guns & Roses .. which Nick Huffman booked.. this one happens to be around the corner from the recording of the earlier mentioned podcast.. so yeah. Ending the night alright I’d say.

Ha!! P.S. – we’re at HVAC pub for the show .. across the street from Wrigley Field and the Cubs just won.

Yours truly, Ty Coon, Danny Lee Hill, Cassie Balazic, and Emily Sifrit. 

Below Nick Huffman and Ty Coon. 

Cassie would arrive early to get set up and Danny helped me move some things around for filming. This would go on to be the perfect day and the exact kind of day I strive to put together. Sometimes it takes more than me. All I can do is put the pieces together. Its up to the pieces to play. This was a classic example. 

I didn’t tell anyone Nick was tagging along and in fact he told Emily that he didn’t want to interfere with the show He’s not the kind of guy who needs to grab attention. But I knew he’d have no problem stepping into the spotlight when the time was right So nobody knew he was coming.

Danny Lee Hill stayed the night because I needed him to share part of a trtoy to help transition my distaste of “wiggers” into my distaste for “hipsters” the lowest form  of all “sters” in my opinion. They silently annoy me. 

When Ty arrived last she sat outside and we all made introductions but it took a few minutes for her to realize that Nick was indeed Nick Huffman someone she had been dying to meet. It was so great when she finally realized that it was him 

In a similar vein Emily was in awe that she was sitting with 2 time Grammy nominee and former Ministry member as well as Al J’s ex and they connected on the show and after. When the show was over and done everyone hung out for awhile sharing drinks and trading stories before heading to HVAS for the final show of 4 regional dates for the Hookers & Blow show Nick put together.

“Hookers & Blow”: 

The now legendary project formed by long time Guns N’ Roses keyboardist Dizzy Reed and Quiet Riot guitarist Alex Grossi. Dizzy and Alex will be giving a special “Storytellers Session” telling tales from the rails from years on the road with Guns N’ Roses & Quiet Riot.

The Northside Porch Monkeys: AZ, Emily, Nick and Ty.

The Northside Porch Monkeys: Danny Lee Hill, Emily, Nick and Ty.

Cassie Pony and Emily

Cassie never lets me down when it comes to fashion and style. Even the doggie poop bags matched her attire. 

The Northside Porch Monkeys

DLH arrives

The freshly graduated Miranda Wattles sporting my graduation gift to her. 

Boy Howdy! life could not possibly be any different today than it was a year ago. My full time status as a CAEL employee was about to come to a halt but not before the worst EXXXOTICA of my life due to it being so abbreviated. Other than missing Adrian I’m loving life right now.The PodCast is quickly starting to signs of pending success and it’s a lot of work. Basically when I’m not in office I’m working on projects related to the MKULTRASOUND PodCast and this MK ULTRA Magazine website. I’m also drinking a lot less. Funny what you can accomplish when you’re not bored. At least in my case. Tying one on was just my way of filling in these great spaces of empty time. Once again I’m surrounded by creative people that actually do something to contribute to society no matter what it is It’s a lot like the conversation I had with Cassie pre show last week and the one I had on the show with Emily. Those around me seem to be of the artistic creative type. I really cannot relate to people much outside of that simply due to the simple fact that they can’t relate to me and my life. They accept what the mass mainstream media subscribes them to. The media’s programming is full of misinformation 

Off to Iowa tomorrow morning and seeing Cheap trick with Dale and his family for what has become an annual summer tradition and then it’s full steam ahead into July with a visit from Dawn and Brad and then getting the first PodCasts launched remotely from The Looney Bin.

“Every man worth a name knows the value of being unreachable.” – Al Swearengen

I’m still kicking myself in the ass for blowing an incredible opportunity before her career took off. I had no idea how freaking hysterical she is. Dale took the picture below for me in 2011 when we were pretty much the only 2 on the floor other than exhibitors. She was very cool as was the guy at the Evil Angel booth who gave me shirts and pens. But ol dummy Alex was more  concerned with hanging out w/ Gracie Glam who was also alone for the moment. Asa did sign a nice naughty message for me though. 

It’s hard to believe that this was ten years ago and it’ll be part of this weeks MKULTRASOUND PodCast.

I’m happy to follow up on my announcement last weekend on the MKULTRASOUND PodCast that the Alley has re-opened on Belmont in the former Taboo Tabou store front. Sadly they don’t sell band shirts any longer, just Alley brand shirts and the jewelry is back but only one Iron Cross ring. When I asked the face-tatted millennial (super nice friendly beta guy) told me they are are not selling any more due to their “association”. I asked, like the Union Soldiers wearing them during the civil war? To which he replied “current association” and as I walked out nicely responded “like the circle game.”

Looking forward to going back for a leather vest and some “other” biker type rings.

That was Saturday early afternoon.

I went into the mid week not having much ammo for tomorrow other than the John Wayne Orange County Airport and Stephen Foster statue controversies which in essence is old news. Then came the Black Mirror episode with Miley Cyrus covering the first NIN single. Mark clued me in that the fans were going ape shit and that was all I needed. Thursday I spent mostly running errands and doing laundry but all day Friday was writing material and securing a guest for the show. I spent  a hours doing research for material and as I do every Saturday refined it and printed it up for tomorrow.

Now comes the hurry up and wait game.

You told me, people like to suffer. You told me that’s the way it is. You said that things were getting better. You said I should accept all this. You think it’s funny. But what I say is true. The reason that I live like this. Is all because of you.

Originally my plan was to go out to the burbs and spend the afternoon and night with the Ganz clan but there was pre planned family things so I opted for MaiFest in Lincoln Square and if you listen to the podcast already know the story. Here’s a link to the podcasts if you don’t already know it:

I woke Friday morning and before I got ready for my bike ride to work paid some bills and got an early start. I needed to eat and go to the bank before heading into the office. I walked into Burger King but the King Asshole was working the register so I walked out. See, you get rude to a customer you lose business. But in his world I’m just another “white motherfucker” he got to give a hard time so my $4 ain’t worth his $12 an hour. I walked to the bank did my thing there and made the monumental mistake of going to Einstein Bagels. What I ordered was this:

Chorizo Sunrise

Say “olé!” to the new day with our Chorizo Sunrise Signature Breakfast Sandwich! Take your taste buds on a trip south-of-the-border with savory chorizo sausage, luscious avocado, zingy pepper jack cheese, cage-free eggs and our Jalapeño Salsa Shmear, all served on a Green Chile Gourmet Bagel.

What I got was this for $6.25 and a 12 minute wait To make it even more or a horrible experience is that it took them 12 minutes to make a microwaved sandwich 

By morning the PodCast had hit our first milestone, 500 listens. Overjoyed as I was overly busy in office so for lunch I ordered a Veggie Beach Club from Jimmy Johns and it was made and delivered is less time than I waited in Einsteins. My plan for the evening was set. I would go to the store and then go home and watch the Deadwood Movie on HBO. What’s HBO stand for? “Hey, Beastmasters On! I remember back in 1983 when I was working at Bob Evans in Ohio hot on the heels of my failed move to Dallas TX after graduation  to live with my mother that I asked a co worker/cook named Doug DeLong if he had HBO and he replied “No, just BO.”

I was a very happy man to find all of these beautiful tomato for my lunch the following work week. The variety on the top was told by the cashier that I was the first person to buy them. I was obviously very excited. See, I;m much more of a simple man than people give me credit for. I really am. 

And then I rushed home to watch the Deadwood. I was very please with the result and it appears many others are as well.


“A triumphant coda to a beloved series, Deadwood: The Movie will satisfy fans longing for a little fucking closure.” – Rotten Tomatoes
“This movie is a gift, and a fond farewell. I love Milch’s writing, his loquacious waterfall.” - Darren Franich, Entertainment Weekly

Then next morning I went to the library to print up notes for the show and made another swing by the grocery store before heading out to MaiFest. I was flying solo as far as I knew and had an entire day to do so. I first stopped into Hansa Clipper and had a small Steigl and a BBQ pork sandwich which Christina’s mother Kiki made a crock-pot of. I knew it would be better than the very limited varieties of sausage they were serving outside to the masses. Once finished I told everyone I’d be back and joined those masses where they had only 2 choices of beer: the import “Hofbräu München or the Hipster standard PBR. 

It was early I was alone and there was a gawd awful cover band trying to perform 80′s standards and a more traditional German bands in the big tent. There were also a lot of families, hipsters, gay couples and …… this guy 

I have the feeling he got into a fight later. Super brah with his ballcap AND sunglasses on backwards. I took this picture and fled in fear. But I just had to share with my brother Blue.

I sat inside Hansa Clipper making talk with some old German retirees and after a couple of hours and too much money spent ($13 for first beer and cup and $11 for refills of beer I don’t even like) I was ready to head home when who would text me but Max Bravo telling me he was on his way. And he knew exactly where to find me. Up until then I was pretty level headed and not quite impaired. That would all change with the company of a really good wing man. 

Max and I made a quick round and came back into the Clipper where I was greeted with a loud HEY and a big hug from the tiny lady pictured above. I’m not sure if she knew who I was, we’d met before, or what she was just overjoyed to see me. Max and I hung out with her awhile and I had I wondered why her jaw was wired shut. Things we starting to get sloppy so we walked around the corner to Huettenbar which is not my type of crowd and it was CROWDED with thirtysometing loud Chad and Trixie types. 

Huettenbar 4721 N Lincoln Ave is a fun little German pub on the Lincoln Square strip. They have a juke box, which is a plus in my book, but every time I’ve been here on the weekends the place is packed. The bartenders aren’t the friendliest and neither is the crowd. I feel like the place is just way too overrun with yuppies. Could be a cozy little bar to hang out at, but the crowd kind of kills it. At one point a lady gave me her phone and allowed me to take control of the juke box. These people have no clue as to cool music and that’s when they get testy with you, or at least with me. They do not like it when a middle age rock n roll guy comes in with a rock n roll friend and take attention away from their cookie cutter high five way of life. It was getting uncomfortable and expensive so I handed Max my phone as I paid the bartender and he dialed up and Uber and we were on our way. The car dropped off Max first before taking me to my neighborhood. it seemed like a very long ride which it was. By the time I got to the corner of Irving Park and Sheridan I realized that I couldn’t find my phone. I thought I lost it. So with what little wits I had about me for some reason I felt the need to have my knock out drink at Tac Quick. I didn’t need it but in my state of mind was not capable of realizing that. Not to mention I had mix Hydroxycut with alcohol again.
I slept very well. Until 530AM that is.


By habit I set my alarm for work before going to sleep and when it roused me from a very deep sleep I went about my normal routine and put on teh radio and started teh shower fr work and I walked out to feed the cats and start my coffee when I saw my studio and realized that I hadn’t even done teh sow yet so I went back to sleep and had a very vivid dream about Mark Panick and Nan Warsaw that I didn’t recall until their names came up on the show later that afternoon. 

 As I was getting out of bed Max sent me another text that he had my phone and if I’d like to meet for breakfast at El Palmar. With my hair still wet I walked around teh corner and met him and he handed me my phone.  I ordered my usual Huevos en Salsa Verde (Eggs in green sauce) with four tortillas $8.75. It was 10 am and still an hour before we could order a margarita but that would be remedied not long after. It was a quick bite and Max had to go pick up his grandson AJ. I got home and Cassie called and she was parking. We met outside at Tac Quick and had Thai Margaritas which were actually quite tasty and very orange tasting and garnished with an orange slice She ordered food to go and we walked over to mi Cass Diablo/Studio D-Ablo and as she set u cameras I readied the gear as my LA GUNS Pandora station played in the background.

Cassie and Pony at Tac Quick

What transpired was the best show we had done yet. My guest Rich Experience was a little bit early and carried his gear up the back and Ty was on time and actually came armed with her own material. We sat down and cracked out a solid 1 hr 11 minutes of fun talk and live performance. It came out very well. Cassie had set up two cameras to capture it for our YouTube show and we were all very happy. When it was over and done Ty and I help Rich carry his gear out of teh front of my building and said farewell as Ty went to grab us a bottle and some mixer and I uploaded the episode. For the first time everything went by design. I was very pleased and happy go go back to work the next morning, which wasn’t nice enough for me to bike into as usual this year 

You’ve got something about you. You’ve got something I need. Daughter of Aphrodite. Hear my words and take heed. I was born on Olympus. To my father a son. I was raised by the demons. Trained to reign as the one.

You think you have everything planned down to the last detail and it never goes as planned when people are habitually late. My old friend Brian was/is that way. It got to the point where I’d have to tell him to be at point A two hours before it was actually time and he’d still be 90 min to 2 hours late. That’s exactly how doing the podcast has gone since the maiden episode. last week was no exception. I had the BBQ planned and I wanted to do the show at noon and get it out of the way before any drinking or grilling. I learned a week prior that alcohol and the podcast do not mix well. Ty would be 2.5 hrs late and I had no choice but to start without here. Easy enough….nope. 

I spent all day Saturday preparing for Sundays event. My routine is normally the same. I outline the show on Thursday, refine it Friday and then Saturday morning go to the library and print the note because my handwriting is atrocious. That went well enough according to plan, and after I spent the entire balance of a beautiful sunny and warm Saturday prepping food and giving the house a really good deep cleaning. The outside was the most difficult since there have been more storms than usual and keeping it in decent condition has been an ongoing battle.The National Weather Service confirmed early Wednesday that three tornadoes touched down during storms in the Chicago area on Monday, which was both the rainiest Memorial Day and May 27 in nearly 150 years of records.  I put a lot of work into it so that on Sunday all I’d have to do after the show is fire up the grill. All of the sides I prepared only needed to be sat out. By nightfall I was wiped out and got a very good nights sleep. I was ready to go, but that was about it.

Cassie, Amanda and the puppy Pony Boy arrive. 

Cassie and Amanda showed up at 1130AM and Ty sent a text at 1230 saying she was running late. I asked how late and didn’t get a reply. Then a big surprise, Ashley showed up. I hadn’t seen her since last November and it was long overdue. I was growing frustrated and Ash reminded me that I was surrounded by 3 very beautiful buxom ladies. I had to smile. Not long after Maggie’s mother Beverly arrived with her long time partner Mark. I had never met her before but after Maggie passed away on her 25th birthday 2 years ago we’ve gotten close and they were both very welcome new guests. 

Cassie and Pony

Amanda got the clown nose with a stupid face on it.

Reunited Alex and Ashley

Another big surprise occurred when Marty and Dawn Sypniewski arrived. They had moved away to Ft Wayne Indiana a few years ago and I hadn’t seen Marty in close to 10 years. He used to be my partner in crime before meeting Dawn and getting married As a matter of fact I was out w/ him when they met. I decided to start the show without Ty and I had Cassie and Amanda on trying to make it work and trade old war stories. It was not what I had outlined nor was it what I wanted. Not once ever since April 26th has anyone been on time. The fact that people were waiting to be fed and to drink was weighing heavily on me. I began to stress. Cassie set up her camera phone on a tripod and began to record the making of MKULTRASOUND. 

Lisa Lightning and Rich Experience

Half way through the recording Ty and Danny showed up. Ty took her place in front of her mic which I moved in order to get us all in the shots. We had Danny sit in with my Fender acoustic named Echo and we told stories and be played GnR’s “I Used to Love Her” at my request. Half way into that song Ty had managed to unplug the entire system with her foot by mistake. I was in fear we had lost the entire show and not only that, now I would have 2 files and an edit to deal with and I’d have to send it to Bill or Mark to fix. Something I did not want to do and wanted very much to get it all in one sit and upload myself. So once again nothing went according to plan. My stress turned into distress and unhappiness.

Danny stayed over and had been helping clean up and do dishes. I was freaked out about salvaging the show. After much back and  forth and with both of us at our wits ends, that afternoon Mark was able to stitch the show together but it was very stressful on both ends of production. Moving forward we’re planning to record the show at 2PM on Sunday. I only hope that it’ll remedy the tardiness factor. 

After the show I got the following message from Dylan in Montana
It got better once Ty came on. Before that it was Penn Gillette talking to a couple of 13 year olds about enemas. BTW Adele isn’t blues-woman shit, it’s hipster shit.

Beverly, Mark AZ and Ty

With Marty and Dawn

Our First Milestone

As of 1:21 AM Saturday May 25 we’ve had 528 listens in a months time. THANK YOU from Alex, Ty, and Too Dark Mark at MKULTRASOUND.

The debut episode with Nick Huffman just surpassed our last guests The Nichole Bodie band as most played, with that show the second most played.


MKULTRASOUND is taped live at Studio D-ABLO in Chicago and produced at ALAB Media by Too Dark Mark in  Baton Rouge. We proudly record with the RodeCaster Pro  the world’s first fully integrated podcast production studio manufatcured in Sydney Australia.

Burn out the day. Burn out the night. I can’t see no reason to put up a fight. I’m living for giving the devil his due. And I’m burning, I’m burning, I’m burning for you.

It was later in the day on Friday May 17th that I got a message from an old friend I knew from Pittsburgh when he had a band called SINGINE and also played keyboards for my old friends MACE Corey McRae a hysterical multi talented sound-man now a software bigwig in Memphis. He was in town for the Chicago Open Air concert and would also make some time to visit yours truly I only get to see him every few years which is not nearly enough and I was looking forward to it. We made plans to meet for brunch the next day. He was travelling with his brother Levi Long who is a Integration Architect at OurHealth in Indianapolis.Before long I’d make a new friend. 

My plan for Saturday morning was to go to the library and print up notes for the next PodCast which we’d be doing later in the day on Sunday. I wasn’t thrilled about doing a late show but since my guests Nichole Bodie and Damon Christopher were playing in the city the night before and had to make a long trek from the burbs it was the only option One which I would come to regret. 

When Corey messaged me Saturday morning I suggested El Palmar and we met there just before noon and would have big breakfasts and micheladas. HE was looking for a Bloody Mary and this was the Mexican version of the variety. Levi and I had Michelada El Palmars and for some reason Corey ordered a smaller more girly looking option. It made for a good laugh. 

When we finished we all walked to the library, I printed and we grabbed a bottle of vodka at Walgreens and made some drinks back at my place. They went off to the show and it was raining and I got dressed for my trip to the Elbo Room to see the Nichole Bodie Band (duo) perform. With the rain I decided to wear my nice expensive not even a year old wool cowboy hat. I too a taxi and was there in time to catch the first set. At first the audience was slim but that all changed. The drinks were poured stiff but expensive. At one point I realized I had too many and had spent too much so took a taxi back to my neighborhood. I hoped to have a nitecap at Tac Quick bit it turns out their Saturday late night experiment had failed so I walked around the corner to Wrigleyville North. I should have known it would not be good when I saw that Natalia had returned to her job as bartender after a 2 year absence. She had that look I sat at the bar and struck up a conversation with a couple of ladies. Then they were joined by a smartassed male friend. I sat my hat down to save my place and asked them to watch my hat and went to the mens room. 90 seconds later I returned and they were gone and so was my hat. I was PISSED. Fucking lowlife pieces of shit I went home and fell to sleep. 

The next morning Corey called and we met up for brunch at Tac Quick. It was noon-ish again and I had time to kill. He kept ordering drinks and I though what could it hurt. After about 6 drinks each the went their way and I went home. Ty and Danny came by and I broke the rule and told them it would be okay to drink this time. Bill V arrived and then later than 5p more like 6p the guests arrived and they had flasks as well. This would turn out to be a very boozy episode Yes it was funny but it was obvious I had been drinking and though people liked it and laughed I was displeased with my performance so I learned a hard lesson. This show is something I’m taking very seriously. 

A year ago I nearly lost my website and now here I am a year later taking nothing for granted and no prisoners as well. The last thing I want is a lackluster product. 

Damon was in rare form and let go. Nichole was funny as well as very open sharing some stories of a rough upbringing and a strong story of survival. I went to work the next day and by mid afternoon Bill had it online. All response was in the positive and Mark heard it and called it “funny as shit” but also mentioned he noticed we had drinks, something I made no secret of on the recording. When I played it at home I was less than happy but a lot of people were listening. 

As of this writing Friday evening at 24 6:01PM we are 29 listens short of a milestone 500 in 30 days. I think we’ll have it by the next show the BBQ PodCast this Sunday afternoon. 

My brother found this postcard that I mailed to my grandparents in 1972 or 1973.

Nixon was President.

I used to live here at the Hazlett House 921 Main St., Wheeling, WV West Vagina many many moons ago, a high-style, Second Empire home built in 1887 by retired Wheeling physician Robert W. Hazlett. The three-story home displays fine workmanship in both the interior and exterior. Next door to the Snake Club. If walls could talk.